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• Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book
• Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland
• Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea
• Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Forest of the Dead
• Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland 2
• Atelier Arland: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book 2

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Media kit:







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Features Key:

  • A 3D Fantasy World vs. A 2D Action Game
    Creating a fantasy world full of drama and excitement, the action is refreshing, the battles are like no other – attacking and fleeing, one-on-one or in a multitude of seamless movements.
  • A multitude of battles and monsters,
    Paying attention to detail, the developers invented powerful creatures, equipment, and attacks that are not found anywhere else. All of these elements are put to use in battle.
  • A dramatic story of a hero trapped in the evil World Between,
    As the hero, get caught up in a seduction between a mysterious girl who has set her sights on him, an urgent mission, a contract to accept for a new life as a hero, and the combination of the Odlor’s hatred and an ominous force.
  • An Action RPG with strong portrayal of the special skills of New Characters,
    Equip skills and methods of battle developed by the Swordsman, the Archer, the Musician, the Alchemist, the Pyromancer, and other heroines who you encounter during your journey, letting you custom design your own state with a variety of upgrade paths.
  • Play side by side with other users through connections using the online function,
    After completing the game alone or in a competitive multiplayer setting, you can continuously interact with other users.
  • Welcome to the Elden Ring, and welcome to the NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG.

    Indulge in a suspenseful and exciting story. Accept a remarkable contract from Edolos, with its Taint and burden of evil. Let your dreams slip into the Ancient Underworld, and the Elden Ring will shine in the sky!

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    Sassy Games — “Elden: Ring of Heroes Review


    Wow. What a game.

    sassyslackers — “Elden: Ring of Heroes Review


    I don’t know about you but I’m really in a Elden mood now. Also a little more than a year ago we were sent a copy of Elden: Rise of Heroes and, after a few issues of setting up the game, we’re finally able to review the game for you all.

    And, yeah, this is a 5/5. There’s a lot to talk about in Elden: Rise of Heroes. As a long time Elder God Dorgoth player and fan, I came to the game with no expectations and the game does not disappoint. Elden: Rise of Heroes is a game for all of us Elders. While Elder Gods get to enjoy their God powers and the Elden lands, both the Divine and the Lost have opportunities to gain fame and glory. Everyone will find a way to get their hands on the stolen God’s Wards and more, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

    The game is broken into three parts. The first is a tutorial. While it will get you started in the game, it actually won’t fully explain anything that you need to know. You just need to get to the second mission where you’ll be able to start to unlock things that are not at all explained in the tutorial.

    Elden: Rise of Heroes is a fantasy action RPG. That’s a pretty big load of information. But the one thing that really stands out about this game is that it’s kind of like Dark Souls, but it has all the good things about Elder God: Rise of Heroes while also having many things like Hexen that Elder God had.

    To sum it all up, I’d recommend this game to anyone who wants to try something new. There are lots of things to do and see and all of them are kind of odd or unusual or something. If you go


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    ♪ START UP
    • The World of Elden

    Elden is a fairy tale world in which the seven gods of light and darkness each reside in a world: Snowfield, Ashland, Frostfall, Haythol, and so on.

    Elden is a virtual world where the gods are waiting and finally being able to play the drama against the events in the real world. The hero begins here.

    • The Main Story

    Upon awakening from a long sleep, the hero of the Lands Between seeks to use the powers of the Elden Ring to aid his allies and become an Elden Lord.

    The hero meets Jotunn (devils) and Lavena (elves) who are aiming to control the great powers of the world. They are attempting to prevent the awakening of others of the gods, causing a war between the light and darkness.

    Hint : We give you a hint for the main story. We think the first soul creation story is a bit difficult for new players. Please see after you have read the story.

    Hint : Also, we also offer you a hint for the second soul creation story. See after you have read the story.

    • What is a Soul Creation?

    The Dream World is a magical world through which you can travel with your imagination, and the souls of the hero and his allies and enemies who have passed over are the characters that appear there. Through the dream, they speak to you and give you their hearts. You can use the hearts to create a new character by using your imagination.

    The story can be advanced by replaying the main story and listening to each soul creation story once it is unlocked.

    Hint : We give you a hint for the Soul Creation. We think you will have fun in replaying the main story and listening to each soul creation story once it is unlocked.

    Hint : Also, we offer you a hint for the story in which the story can be advanced by replaying the main story and listening to each soul creation story once it is unlocked.

    • A World that Is a Fairy Tale

    In Elden, the myths and legends of fairy tale and the world of the gods are intermingled.

    Hint : Elden is a world in which the myths and legends of fairy tale and the world of the gods are intermingled.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    [b]■ ■
    [Web Gem]
    Palynix Ring
    [Deck 13.0]
    Greetings fellow Miners, a new deck that trades paladin for rifles and shotguns, offering high damage on creatures at a high cost.

    After years of being a restricted weapon of choice, the sky is now falling! Rifle and shotgun weapons are now balanced, and we no longer have the restrictions on custom weapon quality imposed on paladin decks. From this point on, we’ll be opting for gunpowder rifles and shotguns, making maximized out-of-battle damage a reliable consistency.

    Although we don’t have to worry about putting way too many resources into defense, we can worry about putting way too many resources into offense. Take the following deck list, for example. Because the deck is brand new, we’ve sacrificed defensive stats for offense. We have a whopping 10 skeleton lords, each packing a massive 6,300 attack. That’s more than enough for this deck, and although it may be tougher to streamline than a regular paladin deck, the whirlwind of damage unleashed will utterly wreck your opponent’s defenses.

    I’m sure every deck that has come before me has used the same theme, but instead of using several cards like their predecessors, they’ve decided to just straight up not run any, resulting in a much slower deck that requires a much broader skill base. Let me explain… Since this deck is fairly new, I can’t really go into detail about what cards you need to run for it to work, but I can at least tell you what cards you can get rid off.

    Main deck: 15


    Main deck: 7


    Main deck: 8


    Main deck: 7



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    Supported Languages<p>
    A unique 24-bit/96-kHz real-time sound engine allows you to experience a thrilling game experience unlike any other; surround sound is supported!
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    The file format of this game is DRM protected.
    The DRM capabilities of the game include the following:

    • One-Time-Play
    • To keep your data safe, please create a new account.

    Please follow the instructions below to install the game.

    • Install the game
    • Launch the game

    – To get full game access, register at (Requires a account).
    – At the


    System Requirements:

    Adobe Flash Player 9
    Minimum 512 MB of RAM
    Minimum 2GB of hard drive space
    Mac OS X version 10.5.8 or later
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