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Synthesized drum sounds have been a staple in popular music for decades, but the trend wasn’t always like this. Two legendary drum machines from the 1980s can be considered responsible for opening the path that many musicians took at the time: the TR-808 and the TR-909, both released by the Roland Corporation. Ironically, these iconic instruments were commercial failures and received criticism for not sounding natural.
Both of them were extremely important to the evolution of electronic dance music, while the 808 also had a prominent role in the development of hip-hop. Naturally, many clones of said drum machines were released, both as physical and digital instruments. Today we’re going to take a look at an 808 emulation developed by D16 Group, and named Nepheton.
A well-designed emulation
Those who have played with a Roland TR-808 or any of its clones before will Nepheton’s interface familiar. While this plugin has slightly more drums and slightly more parameters for each of them, those who are expecting the warm booming sound of the 808 won’t be disappointed.
You can play the drum machine as you would normally, preferably with the help of a MIDI-controller, or you can activate the internal sequencer and allow Nepheton to do the work for you. In this situation, playing keys will trigger presets and change banks. Even if you don’t find much use in the plugin’s presets, you can always create and save your own. And if these presets represent different phrases of your compositions, then being able to trigger them could be helpful during the recording process.
A simple drum machine for those who love analog sounds
Since it’s modeled after an instrument from the 1980s, you can’t really expect Nepheton to have an insane amount of complex parameters to modulate your drums. But you can still make them fairly loud, and you can also select different outputs for each drum in order to edit them in your DAW. All in all, this virtual drum machine is ideal for those who enjoy old-school drum programming and analog beats.







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In this post we are going to consider Nepheton, a virtual drum machine from the company named D16 Group. Nepheton is developed for macOS operating system.
While Nepheton is a virtual instrument for classic drum sounds, you can also use it to help you compose. The software provides a MIDI sequencer in order to make it easy to change sounds live. On the other hand, triggering the internal sequencer will provide you with presets and banks that will allow you to easily create and save your own. And when you’re in recording mode, Nepheton will allow you to record your drum compositions live. 
Nepheton has a simple, yet powerful interface. Along with the sequencer, you have access to 4 drum racks, 6 virtual instruments, 5 effects, and 7 controls for each effect. You can activate all the functions through the right side panel, including the drum emulations, MIDI triggering, and the effects controls. In any case, it’s a straightforward and intuitive instrument. 
D16 Group Nepheton Demo:
Band: John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
For the demo video, the band used Nepheton in order to create a drum track. I’m not going to bother explaining the video, as most would have no idea what is going on. However, I would like to point out that most people tend to like the drums at the beginning of the song; the rest of the track, on the other hand, is used to make the track more interesting.
Music By: David Torn (Trans Am)
Developed By: D16 Group
Supported Platforms:
Although Nepheton is available for macOS operating system, it can also be used on other platforms that run Apple’s GarageBand software. Whether you run it on Mac or Windows, it is very easy to use Nepheton.
As for the price, D16 Group generally offers their

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Let’s take a look at Nepheton 2022 Crack’s most important features:
Delay Units and LFOs: Nepheton Crack For Windows has two delay units per each drum. You can use them to create interesting effects that wouldn’t be possible if you only had one.
Here are the settings of the two LFOs:
LFO #1

LFO #2

Each unit has four independent filter and two envelope settings, as well as a cutoff setting. You can use different cutoff frequencies for each drum.
The TR-808 is a small, brown instrument and it doesn’t cost much. Nepheton Cracked Version is also a small, but an expensive sound. If you’re a cheap, digital drummer, Nepheton Crack Free Download might not be a good match for you. But if you’re a well-equipped hip-hop, electronic or orchestral artist, you’ll love this virtual drum machine.
Nepheton Crack Free Download is available for purchase on the Roland website, as well as through most digital outlets. It’s worth mentioning, however, that the prices for these plugins depend on the website you purchase them from. Different websites have different costs, and their prices can go all the way up to $500!


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Nepheton is a new and modern drum machine with a retro vibe. This soundset contains eight drum kits and seven drum sounds, based on the Roland TR-808.
As a feature of the 808, the timbre of the Kick and Tom are very close to the real one. The legato is not as pulsating as the 808, but the volume and the variety of notes is. The snare is not as ‘subtle’ as the 808’s, but it still works pretty well.
The 808 was named ‘Number 1’ drum machine in 1980 by the editors of the ‘Mix’ magazine. The TR-909 was released a year later and was the predecessor to the first sampler. It was also a commercial flop. Both the TR-808 and TR-909 had the same mini speaker. The previous model TR-707 was released in 1980.
The 808’s ‘hip-hop’ orientation can be heard in the Swing sound that is in the stereo mix and in the 808’s strong kick drum. They say that the 808 was also used in hip-hop and, since then, the cymbals and the snare have been a part of this musical style.
Nepheton plays sounds from the 808 and TR-909. The sounds that the TR-808 and TR-909 produced sound very similar; thus it is difficult to distinguish them.
– Eight drum kits: 808, 808 Hard, 808 Stereo, 808 Soft, 808 Stereo-2, 808 Lead, 808 Hihat, 808 ’88
– Seven drum sounds: 808, 808 Hard, 808 Stereo, 808 Soft, 808 Stereo-2, 808 Lead, 808 ’88
– The TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines were Roland’s first successful commercial model. The instruments had a built-in sampler that could be triggered by a user, so the samples could be played by controlling the sequencer. They also had an inbuilt voice module. These are features that Nepheton doesn’t have.
– Timbre: Aftermath, 808, 808 Hard, 808 Stereo, 808 Soft, 808 Stereo-2, 808 Lead, 808 ’88
– Style: Swing, Hip-hop
– Output: Aftermath, 808, 808 Hard, 808 Stereo, 808 Soft, 808 Stereo-2, 808 Lead,

What’s New In?

Instant Virtuosic Oscillator-based sound engine!
Indulge your own jams, tempos, and creative ideas with an incredible resource that’s ready for production – ready for everything you can throw at it. Nepheton generates authentic ‘808’ drum sounds inspired by the original, and provides a solid foundation for all sorts of ready-to-use kits, Phrases, MIDI, and truly unlimited creative variations. Mix and match virtual drum hits with real-world production techniques and ideas to produce your own unique drum library, using elements from the original Roland 808, and/or any other instrument that you can plug into Nepheton.
Nepheton includes a whole range of functions that you can tweak to your will:
Kick Drum: 60+ exclusive percussion hits;
Snare: 10 percussion hits and 10 exclusive drum hits;
Hihats: 14 percussion hits;
Low Tom: 13 percussion hits;
High Tom: 13 percussion hits;
Top Tom: 13 percussion hits;
Crash Cymbal: 11 percussion hits;
Ride Cymbal: 13 percussion hits;
Hi-hat: 35 exclusive percussion hits;
Click: 10 percussion hits;
Crash: 15 percussion hits;
Decks, Lids and Screens: 45+ percussion hits;
Snare Volume: +/-24dB /+/-12dB;
Snare Width: +/-2.5 dB /+/-1 dB;
Snare Depth: +/-2 dB /+/-1 dB;
Keyboard: 60+ exclusive percussion hits;
LFOs: 20+ oscillators and LFOs
You can use Nepheton in conjunction with any DAW you like, as it doesn’t have a specific requirement. It is available for the following software:
Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools, Studio 2, Pro Tools, FL Studio, Garage Band, Ableton Live, Sonar and Melodyne by Spectrasonics.
Nepheton Kit Features:
From Black Diamond: The Roland TR-808 took drum sounds to new heights in the late ’70s and ’80s, but soon clones began to flood the market. Virtuosic and authentic, Nepheton recreates the sounds of two of the most important and popular models: the TR-808 and TR-909. All the sounds are programmed for instant use with any DAW and with the keyboard or sequencer, you

System Requirements For Nepheton:

Windows – XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
Mac – OS X – 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10
Android – 2.2 – Marshmallow
PS3 – PS3 5.50
PS4 – PS4 1.73
Xbox 360 – Xbox One
Xbox One – Xbox One
iOS – 8.1
Android – 4.0 – Kitkat
Android – 4.1 – Lollipop