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4. Select File⇒Save. In the Save As dialog box, click Photomerge and then click OK.

The Photomerge Options dialog box opens. You can see a preview of your image in the top left.

5. Click OK.

The HDR Merge window opens, displaying a preview. At this point, you cannot use the Create Custom Settings check box because you don’t have any custom settings yet.

6. Press Enter to accept the default settings and then click OK.

Photomerge now creates a preset for you with the basic settings for your image.

7. Click OK to close the HDR Merge window.

Photomerge adds a bunch of layers to your image.

8. Click and drag the layers to reorder them as you see fit. The icons representing each layer are gray and labeled with the word Layer in front of the layer name. If you’re using the Automatic Color Correction feature, labeled in the right-hand pane, your layers reflect the individual color strengths of the images added.

Any layers that you don’t want to use are represented by a red line over them, as shown in Figure 10-3. You can delete them by pressing the Delete key on your keyboard.

9. Resize the image as you need it by selecting an area on the image and clicking and dragging. You can also rotate the image and enter a percentage for it to rotate by clicking and holding down the Shift key, moving the mouse, and then dragging.

Always Photoshop your images as an RGB color mode, not as sRGB mode. Adobe’s sRGB is a safe mode that many computer monitors use to display colors that are different from what the computer can really produce. You will find that your images converted to sRGB look too much like a fax machine.

FIGURE 10-3: Click an image to add it to the HDR Merge window.

10. Leave the image as it is by pressing Enter or clicking OK.

To create your own custom Photomerge preset, select the different images (or areas of the same image) that you want to add to the HDR Merge window, and then save your settings. Don’t add images to the HDR Merge window that you don’t want to use in the final merge.

11. Click the Merge to HDR Comp button, shown in the top right of the image in Figure 10-4.

The Merge to HDR

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This article will focus on using Photoshop for the web, or web editing. Our focus is on the menus, shortcuts and keyboard combinations to make web design or web editing faster and more efficient.

The Legacy of Photoshop

Photoshop is the most well-known of the popular graphic software. Perhaps it is the most famous piece of graphic software. It revolutionised the field of graphic design and since then has dominated it. Few graphic artists today would be able to design a magazine without using Photoshop or similar programs.

It’s ubiquity is one of the reasons Photoshop is so hard to learn. It is the reason why new users struggle. It takes many to many attempts to learn. The difficulty is compounded by Photoshop’s extensive menu system. It’s menus are very extensive.

Right at the bottom of the left-hand side menu are the options to play with fonts.

The Work Area

The work area is where the user works on an image. The image is the canvas. It can be a single-page web page, a web application, a brochure or anything else you can think of.

It’s extremely useful to have a large work area and a small one. The large one helps create a web page in a single image. The small one helps make changes on a page without taking up too much of the screen. In this example you can see that the picture was originally too large. We fixed this by cropping the picture and scaling it back up.

To change the size of the image, we used the handy crop tool and the freehand selection tool.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Photoshop has a variety of keyboard shortcuts to make it easier to work with. These are the default shortcuts for the software and if you are already very good with a keyboard, the defaults probably work for you.

Photoshop will highlight a position in an image. To resize an image we shift-click and drag a border. To change the size of an image we right-click and drag a border.

Photoshop has a range of powerful tools for changing the colours in an image. We can change the colour and create highlights by right-clicking and dragging a colour from a palette.

We can also change the contrast, saturation and brightness.

For more tips about using Photoshop for web design, you can read our article about how to design a web app with Photoshop and other design software.

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