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Easy Calculations is an Excel Add-In that allows users to quickly create a variety of calculations.
A faster way to do calculations
Easy Calculations requires Excel 2007 or newer versions to access a couple of complex functions. The tool has a default interface that lets you configure your calculations and customize the order in which they appear when you’re running them.
Since it is a user-friendly solution, it is a nice way to make quick calculations without having to open multiple tabs. The interface includes many features such as controls, different axes, charts, an undo function, etc. It also includes many of the same attributes used by other Excel Add-Ins but with a user-friendly layout.
Like any other Add-In, Easy Calculations cannot be used for personal purposes. That said, it is a useful solution for students who want to perform quick calculations and make timelines.
A spreadsheet that enables you to manage your projects
Trello is an online task management system that lets you set up and organize projects and tasks.
A web application that makes it simple to create tasks
Instead of having to create a new page or task, you can just create a new list. You can also edit existing lists and create new ones.
The system is very easy to use and it supports a wide range of formatting options. It includes two main views, such as the Overview view and the Boards view, which present details of all the lists, projects, tasks and lists.
A spreadsheet for project management
Basic Network Monitor requires just the Windows OS and a minimum of 150MB of storage in order to run.
A tool that allows you to monitor bandwidth usage
Basic Network Monitor enables users to view information such as: IP addresses, ports and the bandwidth used on a network. It also includes the display of active hosts, including their IP address and what process each is using the network.
Rather than have to download and install software in order to achieve the same goal, Basic Network Monitor offers a lot more functionality for a small investment.
A tool that enables you to make detailed monitoring comparisons
Scheduling your daily tasks is always a challenge. When you are trying to anticipate the many other requirements you face, the task could turn into a major headache.
DevExtreme Time Clock is a free and easy to use clock.
Easy to implement in your website
It is built in JavaScript and works with any major browser. However, it requires the use of a third-party browser plug-in.
A tool that

Estimator [Mac/Win]

An Estimator Activation Code is a computer program that calculates the cost of developing or using a process, part, or system.
Estimator Preparation Steps:
1. Acquire a model key for the estimator.
2. Download the estimation software from the Kase.
3. Run the estimator.
4. Provide the results and information in the end message.
5. Save the results and information.
6. Evaluate the results and provide feedback.

The Kase Model Key Files are available for easy install to view the estimated project costs. To use the Kase – Estimate in another project and model, the.key files must be saved locally and provided to the new project. We recommend using the text application editor.
Kase – Estimate is developed by Kase, Inc. and is supported by Kase Sales.
Your support personnel will help you determine what will work best for your organization.

Red Cross X-Ray Image Viewer : Preview Red Cross X-Ray Images

This is an application for viewing any kind of x-ray images like x-ray, CT scan, etc. It lets you manipulate the size, position and rotation.

Critique and Share – Money Help

Critique and Share – Money Help brings a new challenge before you. You have to explore more about different money and investments. Invest that is helpful to you, what you are thinking. Critique and Share – Money Help will help you to share and explore your views on all the topics of money and investment. You can be learned about various investment tools, share your knowledge, experience and knowledge about money.

Pangeo World Map

The Pangeo World Map is an interactive map with satellite images and is a 3D view of the earth based on the Pangeo World Map Project.
From the Pangeo website: “a consortium of scientists and scholars working collaboratively toward a global-scale digital mapping of the earth. This effort is being undertaken by NASA scientists who have captured and processed images of the earth’s surface from space over the years. These images have been combined, compiled, displayed, and distributed to other scientists for them to visualize the data, to enhance our understanding of our planet, and to generate a broad range of new science. The images have been made available by a team of scientists led by Dr. Adam Mills of the University of Maryland.
The most recent image used in the mapping is the RadarBackSc

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What really sets Skin Maker apart is its capability to streamline the process of skin creation. You can basically preview the skins you are building without having to risk any changes. You can also preview how the skins look with the drop-down menu. Additionally, as you add objects to the design, you can freely hide and unhide them, which makes it easier to identify and replace them.
Furthermore, Skin Maker allows you to create different versions and visualize them in a side by side comparison. You can export skins in the PFM file format, which is simpler than the PSD and you can even create skins in several document formats.
Top features:

Builds skins for AIMP

Drag and drop functionality

Previews the skins you build

Preview PSD skins you build

Export skins in PSD, PFM, WDS and WDSx formats

Ability to create skins with a custom interface

Summary of Builder:
Builder is a powerful software that allows you to design, build and export skins for the popular multimedia player, AIMP. You can create skins in PFM format, which is simpler and easier to edit than the PSD. Plus, you can even create skins in another file format, such as WDS or WDSX.
Moreover, you can export skins in the three formats mentioned above.
Design GUI elements
Builder has a very straightforward process that allows you to design, build, preview and export skins for the media player. It allows you to drag and drop elements that appear as a series of buttons, menus, buttons, text boxes, spectrum display, waveform display, gauge and highlights for the different types of themes, projector presets and container skins.
Save the software’s design preferences, either as presets, skin folders or components, by right-clicking on them in the main interface. Moreover, you can edit your design through a magnifier tool, which makes it easier to identify the individual elements and their properties.
Multi-purpose application
Builder can be used as a standalone software, but it also works when you have the AIMP and the AIMP-FileManager installed, which makes it easier to utilize its capabilities. Moreover, you can also use it to design graphics for any software you may have.
Program features:

Skin browser

Drag and drop functionality

Preview projects you build

Drag and drop technology

The software you will be asked to install automatically when you

What’s New In?

This is a simple, customizable music player designed to help you enjoy the soundtracks of games with tracks stored on your computer. You can modify the game sounds by selecting the source of the audio files. If you want to make it as if the music is playing in the game, you can enjoy the soundtrack of the game even when playing.
The application extracts the tracks from previously created playlists. What’s more, you can also use your songs or your own playlists for this player.
Intuitive interface and customization options
First of all, the application takes its cues from the kind of soundtracks you may hear while playing through the game. The left side of the interface shows the wave form, and the right side highlights the filename and track. It also gives you a layout for the file structure as well as the option of previewing the music and switching between looping and playing modes.
To change the game soundtrack as the music mood changes, you are granted the ability to enhance the customization options. From up, down, left and right, you can adjust the volume for each song, as well as change it from the default to the “normal” and “mute” options. Furthermore, you can change the currently selected song and choose one of the other songs.
A tool that helps you to customize the game audio files
The program can also organize your music files into playlists, which can then be saved in the application’s own directory. Moreover, you are given the option to import your playlists from your iTunes account, as well as save playlists from there as well.
The track player is a good option for users who want to transfer their favorite game’s songs to their PC.
Total Commander is a powerful file manager that can be used for copying, renaming, moving and copying files, as well as quickly delete files that are to be removed, etc.
Total Commander is a great file manager that can be used for all sorts of file management purposes
Total Commander is able to handle over a gigabyte of files without any problems, which is a huge benefit, given the fact that there’s not much that this application is missing.
In terms of accessibility, Total Commander can be customized in terms of coloration, sound etc. For instance, you can change the color of the text, the background, the scroll bar and much more. Moreover, there’s a toolbar that can be utilized to adjust your settings, as well as

System Requirements:

PC requirements:

Please Note: The requirements stated are for a fully-functional installation, not for necessarily optimal gameplay or compatibility.
OS: Windows Vista SP1 (32-bit & 64-bit), Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Processor: Dual Core Processor (2GHz)
Memory: 1 GB RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 40 GB
Video Card:
Screen Resolution: 1280×720
Additional Notes: For optimal performance, it’s recommended to use a video