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This fantasy action RPG based on the Norse legends, first revealed at PAX East 2015, is scheduled to be released in Q1 of 2016. Its story revolves around the Tarnished Prince, a protector of peace, and the Elden Ring, a group of hunters who act as his protectors. The game features unique character customization, as well as traditional turn-based, real-time, and time-attack battles with an emphasis on the use of light and dark magic.


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The Elden Ring Game Website:

About Akas Studios:

Based in Tokyo, Akas Studios creates original fantasy action games, including Elden Ring, Shadow of the Old Gods, and Yggdra Union. Akas Studios focuses on the personal freedom of its players, and immerses them in rich fantasy worlds, while they can develop their unique play styles and stories. For more information, visit


Akas Studios


Research & Trend Corp.

All intellectual property rights, including copyrights, in and to the game Elden Ring belongs to Akas Studios and its licensors. Research & Trend Corp. is a third-party distributor of Elden Ring and is not a publisher or developer.

©2016 RESEARCH & TREND CORP. All rights reserved.

BEIJING, Aug. 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Research & Trend Corp. (“Research & Trend”) (“R&T” or “we”) today announced that it will launch and distribute the fantasy action role-playing game, Elden Ring, developed by Akas Studios. R&T is the distributor of the game in the People’s Republic of China.

Elden Ring is the first in a series of fantasy action role-playing games being developed by Akas Studios. Previously


Features Key:

  • Play the story of the legend of the Lands Between without music.
  • A combination of action RPG and platform game where you control a hero with dozens of actions and a high impact battle field
  • Customize your character using hundreds of accessories and equip your character to improve your item use and leveling speed.
  • Create your own story by playing the game’s story alone or with friends

    A combat system

    Elden Ring uses an action game where various actions are performed by the simple movement of the character, such as attack, move, item and potion use. You can perform a variety of actions even while a cutscene is being shown. Your movements can be performed with one of two available at any given time: the close-up method by moving directly with the directional pad or the life sensor method. The life sensor provides a more accurate movement during action scenes and driving. It also has two types of movement: the life sensor and the quick environment detection method.

    a) Set Characters

    To easily set the character of the party, select the “Set Characters” screen and choose the character icon corresponding to your active character. The circle icon represents the closeup method and the triangle icon represents the life sensor method.

    When you use the close-up method, the upper circle is enlarged and its color correspond to the color of the character icon, and the lower circle becomes smaller. The lower triangle icon is displayed when you are using life sensor method. While using the close-up method, the icon turns red as the set character becomes unconscious.

    The character icon is displayed above the character facing the player. Various icons such as the face, arm, trunk, leg and feet color and shape are represented through emoji. If you select a different icon, the representation color of the selected character or party icon by full tint or transparent is switched.

    a) Description of Characters


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    Rise up. Become a Tarnished Lord.

    ◆Fantasy RPG Action With Awesome Graphics

    Rise up. Become a Tarnished Lord.

    ◆It’s A PlayStation®4 Exclusive World of an Action RPG.

    Rise up. Become a Tarnished Lord.

    ◆An Exciting Adventure with Adventures Gonna Keep You Going for the Night

    Rise up. Become a Tarnished Lord.

    ◆And It’s Fun To Look Forward to More Adventures To Be Revealed!

    Rise up. Become a Tarnished Lord.

    ◆NOTE: Due to copyright issues of the voice actors, we will not be able to include the main voice acting and subtitles of the English version.


    *Some files listed here are not available in all territories.
    *The game will be available as an arcade game.

    ◆Fantastic Graphics & Technology, Exciting Battles!

    Set out on a thrilling adventure to become a Tarnished Lord of the war-torn Elden Ring Torrent Download and change the destiny of the Lands Between.
    *Character and Environment Design: Ogman

    ◆Original Character Design, Realistic Battles

    A fantasy RPG where you can freely customize the appearance of your character. The separate elements of your character not only change their appearance, but also affect the way they move.
    *Your Character Is Truly Your Own: Ogman

    ◆As Your Character Gains Level and Skill

    There is a wide variety of usable weapons and armors. The elemental energy value of items increases as you gain skill points. You can also change to different weapons and armors for each battle.
    *Are You Ready To Rock?

    ◆Use Up to Four Different Combinations to Set Out On Your Adventures

    You can use up to four weapons at one time during battle. You can use both physical and magical attacks.
    ◆Truly Unique Storytelling

    The interactive story reflects real-world emotion and vividly portrays the people and places. For example, when you approach the mountain of Manoshry, the villagers there talk about how they pray to the goddess of fire and light.
    *Unique Characters Each with Their Own Moods and Woes

    ◆Sometimes You Have to Speak to the Villagers

    Characters have their own emotional states and sometimes have trouble with loneliness


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    *Not all features are available in this demo.

    © 2020 Tarsier Studios, Inc. All rights reserved. Published by Tarsier Studios, Inc. All other titles, product names, trademarks, logos, and characters are property of their respective owners and used herein under license by Tarsier Studios, Inc.Detection of single nucleotide substitutions in ras genes using fluorescence resonance energy transfer.
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    Readme.txt attached

    File size 0.4 GB

    You have rights to play the game and distribute it, however if you redistribute, you are prohibited from running the game on an emulator.

    To play the game for free on www.ddoss.net you need to activate anonymous accounts or open an new account in the game website.

    Like my Facebook page:

    I created this game for those who enjoy fantasy novels. Some people have told me that the game is difficult but I want to make a game that would be enjoyable to a wide audience.

    This is the first version, and it is not open-world. The next version will be both an open-world and an action RPG.

    EUR 10,00






    (Last change: November 11th, 2019)


    (Last change: January 29th, 2018)

    In game you can change your character’s face with DLC.

    This game is a demo, and the gameplay and graphics are not final. It was developed by a single developer and the game is still being enhanced.

    The game contains some adult content, and may contain scary / in-game-death-related imagery.

    Play online features and the game client will be updated in the future.

    Defeat monsters to earn coins and items.


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  • Connect to internet (For ISP users)
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  • Features:

    • Lands Between
    • More than 30 Classes (including the Changes related)
    • Play as a Player or Inquisitor (II)
    • Unique Tone-Colored Map Design
    • Item Room
    • Variety of Equipment
    • Neutral or Friendly Monsters
    • Clean Dark Fantasy Theme
    • Easy to Understand Romance
    • Innovation in Class Design
    • Simple Weapon Combinations
    • Highly Customizable System
    • Realistic and Optimized Balance
    • Easy-to-Learn Character Development
    • Act with Others in an Epic World
    • Creative Battle System

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