E-Capsule Private Mail HD Crack Free Download For PC [2022-Latest]

e-Capsule Private Mail HD (or e-Capsule Private Mail) is a highly innovative application that enables users to exchange e-mails with unprecedented portability and security features.
With e-Capsule Private Mail all your email messages and the sesions themselves will be unreadable and unreachable by anoyne and they are even protected by flaws in your operating system.
The e-Capsule Private Mail HD application is characterized first of all by the fact that it is “zero-footprint”, indicating that no trace is left of the session on the PC, either as temporary files or OS registry values. After you quit your e-Capsule Private Mail session on the host PC, no one will be able to recover any useful information or data on the session itself.
Moreover, e-Capsule Private Mail HD stores all messages and other information used by the application (e.g. the address book entries) in encrypted format at all times. This means that all your private information is kept encrypted even when you need to use it and it is made available only internally to the e-Capsule Private Mail application. The encryption algorithms are the strongest today recognized by the cryptography community, e.g. AES256 and RSA2048.
Finally, e-Capsule Private Mail is today the only portable and zero-footprint application that combines strong (military-level) encryption with the ability to manage the users’ digital identities. In fact, using e-Capsule Private Mail you will be able to generate your own digital certificates (in standard X509 format) and to use them to send/receive encrypted e-mails and to digitally sign messages. You can even export these certificates and use them in other e-mail clients, such as Microsoft® Outlook.
Overall, e-Capsule Private Mail operates mostly like any other standard e-mail client. We made concerted efforts to adhere as much as possible to standard formats and familiar user interfaces. Therefore, parts of this manual will be a review of known features and functionalities of e-mails, just presented under a slightly different and possibly clearer layout.







E-Capsule Private Mail HD Crack + License Key Full Download 2022

e-Capsule Private Mail HD is a mini-email client and a multi-protocol forwarder for e-mails, IM, ICQ, IRC and other protocols. It is a zero-footprint mail client that will not leave any trace on your PC either as temporary files or OS registry values.
Your sessions are encrypted and the content of your emails is also encrypted and signed by your private key. You can either use certificates or use the e-Capsule Private Mail standard encryption and digital signatures scheme.
It consists of a standard e-mail client with rich set of features as well as modules for instant messaging, ICQ, IRC, IM and other protocols. Furthermore, it is a multi-protocol server. In other words, e-Capsule Private Mail can act as a multi-protocol multi-host (client and server) e-mail and instant messaging gateway.
e-Capsule Private Mail is the most efficient and secure instant messaging client today. As an example of its efficiency, we have managed to reduce the number of “new messages” pop-up windows to just one, even for large teams.
e-Capsule Private Mail adopts the same protocol, private profile and message-context-based organization as IM clients. In other words, the user can store conversations in the same way he would store e-mails. This means that users will be able to search for old conversations by entering a key word, for instance.
Additionally, you can also search for contacts from your address book. Using the “Find a contact” menu option, you will be shown all the contacts that exist in your address book and you can quickly find a friend among them.
Furthermore, the e-Capsule Private Mail will ask the user if he would like to locate and manage all of his instant messaging contacts in the same way he manages his e-mail contacts. Otherwise, the contacts will be managed according to the IM standards.
Using e-Capsule Private Mail you will be able to generate your own digital certificates and use them to send encrypted e-mails and to digitally sign messages. It is possible to digitally sign your e-mails with your private key and to verify their authenticity. You can even export these certificates and use them in other e-mail clients, such as Microsoft Outlook.
e-Capsule Private Mail has the ability to filter messages according to your “filter rules” (e.g

E-Capsule Private Mail HD Crack + Serial Key Latest

e-Capsule Private Mail is a powerful E-Mail software and a personal free security tool for all.
Advanced Security and Encryption
• Completely Disconnects the PC from the Internet with Zero-Footprint Encrypted Messages and Sessions and Preserves your PC as if it never exists.
• Works with all major E-Mail Clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, Entourage and Activesync
• A Virtual Private Network that works by encrypting not the file or folder, but the e-mails and session itself, which prevents anyone to read or modify your private and confidential information
• Strong encryption standards like AES256 and RSA2048
• Digital signature in all Standard protocols like IMAP, SMTP, POP3, NNTP
• No connection with the mail server, when the connection to the mail server has been lost
• Stops any further attempts of downloading of files over the internet
• Stops the creation of new files over the internet or on any other device
• Integration with Activesync, Microsoft Exchange, Entourage, Outlook, Hotmail and a lot more.
• All e-mails are stored locally on your PC without affecting in any way the size of your hard drive, this is a very secure and reliable solution
• Stay completely disconnected with the server and don’t need a firewall
• Create Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and Access Any Internet Resource
• Encrypted e-mail Contacts, Calendars and Notes
• Interfaces with X509 certificate
• Tasks Management and Calendar
• LDAP Search Support
• Import/Export of your e-mail via your X509 certificates to Entourage, Outlook or a lot of E-Mail Clients
• Easy and quickly to configure
• Flexible settings for e-mail alerts and filters
• Follows your activities in Calendar
• Follow the dates of the e-mails and Alerts
• Reminder for your e-mails and appointment
• Allows you to filter e-mails based on the content of a particular message or envelope
• Uses the native Outlook signature
• Supports many password managers
• Allows you to change your passwords and expiration dates as often as you want
• Allows you to send encrypted e-mails
• Supports all dialects (English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and many more)
• Not compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP and other recent operating systems
• Loads very fast, with no registration required

E-Capsule Private Mail HD

e-Capsule Private Mail HD is a stand-alone application, which works on any platform supporting running.NET Framework 1.1 and above, such as Windows, Windows CE, Linux and Mac OS X.
e-Capsule Private Mail HD is currently compatible with Outlook 2003 and later versions and with any standard e-mail client (e.g. Evite (formerly Icq).
Key features:
• e-Capsule Private Mail HD is the only stand-alone email client providing the strong encryption and digital signature that today is needed to control and manage your personal data online;
• e-Capsule Private Mail HD incorporates a novel application concept, which is much more than just a plain-vanilla e-mail client, offering you private, secure and personal emailing under the most heavily protected and secured operating conditions (in a standard environment);
• e-Capsule Private Mail HD is highly innovative, in that it allows you to send/receive encrypted emails in an entirely secure manner. The encryption of messages sent and received using e-Capsule Private Mail is done according to the most advanced and secure cryptographic algorithms available today. The highest standards of security are guaranteed, and the encryption is also portable to other e-mail clients if you so choose;
• e-Capsule Private Mail HD provides more than 40 fully functional, useful and useful settings that can be used to personalize your experience. It features built-in support for location-sensitive content (a feature incorporated into your e-mail by default when you receive a message that contains location-sensitive content);
• e-Capsule Private Mail HD is a mobile email client that works on any network and device that supports.NET Framework 1.1 and above. This means that you can use e-Capsule Private Mail HD from your laptop on any wireless network with Internet access, wherever you may be in the world. The e-Capsule Private Mail application also enables the use of all features of e-Capsule Private Mail with a Bluetooth enabled headset or PDA;
• e-Capsule Private Mail provides a powerful database-based address book, with the ability to store complete information about members of your social circle and for your business and professional contacts;
• e-Capsule Private Mail features a wide variety of useful plug-ins, pre-installed and downloadable;
• e-Capsule Private Mail HD is a truly multi-user application –

What’s New in the E-Capsule Private Mail HD?

There are many e-mail applications on the market today. The most popular ones are Internet and Intranet email clients. Typically, these client applications are client/server solutions providing email services only on your home PC.
Fortunately, there are now other e-mail clients available today which can be used on your mobile phone, your computer or even on your NAS. The e-Capsule Private Mail HD software is one of these clients, providing secure e-mail and digital signing services that guarantee the ultimate privacy and complete safety of your private information.
Unlike regular email clients, e-Capsule Private Mail HD can store your entire email messages (both drafts and composed messages) and even the message sesions themselves in encrypted form. This is a major improvement from the past, when regular email applications only offered limited encryption.
The e-Capsule Private Mail HD application can be used on any PC that has an x86 operating system. The application provides a fully portable and zero-footprint solution for exchange of private email messages.
The application has been developed with modular architecture and hosted on-site web servers to allow for easy incorporation of new services in the future. This means that we can quickly add new features without having to redevelop the whole application.
e-Capsule Private Mail HD provides many superior features:
• Zero-footprint – the application has no footprint in terms of temporary files or OS registry values
• Strong end-to-end encryption – private messages and message sessions are encrypted both on the sender and receiver sides
• High Message Privacy – both the sender and the receiver are fully anonymous
• Full digital signature capability – you can now send and receive e-mails with a digital signature
• Support for Exchange – the software connects to more than 150 different email servers
• Dynamic searching – the e-Capsule Private Mail HD search engine is capable of searching not only through the contents of your messages but also through your address book
• The e-Capsule Private Mail HD is certified by the German Federal Office of Information Technology (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik – BSIT) and meets the requirements of the European Union data protection law
• Works with any email service provider that implements OMEMO 1.2 – the current standard for secure email
• Supports a large number of popular email service providers
• Dynamic DNS – easily update your IP address with a single click
• Support for Linux – the software can


System Requirements:

This game is officially available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The same game is also available on iOS devices, as well as the Nintendo Switch.
You must have access to a video game system and some kind of internet connection to play this game, so please check your system requirements below.
PLEASE NOTE: This game is available in English only.
System Requirements:
CPU: 1.6 GHz or higher
Required Disk Space: 2 GB
Minimum Visual Specifications:
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