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How can I know the current list item for all the pages of a SharePoint 2013 Library?

I am creating a workflow which would require to call a web service and wait until the result gets back on a page (wait state).
The problem is that I am using a library with many pages (I don’t know exactly how many) which contents may change from time to time.
I don’t want to have a loop that goes through each page of the library and every time check if the result of the last call is null because it will be confusing and very time consuming if for some pages the result of the last call is something I don’t want (the library has both “active” and “archive” pages).
So, is there a way to know which is the current page so I can put a wait state on the web service call only on that page and continue working on the other pages?


You could use the $ctx.currentItem property:
You could also check for the URL in your c# code using
var currentListItem = _clientContext.Web.GetListItem(context.ListId);
var currentItemUrl = current

I’m not sure if this would work, but I’ve gotten to a point where I can set up a webroot.ini file to change the permissions of the database folder. It’s the only way I could get access to the web root.
After setting all the credentials, you still get the..If you need the file you can either get it directly from the FTP server or look around in the same directory to find the FITS file.

Truncating the SQL will only truncate the first 1k rows and the index (primary key) field is not unique. If the columns are unique, you could just drop and recreate it with another name.

Possible Solution

If it is just to add a UNIQUE Index, the simplest solution would be to use the uuid() primary key and then index that column (if you have the options to do that). Otherwise, you would need to break it into its pieces.

In this case there are only two fields in the index and only 1k rows. It is not really worth it to just recreate the table, but if you have a unique index, then you can add it in manually with ALTER TABLE… ADD INDEX… etc

If you were to reorganize and move all the data into an orderly format, the first thing that you would want to do is recode the UUID into a string (convert it to a big string, not just a 128 bit integer). Then you would remove the Indexes and re add them after the reorganization/conversion.

Usually,.rar files get compressed when you download them and the.rar compression format is an encoding of data. A.rar file will have the data in the.rar file compressed into the.rar format. That is to say, when you open a.rar file, if the data is not in the.rar format, you would need to convert it to the.rar format. Some data (as you may know) are not always readable, but some of them do have a readable form for each size of data.

If you downloaded the.rar files from the SFTP server, the.rar file that you downloaded may be the original (the one without any compression). The one you extracted may not be a.rar file, but instead it would be a.rar. The.rar may not compress the data, and instead


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