Descargar Addons De Moderadores Para Ircap __EXCLUSIVE__

Descargar Addons De Moderadores Para Ircap __EXCLUSIVE__


Descargar Addons De Moderadores Para Ircap

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How to get data from files in Flask?

I have the file:
1 1.2 0.2
2 0.4 2

And the class:
class Data:

def __init__(self, pairs):
self.elements = pairs
# = False
# self.desc = []
# self.description = []

def __str__(self):
return self.elements

How to get the file data from the file, and pass them to the class Data?
What I have tried:
def generate_data():
with open(‘data.txt’, “r”) as f:
new_data =
return new_data

def render():
new_data = generate_data()
new_class = ClassData(new_data)
return new_class

When I try to get the values to the class, it looks like that:
new_class = ClassData(new_data)
AttributeError: ‘list’ object has no attribute ‘__str__’


The error you are getting is because you are returning a list from the __str__ method. A list can not be converted to a string, it should be a string in this case, so just use new_data.
Additionally, your new_data variable is a string, which means it will have
as a newline character. You should use new_data.replace(‘
‘, ”) instead of new_data in your example to get rid of this.

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Descargar Addons De Moderadores Para Ircap.
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