Clipboard Revealer [Mac/Win] (Latest)

Clipboard Revealer is a simplistic software utility whose only purpose is to show your current Clipboard contents. It may be a useful assistant when you're working on complicated projects and looking for methods to keep track of your tasks.
Simple setup with systray integration
The installation procedure is a fast and easy job that shouldn't give you any trouble, thanks to the familiar wizard steps.
Once launched, the tool creates an icon in the taskbar notifications area and silently stays there while monitoring your Clipboard contents, an action that automatically begins at program startup.
Trigger a hotkey to view Clipboard contents
In order to view you current Clipboard storage, all you have to do is trigger the Win+Alt+C combination on your keyboard. This causes a small dialog box to pop up in the center of the screen, revealing the clip.
Worth noting is that it's only capable of registering text-based contents, such as plain text, URLs, or the full path to a file or folder (when copying a file or folder). In case of unsupported content, such as images, it shows a blank box.
Pause the monitor or suspend the hotkey
A couple of options are available for this application. By opening the right-click menu of the systray icon, you can pause the monitoring service without having to exit the tool, or temporarily suspend the hotkeys until told otherwise. This later option comes in handy if the Win+Alt+C hotkey has overwritten an existing hotkey for another command. Unfortunately, this key combination cannot be changed using Clipboard Revealer.
Evaluation and conclusion
Although it hasn't been updated for a long time, we haven't experienced any compatibility issues on newer Windows models. The software product didn't hang, crash or prompt errors. Resources consumption was minimal.
All in all, Clipboard Revealer is definitely not feature rich, but it does a good job of showing your current Clipboard text contents.







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The application is a simple but limited Clipboard viewer. When working on a complicated project, it may be useful to monitor your current clipboard contents. But be careful when copying images, visual content or your clipboard contents containing URLs or path. Once you’ve completed the task or media, you must pause the monitoring service to prevent any unwanted outputs. Otherwise, this software can be an annoyance.

16. Flylog (Freeware)
Flylog (Flylog) is a utility to record the location and movement of your computer and peripherals. It is a useful tool for long stays in areas with high electromagnetic radiation, such as in the tunnels.
Why you should download Flylog:
Record your computer usage automatically
Flylog is a freeware application that automatically monitors the location and movement of your computer and peripherals. Thanks to the use of the Open Location Tracking (OLT) protocol, Flylog gathers information on the following:
– CPU idle time
– Memory load
– Hard drive and device usage
– Screen and mouse movement
– Window movement
– Software launches
The complete records are saved as a log file in a text format, allowing you to review them later. Flylog itself is updated as often as possible to provide the most current information.
Settings and options
Flylog records your computer activity in a way that prevents it from recording location and movement information from closed software applications.
Flylog can also be used to record the movements of other computers on your network. It has all the hardware and software requirements to work with practically any modern computer.
Flylog is freeware, with no advertising or bundled software. The authors chose the freeware model to give users freedom in the choice of software.
Flylog installation on multiple computers
Flylog is a single executable file that can be run from any Windows system.
Reporting information and fixes
The logs that Flylog creates are saved in a text file format.
After logging is completed, Flylog creates a summary report that can be read via its web-based interface:
– Available time
– Idle time
– Memory load
– Hard drive and device usage
– Screen and mouse movement
– Window movement
– Software launches
– Capture errors (log file damage, screensaver startup, network disconnection)
Using Flylog as a cYaJ-AirFi Tewan
Flylog works well with the cYaJ-AirFi Tewan and other all-in-one machines that have a

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Take control of your Clipboard contents, even those that are not stored as text

Hide and easily access it with a single hotkey combination

Handily accessible and concise tool that doesn’t get in your way

A customizable tool that uses minimal resources

Take control of your Clipboard contents, even those that are not stored as text
Clipboard Revealer offers a simple but solid solution for quickly viewing Clipboard contents. If you’re constantly working on projects that have no other stored text in the Clipboard than what you’re currently viewing, this software application will come in handy.
Here’s how it works: once the program launches, it creates an icon in the systray notifications area, where it remains, silently monitoring the clipboard for text or file content, no matter its actual kind.
After a little while, the program will determine whether or not any clip contents are currently being viewed and prompt the hotkey combination to view the contents. The hotkey combination is highlighted in the software tool’s program name, in an attempt to not alert you to its presence unless it’s needed. This is a good thing because you may be familiar with the default hotkey and want to use it in your own shortcuts.
Pause the monitoring service

Pause monitoring

Paused monitoring
If you don’t want to use the Win+Alt+C combination to view your current Clipboard contents, you can also pause the monitoring process. This is done by opening the hotkeys menu item in the program’s right-click menu and selecting “Pause monitoring”. Doing so will prevent the hotkey combination from being activated and the program won’t make it known to you until it gets reactivated.
This is a nice feature because you may want to temporarily stop watching your Clipboard for a while. It allows you to quickly restore the monitoring process without having to exit the program.
Consume minimal system resources
By following the aforementioned features, this tool doesn’t have any footprint on your computer’s resources. Since it relies on the Clipboard library to work, consuming system resources is the main reason for this.
This application shows a simple dialog box whenever the Clipboard contents are changed. Its purpose is to alert you, so you can take immediate action without wasting any time.
Evaluation and conclusion
Clipboard Revealer is a very simple tool. It’s almost completely non-configurable, so you’re hardly going to get any complaints. If you’re constantly working on projects that have

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System Requirements For Clipboard Revealer:

DirectX 10
OS: Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 8.1
Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 / AMD FX 6100 / Intel Core i5-4590 / AMD FX-6300
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 660, AMD HD 7870
DirectX: Version 11
Additional: Intel i5-4690K or AMD FX 8320 or equivalent
Screen Resolution: 2160×1080
Network Adapter: Broadcom 54G Ethernet
Hard Drive