Answered: Your Most Burning Questions about Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is a hassle-free job – letting you focus on marketing, sales, and making money. FindFocusGroups and FocusGroup are two of the biggest websites for finding local focus groups. If you are wondering what to charge have a look at local ads, but you can expect to be paid over £9ph even if you aren’t trained in childcare. I’m not going to show you how to do it here, since I recently published a guide on both Facebook Ads, as well as Google ads, but remember: only do this once you have a way of making back your money. While I am writing this, it has over 268,000 reviews on the apple store and a score of 4.8 stars and over 43,000 votes on Google Play and 4.3 stars! High-yield savings accounts are preferable to their low-yield equivalent, but better still is an investment account; this could bring your returns up to around an 8-10% average over long periods. This type of affiliate program works well with niche businesses, and the further you can niche down, the better. There are plenty of niche membership websites to take inspiration from. Lots of people who are too busy with work to cook simply need some creativity and inspiration to know what to cook, so if that’s something you’re good at you might be able to help others more than you realize.

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