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Photoshop is very powerful and has many different functions, tools, and features. If you are not familiar with it and do not have a good understanding of using it, you may get frustrated because you cannot use it. Alternatively, if you are familiar with Photoshop, you may not find many new features that can help you.

After you’ve practiced and mastered Photoshop, you can become proficient with it and apply it for any number of uses.

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For those who don’t know Photoshop, here’s a quick summary of what it can do:

1. The tools you already know from graphics software.

2. The same features that are already standard in graphics software.

3. A few extras.

This article will focus on the Photoshop Elements 2018 version, the top features and the best tools to use.

What does Photoshop Elements do?

Saving the day! Can’t Photoshop do that? No, that’s Photoshop’s job. Photoshop Elements is meant to be simple to use and for the ultimate hobbyists as well as pro photographers.

Like Photoshop, it’s mostly a graphics editor that allows you to add and edit photos and video clips. You can add various effects, textures, add text and clip art, and much more! But it’s not just about the addition of art, it’s also about sharing your work with the community. That’s why there are now also many social features and customization options.

1. A simple and intuitive interface

This is the best feature of Photoshop Elements. The interface has been simplified and improved. For a long time, Photoshop’s interface was intimidating for beginners and those who had no idea what they were doing. At first glance, there were many options and buttons. But as soon as you tried to choose an effect or a color, you quickly realized that you had to learn the tricks of the trade.

This time you’ll be learning while you work, which is the best way to learn anything!

And what’s great is that it’s so easy to find your way around. The buttons are in a logical place and the functions and options are clearly visible. There are text tools to edit texts and the image palette to edit your work. If you’re not an experienced user, you’ll find the “batch mode” button on the top right corner.

Impressions on Photoshop Elements 2018

For a beginner, the interface is flawless. It’s pretty simple and intuitive to use. You know what it can do and in what mode you can work. You can work in JPG, PNG, GIF or PSD format. And there are many

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how to set value to textfield according to dropdownlist selected value using jquery?

I have a textfield which is associated with dropdown list box. Now the problem is when I select a value from dropdown list box, the value is not being set to the textfield.
Here is the html:


here is the jQuery code:
$(document).on(“change”,”#ddlPickOptions”, function(){
var strId = $(this).val();
var strValue = $(this).html();

When I select ‘1’ from the dropdown, nothing is being set to the textfield.


Try using this, it also uses the value of the item selected:
$(‘#ddlPickOptions’).change(function() {

If you want to use the HTML5 data-* attributes, then you can use the.data():
$(‘#ddlPickOptions’).change(function() {

As tvanfosson pointed out,.val() is a function, so you could just use it normally:
$(‘#ddlPickOptions’).change(function() {


$(document).on(“change”,”#ddlPickOptions”, function(){
var strId = $(this).val();
var strValue = $(this).text();


You could use the.val() function:

System Requirements For Photoshop 3d Mesh Presets Free Download:

-OS: Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
-CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 @ 2.8GHz, AMD Athlon 64 X2 +5600+ @ 2.7GHz
-RAM: 4 GB of RAM
-GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTS 450, Radeon HD 5770
-HDD: 40 GB HD space
-Video: Nvidia GTS 450, Radeon HD 5770, Geforce GTX 650
-DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
-Controller: None