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As we all know Game Maker’s level editing isn’t easy at all, and especially when creating 3D games. You have to make a great number of objects and only one instance of an object sometimes, which will slow down your game and will take time and efford to do.
You should also make sprites to use them for collision masks and to apply them, and many many other difficulties. The 3D Level Editor application was designed to save you a lot of time and will make level creation much easier!
When making your levels you will need a certain ammount of resources to create what you want. The resources I am talking about are textures, models, animated sprites and collision masks. Here is a list of the supported file formats:
– Textures – jpeg images (JPG), bitmaps (BMP) and non-animated gif images (GIF)
– Sprites – animated and non-animated gif images (GIF)
– Collision Masks – non-animated gif images (GIF)
– Models – obj 3d models (OBJ)
When creating yor levels you should keep in mind the filesize of your resources. Tha larger filesize, the slower the game will load and run. This is why you should try to keep your images with low resolution and your models should be as low-poly as possible. And this is not because of the Editor, but just because Game Maker is slow at 3D, unfortunatelly.







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– Will save games to obj 3d (OBJ) format. This will make it easier to make large maps.
– Has a tool to automatically make collision masks for you.
– You can create many instances of the same object.
– You can export sprite sheets to.jpg,.png,.bmp and.gif to create sprites and collison masks.
– You can create sprites with different colors, up to a maximum of 4 colors.
– You can delete any object you created if it was moved to the wrong location or made a collision.
3D Edit V0.0a
3D Edit V0.0b
3D Edit V0.2a
Download 3D Edit
Installing the application
The application has a simple setup. You should only compile it, and run the exe file
1) Unzip the downloaded zip file
2) Copy the application to your program files
3) Run the setup.exe
There should be an option to create and save a txt file in the root of your current directory, as you will be able to save and load your levels easily.
Save a file when you want to test your levels before even starting to program them and at the same time you will be able to load your saved game when you wanted to test the level
Some tips
Tips for Editing
– There are many pitfalls in game creation. If you want to make nice looking games and not have your game unplayable, you need to know a few things about level editing and Game Maker.
– Lets start with the basics
– Keep it simple, first make it easy for yourself. Keeping it simple is a very important thing for any game development.
– If you make a lot of objects keep them in one group (it can be a group of just one object)
– You can always change the size of a group in the palette.
– You can change the speed of an object (called the “transition frame”) by editing the palette.
– Use the “Plateau” tool which makes it easier to move objects to specific locations, like cliff sides or object that fall from the sky
– You can change the material and the color of an object by clicking on it and editing the palette for material and color.
– You can create a text object with two different text styles called “left” and “right” by clicking on an empty space and choosing the text

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Here is the 3D Level Editor Product Key in a nutshell.
Create new objects and remove some (if you want to)
Select and move objects
Rotate, move, scale and resize objects
Delete objects and move them around
Advanced Options
You can create a new object. Here you can tell your object’s type.
To do:
Create objects on the fly
Create a separate image for your frame (background)
Create a point sprite for every object you create.
Create a transition sprite for your objects
Select + create new objects
Creates a new object that you just select and place.
The object’s name will be:
Name – text string.
Type – shape or just the type of the object (cylinder, cube, sphere etc)
Weight – determines the weight of the object (reduce or increase depending on your game)
Auto-delete – if you want the object to be automatically deleted
Cull – determines the culling of the object (see the next option)
Collision – determines if the object collides with anything (by default all objects will not collide with anything)
Culling type – determines how Game Maker deals with the culling of the object:
Triangle – all triangles of the object in the form of a cube (it creates a cube by itself and culls the object)
Cylinder – all cylinders created by the object
Sphere – all spheres created by the object
Capsule – all capsules created by the object
Floor – all objects at the floor (unless it’s in the air). It also creates a floor for the object
Pipe – all pipes created by the object. If you set a pipe as a wall, it will go through the floor of the level.
Airplane – All objects inside the airplane and it’s doors
Floor (Width/Height) – determines if you want to place and ceiling to the floor/ceiling type
Placement Position – if the object is a wall or a door, you can place it right on its center or position.
Transition Types
You can create transitions between objects. You can create the transition between 2 objects, or an object and its shape, such as a wall/floor or a door/door. You can also create a transition between many objects.
You can create a transition from one object to another. It can be a wall/floor, a door/door, a floor/ceiling or a floor

3D Level Editor

This application was created for you to make easy and fast your games.
– Support jpeg and bitmaps image formats
– Support animated gif images
– Support non-animated gif images
– Support obj 3d models
– Support model levels
– Support textures
– Support levels with mask
– Support levels with collision mask
– Support hotspot
– Support non hotspot
– Support multilayer
– Support layers editing
– Support Non-Reduced
– Support smoothed
– Support png image
– Support vektor image
– Support 3ds max format (max7, max8, max9)
– Support easy saving of level editing
– Support almost all level types
– No taskbar
– Settings for showing and hiding windows on the taskbar
What you can do with 3D Level Editor:
– Collision Masking
– Animating
– Multilayering
– Multiplatform support (DSTWO, Linux, Windows, OSX)
– Editor customization (text, buttons and structure)
– Import/export 3d models
– Import/export 3d models- with UV mapping (OBJ)
– Import/export textures
– Import/export textures- with UV mapping (JPG)
Download 3D Level Editor:

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What’s New In 3D Level Editor?

3D Level Editor is an easy-to-use tool to make 3D levels. All levels are created by adding 2D sprites and 3D models. They use almost no resources, so the frame rate of your game will stay untouched. The Editor is optimized for both tablets and phones, so you can create 3D levels in a few minutes and make your apps look good on any device.
Why people actually care about a 3D Level editor?
It’s kind of a “copy&paste” feature, where you can just create your scenes and make sprites of all objects you want and then transfer them to your game. This feature saves a lot of time compared to manually editing 2D and 3D graphics.
Supported formats:
– Textures – jpeg images (JPG), bitmaps (BMP) and non-animated gif images (GIF)
– Sprites – animated and non-animated gif images (GIF)
– Collision Masks – non-animated gif images (GIF)
– Models – obj 3d models (OBJ)
How to use it:
Install the Editor application on your Android (both 2.3.x and 2.2.x)
Download the Editor application (.apk)
Install it (only once)
Open the application and press the “New Level” button
Start creating your level as you usually do in Game Maker
When you are happy with your level and want to test it, press the “Test Level” button
If the level is OK, press the “Open Level” button and see it in the Editor

This is the complete “Lucky Benny” instruction.
To play:
1) Download the level and open it
2) Press the “Play” button
3) Your child will be asked to find some of the objects in the level.
4) If you find “Lucky Benny” he will be crowned king of the world 🙂
Get any help you want from me for this game at the Team Game Gridshot Facebook page!
Thank you for playing this free child game, I hope you enjoy it 🙂
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System Requirements:

Running Speed
To run this game, you need a modern, powerful computer. The minimum requirements are:
Pentium 2.8GHz
Pentium 4 2.8GHz
AMD Athlon or Sempron 1.8GHz
AMD Phenom 2.8GHz
NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or later
AMD Radeon 3850 or later
Windows Vista or later
We recommend a computer that meets the following requirements:
Pentium 3.0 GHz
AMD Athlon or Sempron 3.0