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With all the variety of cultures in the entire world, it becomes incredibly difficult to learn a foreign language, especially since it takes time, and a lot of practice. To help you out, Words Reminder wants to assist you in this regard, without interfering with any computer activity you’re performing in the meantime.
Can be used on the go
You can use the application on both your home, and work computers, especially since it requires no installation, and allows you to carry it around on a USB flash drive. The target PC’s health status is kept intact, because registries are not modified, but you do need to make sure Java Runtime Environment is on the computer you use it on.
On launch, a compact text field shows up so you can start learning directly. However, unless you’re Polish, there’s a high chance you end up scratching your head for a while. This is because the application comes with poor, rather non existent support for other languages, apart from polish.
Good, but far from being a pro
The text field you’re put up against needs to be filled in with the correct translation of the shown words. There’s a configurable timer to write the response, at the end of which the right answer is shown, and then jumping to the next item on the list.
This functionality is based on a dictionary found under a TXT file. Luckily, you’re free to edit it. However, creating a new one requires you to know both languages, since the dictionary file must be filled in with both the original, and translation of words.
An additional component can be launched for some advanced lessons. Without the timer, it functions in a similar manner, but this time requirement fields are related to verb conjugation. A check button lets you know how many you got right, while hitting help shows what had to be done.
To end with
In conclusion, Words Reminder comes with good intentions, aiming to help you learn foreign words a lot easier by simply showing up on your screen from time to time, asking for the translation dictionary words picked at random. Unfortunately, adding new dictionaries means having other TXT files built in the same manner, automatically implying to know both languages.







Words Reminder 6.0.5

Are you a words ninja? With the Words Reminder word list generator, you’ll be able to conjugate over 4000 English verbs and in an instant. With Words Reminder you’ll be able to learn and conjugate all the English verbs. It is a must have tool for all people trying to improve their vocabulary and learning more and more and more about English verbs.
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The app is designed to assist you in learning a foreign language through its vocabulary. Its features includes the languages support, along with the ability to attach recordings to words you are studying. The most important part is that you don’t have to be in the same country or city as the other person, which means you can still have the app on your device, even if you travel.

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Click the Help button in the app to get started. You can choose the language to start with. If you can’t find it in the first option, scroll down to the bottom.

I can speak.

Good luck with your quest to learn a language. If you face any problem, please contact us using the Help or support link in the app. We will try our best to help you.

Accurate Dictionary and Grammar

There are thousands of words and sentences in our premium dictionary. Our grammar checker accurately checks whether the sentence is grammatically correct.

Our Premium dictionary and grammar checker makes learning a language a whole lot easier. You can go to any word with our search tool and find the translation instantly.

Get to Know Your Friends Better

You can share your friends’ words with your friends using this feature. Simply select your friend’s words, and then share them to your friends.

The Right Way to Learn a Language

Watching videos is the best way to learn a language. No matter how short the video, watching it is the fastest way to learn the language. We have embedded 20+ hours of video lessons, and you can watch them right in the app.

There is no better way to learn a language than watching

Words Reminder 6.0.5


All you need to do is to enter a word or phrase into the auto-populated text box, and then click on the “Click me” button. A simple app, as it allows you to learn words at a fast pace. However, knowing multiple languages is a must for this app to be useful.


It has an auto-populated textbox which shows up and the app asks for the correct translation of a random line of text. The translation is there in a foreign language dictionary inside the application itself. You do not need to create any additional configuration for this feature.

You can choose between Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, German, Hungarian, Russian and English dictionaries or add your own. A timer is there to allow you to save and export the present entries, the scores and the dictionary itself.

If you are looking for free applications to practice your foreign language, try this one out. However, it’s not a full-fledged pro you are looking for.

8. Google Translate – Android Apps

Google Translate – A users’ guide for translators and non-native speakers of English who want to offer help or be helped through translations.

How does it work?

The app lets users track the translation of words as they are being typed in a message, and a green “translated” or “translated into English” badge appears next to the text box when the translation is finished.

You can search for translations in two different ways:

By entering the word or phrase you want to translate into a search bar at the top of the app or use the Google Search engine to search through translations of that word.

Use the “All Languages” tab to search for a translation in multiple languages

What does the app do?

The Google Translate app provides a direct solution for people who want to communicate across languages, and it is set to automatically translate any body of text in the current language to a different one.

What does it cost?

A users guide for translators and non-native speakers of English who want to offer help or be helped through translations

How do I get it?

Android App

An app is a small software application for operating a smartphone or tablet.

There are many apps available for Android, all of which can help you perform different activities.

What’s New in the Words Reminder?

Words Reminder application review.

What do you think about Words Reminder application? Write your opinion and comments.

They do need to update this app for free. There are many places on the app that offer you online lessons, unfortunately, that only work half the time. Other than that, this app can offer you a different view on the information you are learning. If they also would’ve made it so you could read your lessons in the app then it would be great. You need to play with the timing a bit to get it right.

It’s simple and the design looks fairly nice. However, it’s pretty lame if you can’t figure out how to create a new dictionary, no matter how much support there is for other languages. The little help button really doesn’t do much, just letting you know that there is a help file.

There is a LOT of effort and work that goes into this app, since they have people in other countries (Poland) to aid them in their work. I agree with the review in that it’s a bit lame that they can’t create a dictionary from the command line or some other means…

I have used this app to help me learn a little bit of French. It gives you three choices: the first two letters of a word you are learning, and the full word you are learning. This app is great because it makes you learn how to recognize those 2-letter words, and how to figure out the real meanings of the rest. They have also included a timer to make sure that you are doing your best to help you learn the language. It is not the flashiest app and in the beginning it may be a bit confusing but it has potential. I also feel it is a great app to use on a tablet as well as a computer. I haven’t tried it on my Smartphone but I’m sure it’s pretty similar to a tablet.

I have been using this app for about a month now. This is my favorite way to learn a language because it’s fun and interesting. This app actually really helps me learn a language because I’ve learned many things like verbs, nouns, and some common phrases. The app has a great presentation. It’s very simple to use and navigate. So far, it has been great! v. Dow

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System Requirements For Words Reminder:

*1.8GHz CPU or better
*1GB RAM or better
*1024×768 minimum display resolution
*For Windows, iTunes 10.3 or later
*For Mac OS, Apple OS X 10.10 or later
*Headset recommended for certain gameplay modes
*Network connection is required for certain modes
*Loot from the Fort of Calarda
*Unexplored Territories
*A Large Backpack
*A Tent
*A Fishing