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Square Root Table is an Excel template that can help you with your math calculations. Finding the square of 9 or 16 is easy, because the number to be multiplied to give 9 and 16 is integer number.
But, when the number is 10 or 17, you need a calculator to get the number fast… or a square root table. The dynamic square root table allows you to use it as a quick reference to find the square root without calculator.







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The template includes

Table that has two columns for Square Root and Answer
Square root for easy references
Table’s menu allowing easy edit and add
Table includes the possibility of sharing with others (via sharing button under edit menu)
Place the table anywhere
No need to define the table, it will calculate automatically

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Simple Notes Application

I need a simple notes application for windows that writes in one excel table to database
I need something that allows me to add the notes, save them and automatically “synchronize” them to database
I prefer something that has a good UI and that will work with mono (but not absolutely required)
i don’t need any templates for the notes, since they will be mostly copied and pasted
i don’t need any template but i need something that will show a friendly menu at a startup, that will allow me to add the note (with custom shape)
i don’t need some special style but i need that when i add a new note, it will have the same style as every other one. So if i add a table in every note i want that table to be table
i prefer something for personal use (i don’t need a database) but that is not absolutely required.
i use a windows notebook, so i can write the notes in markdown or something like that


Until recently there was no good native notes application.
The Notes program from Microsoft was a very good Notes application, but very limited. The clipboard for example could not be used.
In 2012 Google opened the Application program interface (API) for applications and there were some packages that tried to use the API. But they were very limited.
After the introduction of the HTML5 in the Java platform there is now a

Square Root Table

You can use it very fast… when you know what number to take, rather than calculating.
Power Row:
When you need to calculate more than 2 numbers, select the Power Row & press the window key.

Tip: You can lock the column when the square root is needed…
Check the demo, and you will understand…

♦ The column contains rows in which you can find the square of a number, or the square root of a number. So, when you know the number to take, the square root of the number is easy to calculate.
♦ You can edit the squares or the square roots…
If you need for example to increase the number 12 by 2, or to add 31 to the number 41 by 3, just enter those numbers and press the F2 key…
You will see the square root for each number.
♦ You can print the table…
You can also have the table as a power point presentation. So, when you can show the table to others, they will understand your method.
♦ If you have more than one table, then you can see the one that was just calculated, and you can change it.
♦ You can use the table when you have a source file, whether it’s just numbers like 7 or numbers with different calculations like (7+5) … 9+7+6+5.
♦ You can copy the row, even just the number, and paste it in a text file, and transfer it anywhere you want.
♦ You can use it to define your own tables or formulas.

• Thousands of cells in the sheet are used as variables to calculate the formulas.
• There are 7 rows in the sheet that are used for these formulas…
• This is not the most efficient way to calculate the square root… so, if you need to calculate a lot of numbers, this calculator is not for you…
• If you don’t have a lot of numbers… then you can start from 1 and go to 12 and to 16…
• If you don’t have a lot of numbers, then you can use the Power Row to calculate more than 2 numbers.

Different functions can be found in the menu.

The Square Root Excel template can help you with your math calculations, to find the square root of numbers from 1 to 12.
It can also be a power

Square Root Table Torrent Free Download

A user’s perspective Square Root Table is well designed to help you get the result quickly. I’ve included at square root table is included only integer square root.
This beautiful Excel template comes with everything that you need to get the square root of any numbers. I’ve included a dynamic square root table, root table, square root text, a square root header, square root grid, and a text field with label in the same spreadsheet. I’ve also included a big box with all of the answers, so it will be easy for you to get your result.
Update: Added US&Canadian and Australian Square Root Table
As per request in the comments section, I have updated the table to include US&Canadian and Australian Square Root. Enjoy!
This is my first spreadsheet template, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you see something that you think can be improved.

Codes for all the formulas in the template is included. So everything is just a copy-paste of the same.
The spreadsheet is in Excel 2007 format, there are updated in Excel 2010 format. So if you have a different version, feel free to update using this very spreadsheet.
If you have any problem with the document. Just let me know.
Google Drive links:
Square Root Table:
Square Root Text:
Square Root Header:
Square Root Grid:

What’s New in the?

Note: Please use it for personal use only, please do not use in a work related spreadsheets such as Project Planner, Excel or anything else that has to do with finances. Thank you!
Features and Benefits:
• Quick access to square root
• Record the number you want to know the square root of
• Accommodates upto 500 numbers, 100×100 cell.
• You can use the table in multiple windows.
• Double-clicking on a cell will set the formula in that cell.
• Formula can also be copied directly to other cells using “Ctrl+C”
• Separate table used for quick access
• Quick access to square root formula can be changed
• Total number of formulas are 68
• It is a basic table solution, not all the features are included
• You can edit the values in the table
• Easy to open, just double-click on the file
• It is a solution to solve your math questions only, not a calculator.
• Please refer the excel table size limitations in the sales note section.
• Square Root Table has been tested with Excel 2013, 2016, 2000 and 2007, it works on these versions of Excel.
• Please do not use in a work related Spreadsheet (e.g.: Project Planner)
Workshop Details:
• First-come-first-serve
• 12-hour work period
• Full payment is expected on the job (no partial payments)
• Job done in under 10 hours of the beginning of the submission.
• Payment based on the project work logged to date (not entire project size)
• Paypal is accepted for payment.
• If you want to skip the payment and go straight to the workshop, pay me via Paypal.
• Payment is expected at the beginning of the project.
• This is not a team work, and my team members are not allowed to be in the worksheet at the same time.
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• You are responsible to understand the instructions in details to perform the project.
• This is not a full time job, and there is no overtime.
• The money paid is for the log of the work done for this project.
• I am not responsible for your device, installation or anything else about your device.


System Requirements:

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