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If you are interested where you can dine out this evening or you want to know what competitors you have for your future restaurant chain, then Restaurant Locations Database is the tool you need.
It is a complete and detailed database of restaurants from all over the United States at your disposal, regardless of type, be it Steak & Seafood Restaurants, Dessert Restaurants, Indian Restaurants or Burger Restaurants.
On one hand, Restaurant Locations Database can come in handy to anyone wishing to find out new dining locations.
On the other, finding out what competition you may have in a given area is just as useful if you are looking to launch your own restaurant business.
Investing in your contacts has never been as important as it is now. With the expansion of the Internet, networking has never been so easy and staying ahead of the game is sometimes difficult without the right resources. The U.S. Restaurants Database is a neatly organized reference that will immediately increase your contact list.
Because the database is in CSV format, it can be accessed anytime anywhere without the need of Internet access. More so, the contacts are easy to handle, edit, sort and overall manage.
Among the details this database contains are location details (state, county, telephone number, website URL) and even geographical coordinates.


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Restaurant Locations Database Crack Product Key

* Greater than 5000 actual restaurant locations (restaurants, chain restaurants, coffee shops, grill restaurants and sandwich / sub shops) are provided. (Greater than 5000 means that the database could go up to more than 5500 restaurants, but only at this time there are only greater than 5000 in the database.)
* More than 5250 restaurants in 35 major U.S. states and the District of Columbia.
* A complete list of restaurants’ standard type (i.e. steakhouses, steakhouses with a steakhouse, steakhouses with a steakhouse, steakhouses without a steakhouse).
* Restaurant information is provided in a tabular format, including:
Restaurant name, location address (city, street, city, zip), restaurant website, type of restaurant, approximate cost of entry, and much more!
* Restaurant location information is provided in a tabular format, including:
* Restaurant Name, Type of Restaurant (e.g. Steak & Seafood Restaurant, Steak and Seafood Restaurant, Steak & Seafood Restaurant)
* City, State, ZIP, Telephone Number, Website Address, Specialties/Cuisines
* Approximate Cost of Entry: this is a simple way of estimating how much money a restaurant will cost you to dine in! For each restaurant you will find the following information: price for an entrée, appetizer, dessert, full service meals (including alcohol), etc.
* Gross sales for the year 2009.
* States/Jurisdictions that restaurants may be found in.
* Restaurants that are classified as:
-QSR locations (quick service restaurants, which are chains)
-Natural food restaurants
* Restaurants that have been invented that are not listed in the US Restaurants Database, such as:
-Subway Fast Food Restaurants
-McDonald’s Fast Food Restaurants
-McDonald’s Restaurants (not fast food)
-McDonald’s Restaurants (variety of different cuisines from the original)
-McDonald’s Restaurants (variety of different cuisines, some like McDonald’s restaurants in Europe)
* Restaurants in the US and Canada that are found in the US Restaurants Database but not ranked as a QSR. These restaurants are not found in the US QSR listing but are ranked separately in the US Restaurants Database by their type of food.
* Restaurants in the US and Canada that are

Restaurant Locations Database With Full Keygen

The “U.S. Restaurants Database” is a powerful contact list with a plethora of features, some more specific than others. The goal of Restaurant Locations Database is to give you all the tools you need to keep track of contacts. The “U.S. Restaurants Database” comes with a total of 1,794,943 contacts.
Location Name and Contact Information:
The database comes with over 1,794,943 contacts’ location, namely address, state, state code, county, country code, zip code, telephone number and website URL.
Contacts are from various companies, both retail, and franchised, from the USA.
The contacts are categorized into 9 distinct industries. The distribution of the industries according to contact type is as follows:
>Food Industry: 3,845 (20.7%)
>Restaurant Retail: 1,722 (9.2%)
>Restaurant Franchised: 2,051 (11.1%)
>Bar & Hotel/Club: 1,184 (6.4%)
>Hospitality: 1,004 (5.5%)
>Social Service: 873 (4.8%)
>General Merchandise: 542 (2.9%)
>Others: 1,134 (6.0%)
>Total: 1,794,943 (100%)
Other Features:
>Industries: 9 industries
>State: 37 states & Capital District (District of Columbia)
>Website URL: The email address is provided with the contacts’ entry
>Coordinates: The coordinates are calculated by geocode
>Phone number: The phone number is provided with the contacts’ entry.
>© 2017 DENU INC. All Rights Reserved.

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Restaurant Locations Database With Serial Key Free Download

• It is an up-to-date and complete database that contains restaurant listings of many types.
• You can choose the county, state, or zip code to narrow down the search.
• The map allows you to zoom in and see the exact address of all the restaurants, so that you can easily tell if your next door neighbor has a restaurant.
• Included are many other useful data for both, the restaurant owners and the restaurant managers.
• The contacts are organized by the location’s name. Once that name is found, all the other contact information is visible within seconds.
• An assortment of reports are made available for easy access.
• There is a contact database to make all the searching for restaurants to a cinch.
• Import contacts from an Excel sheet or CSV.
• You can easily export the contacts to other types of contact lists, such as phonebook, address book, and more.
The Restaurant Locations Database is the perfect online contact database. With this tool, your network will never lag, as there is always a database for your company to browse through.
Downloading the Restaurant Locations Database is a smart choice in order to stay ahead of the game in your business.
The “Download Restaurant Locations” button will start the process right away. Keep in mind that we are not offering direct support, as the application is meant for the restaurant owners and managers.
Developed by: _[email protected]_, ([email protected])
Restaurant Locations Database DOWNLOAD

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What’s New In Restaurant Locations Database?

– Contains and organizes complete and detailed restaurant information from all over the United States.
– Filling out a required Business Form to one of many  business categories, simply access our unique search engine and submit. The form will receive an email or text message once submitted.
– The database is updated regularly with changes, new restaurants and information.
– The database can be used for more than one restaurant.
– Hundreds of restaurants can be quickly located at just a few mouse clicks of the mouse.
– The database also has a customized search engine (TSS) for you to search all restaurant related information at just a few mouse clicks.
– The full name of the location (name, street address, telephone number, website URL etc.) can be easily edited and entered.
– The contact details of the businesses can be easily accessed via a list.
– The database can be managed via an Online Demo that features the categorization, search, and editing functionality.
– Lists of the most visited restaurants can be emailed to clients and potential clients.
– The database is a ready to use resource that can be easily added to your website for only $39.95 for a single restaurant. The license includes the right to use the database for 1 year.
– The “Parking Info” section includes the parking area information (street address, price per month, cost to build, cost to operate, street parking disabled/metered, handicapped accessible, alternate parking, visible handicapped parking, intercom, hours of operation, vehicular gates, automatic time clock, surveillance, valet parking, indoor or outdoor kitchen).
*We can also provide any changes or modifications to your restaurant database. Please refer to our prices and terms of service for more information.*
Your Sales and Marketing Database:
– Type of food, distance of the restaurant from your business location (from 4 miles to 500 miles), estimated market, estimated potential of the restaurant, and more.
– Compete restaurant information with details such as (name, phone number, address, hours of operation, phone menu, social media profiles, price, awards/honors, pizzas, tandoor, fusion cuisine, owners, services, full service, meeting venue, free house wine, food, beer and wine).

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System Requirements For Restaurant Locations Database:

DVD Drive:
Requires a DVD drive capable of playing all DVD formats, including the Blu-ray Disc.
Blu-ray Drive:
Requires a Blu-ray drive capable of playing all Blu-ray Discs.
Software Requirements:
Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Windows 8/8.1 (32/64-bit), Windows 10 (32/64-bit) or Mac OS X 10.6 (32/64-bit).
DVD, Blu-ray, Apple TV, and Apple TV 4K Blu