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Adobe InDesign, which I discuss in more detail later in this chapter, is a layout program that also handles raster and vector images. It’s a professional tool that enables graphic designers to effectively create and manage magazine, newspaper, or Web pages. InDesign has a toolset that includes graphic tools, text tools, layouts, and numerous other creative features.

If you’re considering which tool to use, ask yourself whether you want to be more of a “macro editor” or a “macro visioner.” If you choose to use InDesign primarily for editing and managing the graphics and layout, you should use its various editing tools, such as the Selection tool and the Pathfinder, instead of the eraser tool and paintbrush. However, if you’re more of a creative, and thus the end result is what you create, then choosing the right application for your expertise can have a significant impact on your design.

InDesign is an extremely powerful tool for design-savvy people. If you’re a graphic designer or information architect, it’s the program you should be using. I walk through using InDesign in an example later in this chapter.

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Adobe Photoshop is an industry standard and the industry leader in photo editing software. Photoshop has the most powerful features for editing photos and creating art.

This article will teach you how to create and edit photos with Photoshop, the professional version.


Create a new document

Open Photoshop and you should see the Photoshop splash screen.

Choose File > New or press CTRL + N to create a new document.

You should see a small arrow on top of the document window. Move the scroll bar to the left and left-click on the small arrow to choose a size for the document.

Choose a size. You should see a small white arrow on top of the document window. Move the scroll bar to the right and left-click on the white arrow to choose a size for the document. You can use inches or centimeters. Choose a size for the document.

Resize the document to match the canvas area. Make sure you have more space at the top left. You can leave some space above the image on the top left.

Before you start adding elements, make sure you have the correct size canvas. Turn on the canvas size options.

Click on the Canvas Size button on the top bar.

Choose the canvas size options. Click on the Canvas Size button on the top bar. Click on the Canvas Size dialog box and choose a canvas size for your new document.

You can see your document area above the canvas size options. To make sure that you have enough room for the document area, move the scroll bar to the right. Click on the Canvas Size dialog box and choose a canvas size for your new document.

Add the background color

Add a new color layer and change its mode to Soft Light.

You should see a color swatch on the right side of the Color panel.

Drag the color swatch to the left side of the Color panel to create a new color layer. Click on the triangle next to the color swatch to close it.

You should see a new color layer added to your image. Change the color mode to Soft Light.

Click on the eye icon on the top right of the Layer panel to expand the layer and make it visible.

Hide the top white layer that you added in the previous step. Make sure you have the background color layer

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How to find all dependencies between modules with Gradle?

I want to check all the dependencies between all the modules of my project.
I’ve found the command:
gradle dependencies

Which works fine. But there are several ways to accomplish this task.
Also how to specify that I want to find all the dependencies between all the modules of a sub-project instead of all the dependencies of all the modules of the project?


If you want to get the dependency graph for one project (eg. myproject) then you can do the following
gradle tasks –aidextension -p myproject


Here’s how you can find the dependencies between subprojects in Gradle:
gradle dependencies –configuration

gradle dependencies –configuration debug –subprojects

This will display dependencies between subprojects as defined by the manifest files.


Note that if you just want dependencies between modules you want transitive dependencies, not direct.

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John Doherty (musician)

John Doherty is a British musician who has played in both traditional folk music and jazz. He plays as one of the principal guitars in the Pentangle, a British folk band formed in 1968. He joined that band when it was established by Mike Heron and Ian McDonald.

John Doherty was born in Oxford, and grew up in the village of Bodington, Gloucestershire.
He was given a guitar at the age of twelve, and became influenced by the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. In 1966, he became one of the first members of a group called the Edwardian Uplifters. They included Martin Carthy, Dave Swarbrick and Robin Hall.

He joined up with Ian McDonald and Mike Heron in 1968, during their time in Cambridge and Sheffield. After being dropped by his record company, he rejoined them in April 1972 and has played with them ever since. He is one of the few who have been with the band for the whole of their history.

For many years, he and McDonald have formed a duo. In 2009, he played for a year with Rupert Holmes, who had known McDonald when they were younger.

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The Pentangle
Pentangle (1970, Charisma)
Song for America (1971, Charisma)
Pentangle II (1972, Charisma)
Ammonia Avenue (1972, Charisma)
Page One (1974, Charisma)
Pentangle Live (1975, Charisma)
Morning Glory Morning (1975, Charisma)
Live at the Royal Albert Hall (1975, Charisma)
The Pentangle Live: the Lost Album (1976, RCA)
All of a Sudden (1978, Charisma)
More Than This (1979, Charisma)
A Better Beginning (1982, Charisma)
Pentangle 66 (1995, Charisma)
Five Leaves Left Live (2001, Charisma)
Many Miles Away (2006, Charisma)
Live in St. Petersburg, 1975 (2007, Charisma)

With Ian MacDonald
A Sorta Epic (1977, Charisma)
This is the Life (1988, Charisma)
The Simon Stephens Trio (2010, ATA)

With others
The Cricket Club (1970, Unicorn) – Various Artists
No Time Left (1971, Unicorn) – Various Artists
Ahead (1971, Unicorn) – Various Artists
The Flower Kings (

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