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Photoshop is quite straightforward when it comes to naming the various actions that you perform on your layers, but when you are working with Photoshop, you need to keep in mind that the names of actions change over time. For example, if you use a layer and select it, it used to be known as a channel or separation layer. Now it’s called a Smart Object. If you Save a selection, you used to get a channel or separation layer, but now it’s called a selection. The way that Photoshop names the actions it uses to create and modify layers is always changing. Always check the Help menus to see the changes in the names of actions that you use, and then pay attention to how you name the various layers that you create or manipulate.

We talk more about the various layers you create when working with Photoshop in Chapters 4, 5, and 8.

Complex Photoshop-based applications

The best-selling Photoshop application, version CS3 and above, goes quite beyond the basic capabilities of a simple raster editor. It provides color management, layers, channels, and much more. It has a selection tool, a history panel, and many other features that enable you to produce professional-level images.

This section shows you how to work in some of Photoshop’s more powerful tools. You see the various version numbers, and the CS stands for Creative Suite, as many versions of Photoshop are included in each of the Creative Suite applications (see Chapter 2).

There are many advanced features of Photoshop that we don’t cover in this book, but many excellent books that show you how to do the following things are just about to come out that teach you the best ways to work in Photoshop with a mouse and keyboard:

Explore techniques on using the filter and layer effects, creating masks, working with selections, and retouching portraits.

Use Photoshop’s extensive tools for retouching and compositing.

Use the powerful layer functions to add special effects, create masks, and make layer adjustments.

Create special effects, like drop shadows, reflections, glows, bevels, and other decorative effects.

Save your images as.tiff or.jpg format files to retain the original quality.

When working in Photoshop, you have three ways to access the different actions that you want to perform on the various layers you create. You can use the Classic Approach, the Quick Approach, or the Smart Approach, which offers the best workflow for Photoshop. These tasks

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In this article, we will show you how to use the Photoshop Elements 2020 CC to crop and process images.

#1. Image Editing

You can edit images from the main window by clicking the Edit icon.

You can see the following options

Basic Image Editing

When you edit, it is better to use the basic options first. These are helpful when you start editing photos.

Levels, Curves, and other tools can do a lot of work in one shot. The following tools are available.



Adjustment Brush

Selective Color


Luminosity/Black and White




Blend if necessary

Clone Stamp







Brightness and Contrast






Brush and Eraser


Include Layers

Free Transform

Animation or Motion


Brightness and Contrast

Reduce Noise

Lighten and Darken

Color Balance

Flatten Image

Save Image to

Save as

Print Image

#2. Crop

The crop tool, known as an automatic image cropper, is a great feature of Photoshop elements.

To crop an image, click crop in the main window.

You can choose to crop either the left or right side, and also from the top or bottom sides.

You can draw or use the corners to crop the image to a specific size.

It is easy to use the crop tool.

#3. Enhance

Click the Enhance icon in the main window to enhance your image.

You can also click Enhance from the main window.

You can apply different effects to your image.

The options are Adjustment, Filter, Type, Text, Spot Healing, More options, and Adjustment Brush.

Click Enhance from the main window.

Click the arrow next to Adjustment to see more options.

Click Enhance to see the full options of filters.

Click Type to see additional options for text.

Click Spot Healing to see how to repair the bad spot.


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