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Despite similarities to the professional version of Photoshop, the default interface in Elements is very different. It’s made up of icons that make sense to anyone who’s used a photo editing program before.

If you’ve used Photoshop for years but think Elements is a bit boring, now is the time to see if you can change your mind and get to grips with the interface. Once you do, you’ll soon see why Elements has gained a reputation for offering an easy-to-use, friendly user interface.

Also, stay up-to-date with Photoshop Elements 2019 Update 17: Fixing bugs and restoring missing features.

And, to help you get the best out of Photoshop Elements, check out our guide for Elements 2019. We’ve taken the common questions and sorted them out.

What is Photoshop Elements?

On the surface, Photoshop Elements is a photo editing program for personal use. It’s designed for people who don’t have photo editing software like Photoshop, but want to sharpen photos or make simple edits.

The main difference between Elements and Photoshop is that the default interface in Elements is very different. There are various icons and menus, rather than buttons, that are easy to understand and use.

Why did Adobe release a program like Elements?

Elements was designed in the early 2000s and was originally part of Photoshop. Adobe said that it wanted to focus on developing new features and ideas rather than maintaining older programs and features, so it took down the program from the Adobe website.

Then, in 2010, Adobe released Photoshop Elements 11. It was based on the older Photoshop program but included many new and upgraded features, such as removing red-eye and dust from photos. Elements 12 was then released in 2011, and Elements 12.5 came in 2017.

The latest version of Elements, Elements 2019, was launched on 4th November 2018. It came out in beta version in April of that year, and was officially released at the end of that month. The latest version has a lot of great features, and it has shown that Adobe is serious about improving the program.

What’s new in Photoshop Elements 2019?

There are a number of new features in the latest version of Elements.

Adobe has added a new ‘mini menu’ on the far left of the Elements interface, which replaces the horizontal toolbar. There’s also

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Parsing SQL via regex in Ruby

If I have two strings:
“SELECT DISTINCT u.user_id,, COUNT(u.user_id) AS cnt
FROM (SELECT author_id, COUNT(CASE WHEN author_type=3 THEN 1 END) AS cnt
FROM posts GROUP BY author_id) t, users u
WHERE t.cnt > 1
GROUP BY u.user_id,”

“SELECT DISTINCT u.user_id,, COUNT(u.user_id) AS cnt
FROM (SELECT author_id, COUNT(CASE WHEN author_type=3 THEN 1 END) AS cnt
FROM posts GROUP BY author_id) t, users u
WHERE t.cnt > 1
AND t.author_id = 1”

How can I get Ruby to use RegEx (with a built-in module or some other way) to pull out the first part of the second string (the query), and then the second part (the WHERE clause), so that the result is:
SELECT DISTINCT u.user_id,, COUNT(u.user_id) AS cnt
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System Requirements:

Minimum system requirements for the 6K Epic Machete.
Supported OS: 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later.
CPU: 800MHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor or faster.
Memory: 256 MB RAM.
Hard Drive: 250 MB free storage space.
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Additional Notes:
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