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IP Swapper is a lightweight software application whose purpose is to help you hide your real IP address while you are surfing on the Internet in order to browse anonymously.
Another benefit is that malicious third-party tools cannot track information about your real IP address and gather statistics about your web browsing habits.
Simple looks
You are welcomed by clean feature lineup that embeds all configuration settings in a single panel. The IP changing process is handled automatically, so you are not going to invest a lot of time and effort into the tweaking process.
Conceal your real IP address
IP Swapper gives you the possibility to hide your real IP address and replace it with a fake one by connecting to one of the available proxy IPs. The utility reveals a list with the proxies that you can connect to and provides information about the country, IP port number, as well as server connection.
What’s more, you can set as active the current connection, get new IPs, keep a list with your IP addresses, and easily switch between multiple IP addresses. In addition, the application reveals details about the proxy server connection speed and uptime.
When it comes to network configuration settings, you should know that the process is easy to set up as long as you are browsing on the Internet using Chrome or Internet Explorer. Firefox requires manual tweaks.
Bottom line
All in all, IP Swapper delivers a straightforward approach for helping you conceal your real IP address and protect your Internet surfing privacy. It can be handled by beginners and professionals alike.







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I have a cPanel & WHM. Setting up an SSL between cPanel & WHM was easy. However, I have a question. When I goto I get a 301 to At the same time, I have a 301 response from cPanel to How do I fix this?

Seems like that this plugin is faulty. It does not work at all, not even for old plugins.

I wish you would add an ability to enable/disable the auto-update function in config.php. It is quite annoying to have your server pull newer version of everything all the time if you only need one or two plugins to be updated.

+1 to other users for this plugin, but can’t seem to get it to run, when I set the constant to it says undefined function, then i change it to the blank space and it also says undefined function, can’t tell what the issue is, to honest I’m at a bit of a loss and would like to delete this plugin and install the other uppgradable

Is it posible to use this plugin to auth my wordpress on my own domain on url I use locahost as my dns and if it possible I would like to use the wordpress login.

In order for a proxy to be listed, it must either be configured within the config file or a proxy directory must be specified within the config file. The extension for proxy listed is : percents.

The functions are simply returned false when there is no valid user id passed in and the database cant find the username. You could fix this by manually registering users in the database and using a different plugin to use your own modules which can use those functions to register users and return false.

I’m having problems getting the static folders and css files to load. This is the error I’m getting in the error log every time I try to load the site.
File Load Failures for main.css:
[12/Nov/2013:11:18:41 +0000] “/home/ehsanakbarlouh/website/wp-includes/functions.php” 400 238

IP Swapper Crack+ Activator Free

More than a simple proxy application, IP Swapper lets you keep your real IP address while browsing and visiting websites. Protect your web surfing and enjoy surfing anonymously from anywhere on the globe.

IP Swapper is light-weight application which works as a proxy server from your real IP address to mask it.

The application delivers a lot of easy to use features and settings to control the IP hiding process. Hide all the information about your real IP address.

Hide Your Real IP Address. Switch between random IP addresses. Explore new IP addresses. Login. Change the IP address. Change the port number. Hide the firewall. The application reveals IP address from several different IP ports.

IP Swapper Key Features:

Keep your Real IP Address while surfing the web. Browse anonymously.

Hide Your Real IP Address. Switch between random IP addresses. Explore new IP addresses.

Hide the information about your real IP address.

Unlimited IP addresses.

The application works as a proxy server which is configured automatically.

You can also choose and set the IP port number.

The IP address is revealed in a list that is convenient to use and handle.

Firewall configuration settings for iOS devices is done by hand.

The application is a lightweight application that supports automatic updates.

IP Swapper Customer Review:

The application is available to download for free from the developer’s website for both Android and iOS devices. If you are having trouble with the installation process, we suggest you follow the manual instructions given on the official website of the application.

The description for IP Swapper is a bit difficult to follow as it is written in a different language. There are a lot of reviews discussing what the application is all about, but it’s still hard to get a clear description from them. We suggest you refer to the developer’s website and official app store page for proper description and download instructions.

If you like this software package and would like to have it installed, simply fill out the form below and hit the add to cart button.

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Simple and clean configuration interface.

Exclusive IP changing features.

Easy to set up.

Easy to configure.

Great support!





Mac OS

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IP Swapper Free Download

IP Swapper 4.0:

IP Swapper is a cross-platform (Windows and Linux) proxy server that conceals your real IP address when you are browsing the Internet. The free version of the app has limited functionality.
The software features automatic IP changing feature, showing a list with available IP addresses and displaying all the information about the proxies that you can connect to, like: country, port, IP, and server connection. The application also includes a list of your IP addresses.
You can simply switch between IP addresses or set as active the current connection with as many as you want. IP Swapper is developed to let you surf anonymously and protect your personal information.
You should know that some features like automatic IP changing are not available in the free version of the IP Swapper.

IP Swapper Free Download

IP Swapper 4.0.1

IP Swapper 4.0.1 releases – New release has the features to change IP address for all the browsers and servers.
New feature – The software has the ability to update the server IP on the fly without restarting the browser or server.
Added feature – Send e-mail when an IP address is changed.
Added feature – Added debug menu to the settings options.
Improved: Avoid possibility to get stuck when changing IP address.
Improved: IP address changing is more reliable.

What’s New In?

Connect to a proxy server (aka – a VPN)
Manage proxy servers with ease
Seamless proxy IP hiding
IPs switching

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