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The iNTERFACE Audio Plug-Ins for VST, VST3, AU, AAX (32-bit and 64-bit) . The installation process is pretty simple: download the installer, double click on it and the program will open .
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How does SpaceX’s Falcon 9 fly twice, seemingly unassisted, on its first attempted landing at sea?

In the April 17, 2010 “Return To Flight” landing attempt:

The first stage (“Block 5”) seems to roll over twice, while remaining attached to the second stage (“Block 4”)
The second stage makes multiple propulsive landings, an evolution over previous versions of Falcon 9, which only performed a single propulsive landing.
The rocket, on the second stage, made it back to the surface while still attached to a floating booster.
The vehicle the rocket was trying to land on—a barge—remained in place.

How was this possible?


The small barge that SpaceX was attempting to land on was actually caught in multiple sea swells at the surface, causing it to move erratically. The rocket was attempting to land at a large enough angle to make the sideways torque its engines produced enough to pull it onto the barge. The large foam block placed on the target platform is actually more for stability than a landing platform.
As to the second stage, there were multiple attempts to land, and as there were multiple attempts, SpaceX has tried to make the landing firmer each time. Going from the first to second stage of the rocket has shown a dramatic increase in the landing resistance, so the first and second stage each have their own sort of template to land on.

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media caption At least 33 miners have been rescued from Chile’s San Jose mine, which collapsed on Monday

Thirty-three Chileans trapped in a mine have been rescued after being trapped for the past week.

The miners were dug out by a rescue team using heavy machinery and oxygen tanks after an estimated 20 tonnes of rock collapsed on the entrance shaft.

“The operation is not finished,” said rescue official Mario Zamorano, after the team were joined by rescue specialist geologists.

The miners are among the 51 trapped in the San Jose mine when it collapsed on Monday.

Rescuers will “continue to search for other survivors. If the level of the water is too high we will not venture in there,” Mr Zamorano told the BBC.

On Tuesday, President Sebastian Pinera ordered a committee to assess whether the San Jose mine should be closed.

“The state of health of the miners is excellent. They are ready to go home, they just want to be home,” said an official at the Chilean mining authority APM.

Rescue teams had earlier reported that some of the men had low levels of oxygen.

Chile’s Interior Minister Rodrigo Penailillo said on Wednesday the miners had to endure hunger and thirst, but their organs were functioning well.

“They have had to tolerate a great deal, but the state of their health and their general well-being is excellent,” he said in a televised address.

The miners are part of a group of 28 who are being treated for respiratory problems, according to an official at the hospital.

The cave-in happened during a routine shift change, but its exact cause is still unclear

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Go to control panel and then click on hardware and the device manager, then click on the audio section and double click on the yellow bar which is probably named Analog input 1.
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