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– For Windows: Summarizes in real time all the documents in a folder or in the web without the need to open each file.
– For Mac: Summarizes in real time all the documents in a folder.
– For iPhone: Summarize web pages in real time without the need to open each page.
– For Android: Summarize all the documents in the internet with real time summaries.
– For Amazon Kindle: Summarizes all the documents in the Kindle library without the need to open each file.
– For Google Talk and Gmail: Summarizes all the web pages you receive in your email with real time summaries.
– Allows you to quickly obtain one or many summaries, useful for projects, class presentations, websites, articles, web pages, web notes and more.
– Allows you to obtain summaries in minutes, hours or in real time, depending on the type of document you choose to be summarized.
– Supports English, Spanish, French, Italian and other more than 10 languages.
– Supports Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and Open Office documents (.doc,.xls,.ppt and more).
– Supports files in any type of file system (zip, tar, tar, tar, etc).
– Supports files in PDF or docx format.
– Acknowledgement:
“Excellent” – Dario Gesseri – Redline a.s.r.l.
“Excellent” – Big Boy Software, Inc.
“Excellent” – FlashKit
“Excellent” – ITN Corporation
“Excellent” – Instytut IT
“Excellent” – J-IDEA
“Excellent” – Kordek
“Excellent” – Microsoft.
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Essential Summarizer Product Key Full

– The first software to summarize all the documents in a folder with a single click and in real time
– Automatically detect summaries and highlights their useful terms
– Get summaries and highlights of files regardless of their encoding, dimensions, font size, or positioning
– Very easy to use: Just drag and drop documents or web pages into the browser window, then select your language and click ‘Summarize’.
– Fully configurable by summarization rules
– Supports translations of terms, abbreviations, and glossaries in more than 20 languages

This software is distributed under the terms of GNU GPL v2.
* License
Optional to use as a GPL modified product and distribution.

* Versioning
In order to know which version of the software you are using, you must check your version number from the About window. If this version number is the same as that of your Essential Summarizer Cracked 2022 Latest Version installation directory, your software has not been modified since its last version update. You can now move to the next section.

* Requirements
All you need to run Essential Summarizer Cracked Version is a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Windows XP or higher is required, as well as 1 GB of RAM or higher.

* Installation
Simply put Essential Summarizer Crack Free Download into your web browser.

* Final information
This software is distributed under the terms of GNU GPL v2.

* URL of our home page:
URL of our support page:
URL of our forum:

* We value your feedback:
Please e-mail us if you find a bug, if you have trouble installing or running Essential Summarizer, or if you want to send us your suggestions regarding

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– Text summaries with topics and sentiments.
– Automatic detection of key words and text groups.
– Text-to-speech.
– Simple and effective way to summarize text.
– Generates summaries from MS Word, Excel, PDF and RTF files.
– Summarizes web pages, blogs, articles, and reviews in a few clicks, and keeps the key points in the summary.
– Easy way to find summaries in real time.
– Creates custom topics.
– Visits different web sites and summarizes the web pages as you browse.
– Create custom themes for several cultures.
– Keep the summary format when exporting the summary to a text file or email.
– Optional highlighting of key words and text groups.
– Full customization of the appearance of the application and the text of the summaries.
– Automatically detects the culture of the summary.
– Compatible with Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP and Linux (based on ubuntu).

– Download Essential Summarizer 1.2 from
– Copy the application executable file and extract it in a folder on your hard disk.
– Open the program in your web browser.
– Insert the path of the folder where you have the text to be summarized.
– In the “Edit Document” menu, select “Text Summary”.
– If the “Heading” feature is active, select the Heading of your text summary.
– In the “Keywords” panel, select the “Aggregated Text” option.
– In the text of the “Input Document” field, select the text that should be summarized.
– In the “Heading” panel, select the Heading of your text summary.
– In the “Keywords” panel, select the “Aggregated Text” option.
– If the “Topic” feature is active, select the topic of your text summary.
– In the “Heading” panel, select the Heading of your text summary.
– In the “Keywords” panel, select the “Aggregated Text” option.
– In the “Text Group” panel, select the text group where you want your text to be aggregated.
– In the “Theme” panel, select the theme that you want to use for the summary.
– In the “Output” panel, select a format.

What’s New in the Essential Summarizer?

The first product to be developed by LinguInsight, the team behind excellent apps like Summarizer, Dictionary Editor and Text to Speech.

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