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# **Join a Community**

The web has exploded with online communities of people who use photoshop for very similar purposes. There are too many of them to list in one place, but this broad range of websites and forums contain thousands of users for you to find a community that shares your interest, especially for a common task.

A typical example of this is a forum where users discuss their own image processing projects, whether they’re learning how to perform specific tasks with Photoshop or using it to retouch existing photographs. There are also forums for users who share experiences and tips for successful sharing of large files.

Forums also exist for specific uses and purposes. One of the most popular forums for Photoshop users is at, where users share their photo editing techniques. You’ll likely find a Photoshop community you’re interested in on this site or elsewhere on the web, but it’s important to look around a bit before you join, especially if you want to find a niche where you can make friends and find other people in your community.

For free, after you register, search the forums and join a few that seem interesting. The process of joining any forum, whether a community of photographers or the Photoshop community, is easy to do. Just _click_ on the little flag icon that represents your community, read the rules and a description of the community’s goals, and then click the “Join” button to join the community. You’ll then see a list of forum posts and other member information, as shown in Figure

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Steps to using Photoshop

At its most basic, Photoshop is a program for editing pictures.

The only thing you need to start is a device that can connect to a printer, scanner or camera, such as a computer or a cellphone camera. You can change the default document for images without having to go through any steps.

Basic options let you create documents and arrange images. In Elements, you also create a project. This lets you save and open documents that you create in Photoshop Elements.

In Photoshop, you draw on a canvas. There are other canvases, each for a different type of image. You can make layers of different color or texture, or add a title.

Navigate between layers by clicking on them.

In the bottom right corner of the document there is a menu with commands for a toolbox that helps you make changes to the document, such as rotate, resize, and place.

Save your image and close it.

Edit in Photoshop

Photoshop is a powerful program with many options for editing the look of photos. It starts by letting you import your photo.

This is the most common use of Photoshop, creating a new image from an existing image or clipping a photo from a magazine or film.

You can use regular copy tools, or the Transform tools, which let you resize, move, rotate, or crop an area of an image.

The best places to start are the various editing tools. The crop tool lets you create a new image by selecting an area of the photo and moving the clip handle.

Crop tool (left) and Paintbrush tool (right)

You can use the stretch tool to expand an object or area you have selected. With the paintbrush, you can paint anything you want. The Select tool lets you select an area of the photo. With a few clicks, you can make selections from any spot on the photo.

The work tools let you make changes, such as drawing with pencil, filling in a selection, erasing, and filling.

Selection and work tools

The Channels box is at the right of the image window. It is a collection of channels, each with a range of colors or tones. It lets you switch channels from one to the other.

When you are done using these tools, click Edit > Edit As > New Layer. This creates a new layer. You can drag a new layer onto the

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System Requirements:

To run this game, you’ll need:
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1 GB graphics card (Shader Model 2.0)
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A CD-ROM drive (DVD not supported)
2 GHz or higher processor
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