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When making music, there are no rules. Well, technically there are plenty, but none of them should be in the way of your creativity. Even within the most conventional genres, you may stumble upon musical pieces where producers have tried something different or unusual: an offbeat percussion, a weird reverb, an unexpected vocal sample.
Many producers want to innovate as soon as they learn the basics, and some tools seem specifically designed with that in mind, allowing you to have an unusual approach to music from the get-go. Today we’re going to take a look at XY Transfer, an audio plugin that could help you take your sound design in new directions.
A filter plugin that makes a difference
XY Transfer can be best described as a filter bank; the input signal is processed by three separate filters and by an additional stereo delay module, which usually results in an output that sounds very different from the original. While the stereo delay stays more or less the same within its parameters, the other modules (called “blocks”) can be filters, but they can also be comb filters, waveshapers, room reverbs, or gators.
Each effect is mostly controlled through its own XY pad, an element that can be found in many of the instruments and effects developed by Rob Papen. You can easily record paths on each pad by drawing them and then replaying them in loops, but you can also use many of the presets created specifically for these tools. More importantly, you can set the path that your audio signal takes through the three blocks and the delay.
A versatile tool for creative sound design
It’s obvious that XY Transfer can drastically modify any sound that comes through it. For this reason, it may seem like a bit of overkill to any novice producer. However, if you’re already at a stage when you keep adding sound design elements to your composition, then you should definitely give this plugin a shot.







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No matter what type of music you are creating, XY Transfer can change its sound design or add new sounds. XY Transfer is a creative audio plug-in that provides numerous advantages to the user. XY Transfer is a versatile audio plug-in that provides numerous advantages to the user.


XY Transfer is a filter plug-in that was developed by Rob Papen. This software is used for modifying sound effects. This plug-in can alter the sound by adding and removing patches, or simply by changing the settings of the different blocks.


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Extended Details

This software is used for modifying sound effects. This plug-in can alter the sound by adding and removing patches, or simply by changing the settings of the different blocks.

Low CPU requirements

XY Transfer has a very low CPU usage, which makes it suitable for all types of computers.

Pretty small footprint

The size of this software is very small, which makes this software very suitable for use on a USB memory stick.

Easy to use

XY Transfer is very easy to use, making it ideal for beginners.

Supplementary tools

This software comes bundled with a tutorial, which provides a lot of in-depth information.

All in all, this software is suitable for editing and modifying sounds.

XY Transfer is a multi-part effect plugin that allows for real changes in sound. XY Transfer is a multi-part effect plug-in that allows for real changes in sound.


XY Transfer is a multi-part plug-in that comes with an extensive range of tools for modifying sound. The main advantage of this plug-in is that it allows the user to efficiently create new sounds from scratch. The plug-in includes three blocks: an LFO, EQ, and reverb, that can be configured to suit the type of sound required. The LFO provides extra control over the audio, increasing or decreasing volume and pitch. It can also be used to create special effects. The EQ adds sounds to the audio in one or several sections, depending on the selected channel. The sound addition can be used to create sounds that were not part of the original audio, such as a reverb to the bass or reverb, ambience or chorus to the lead. The last block in this plug-in is the reverb

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XY Transfer Overview

XY Transfer is an additive effect that can be used on any track. It’s a multi effect that can be used to create various types of sound design effects. Click the Add Audio to XY Transfer button to open the plugin and Add XY-Transfer block under the tool bar. A visual representation of the selected audio signal is displayed on the receiver monitor. There are three blocks that can be changed. Each block is represented by a button on the XY-Transfer pad. Each block can be selected and deselected for each audio sample by pressing the Delete button or the Disabled button on the pad. Press the Low button to fade in the selected audio sample. The Low button turns yellow when the sample is in the Low audio range and turns to Red when it is in the High audio range. Click the button to the right of the block to change the block type, block volume, block panning, delay and gate lengths, stereo delay and the dry/wet level. Clicking on the stereo delay knob lets you adjust the pan of the stereo sound. The stereo panner controls how much the left and right channel is blended together to provide a stereo signal. By default, the pan is centered. The stereo delay knob lets you adjust the length of the delay. The calibration controls the amount of compression that is used for each block. The toggle for on and off lets you set the A/B switch that toggles the blend between the blocks. Once you’ve finished your sound design, click the Remove button to return to the original audio signal.

XY Transfer Video Tutorials

In this video tutorial, Producer reviews the XY Transfer. You will learn to use this effect to create audio design effects like delay, gating, and gating with stereo delay. It is a useful and versatile tool for sampling.


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XY-Transfer [32|64bit]

A versatile tool for creative sound design

It’s obvious that XY Transfer can drastically modify any sound that comes through it. For this reason, it may seem like a bit of overkill to any novice producer. However, if you’re already at a stage when you keep adding sound design elements to your composition, then you should definitely give this plugin a shot.

The Effect blocks have separate, fully independent controls

The three blocks have separate, fully independent controls, and you can configure them as you like. The stereo delay also stays independent, and it can work in one of the modules or in the stereo mix.

Each block has its own dedicated XY pad

As mentioned, each effect is controlled through its own XY pad. These pads have dedicated controls for sending and reversing the signal, as well as inserting and routing audio sources, so you don’t have to worry about how to play and process your audio signal. It’s one of the many ways that XY Transfer is different from any other tool; most other plugins require you to split and re-route your sound, while this tool allows you to split the sound signal in parts, and then recompose it with a few clicks.

Audio inputs and outputs

Like all Rob Papen plugins, XY Transfer has two separate audio inputs and outputs, in order to avoid the dreaded sidechain attack. There is no reverbs, delays, and other effects in the sidechain path, so you’re more or less free to insert any of your creative audio processing tools in the path, including plug-ins (as long as they’re not all linked to the same audio input). This means that you can mix your final versions of your composition while the sound of your XY Transfer is being processed. Later on, you can use the reversed output of the plugin to make sure that the reverse processing is inverted.

Use the XY Transfer GUI to change the configuration of the plugin

You can change the configuration of your plugin as needed through the GUI. The controls are organized in the order that you would usually expect, but the different settings of the audio channels, blocks, and paths are separated in different tabs for clarity.

Let’s see what a screenshot looks like in action

Let’s see what a screenshot looks like in action.

Use the XY Transfer GUI to make the plugin work as you like

Another very cool thing about XY Transfer is that

What’s New In XY-Transfer?

XY Transfer is a powerful effect that sounds anything from dark and exciting to warm and soothing. It is most useful in the sound design stage and does not come across like a conventional sound effect. It can be used in virtually any audio application including beat making, sound design, and video games.
X-Y Vectors:
X-Y vectors are a matrix of real values that represent a signal. Each dimension of the matrix is an instance of the signal. X-Y uses the wave shapes of these instances to represent the time the instances occur. Each instance has a range of values and represents a different section of the signal.
XY Transfer:
XY transfer is a filter that breaks up the sound into parts and assigns a different effect to each part. It is similar to several other FX plugins in that it has three inputs and one output. It also has four block controls: two filters and two delays.
Multiple in and multiple out:
XY transfer has multiple inputs and multiple outputs. This allows the effects to be placed separately in the signal chain. For example, using this plugin and placing it after an EQ and Compression. (XY transfer must be placed after an EQ and Compressor so that there is a delay between the EQ and Compressor.)
XY transfer is one of the most powerful plugins in this category and has much potential. It is definitely one to consider and it gives you more options for the way you approach your sound design. Many thanks to TheMixOut for this very interesting story!

Noise Port is an audio plugin that can be used in lots of different scenarios. In this tutorial, we will show you how to use this tool to make pro audio sounds.
Noise Port Description:
Noise Port is a free plugin with great effects that you can use in a number of different scenarios. Noise Port can add a large amount of natural sounds to the mix, but it can also be used to manipulate an existing mix to make interesting and unexpected results.
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Good Manipulation of Audio
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Hi, I’m the creator of Audio-Guide and the founder of Audio-Guide.cc. If you would like to read our mission statement, you can read it here. If you would like to learn more about this plugin, I suggest that you read through the tutorial first. You can learn more about Audio-Guide on the About page. If you have any questions, please don’t


System Requirements For XY-Transfer:

Operating System: Windows XP (32-bit or 64-bit)
Windows XP (32-bit or 64-bit) Processor: Dual core or more
Dual core or more RAM: 2 GB
2 GB Hard Drive: 20 GB
20 GB Graphics Card: DirectX 9-capable
DirectX 9-capable DirectX: Version 11
Version 11 Internet Connection: Broadband connection
Broadband connection Resolution: 720p
720p File Formats: MP4
MP4 Audio Formats: MP3, AAC