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This is a snake game like on Nokia mobiles. Control snake by arrow-keys. Press space to pause.
Wonsz will keep you amused if you need to relax a bit from work.







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Looks like a python, with many abilities.

Sometimes need to be careful if you move too fast.

The snake can be compressed, the snake can go under the pipes, it can travel over the walls, it can eat and cross the ground.

Snake’s texture is by Nagla.

Snake’s sound effects and music:

sound effects:

snake sound effects,


crunching food



You can learn more about all this in the menu:

pause and pause off:






managing life on the map:




WONSZ. Copyright (c) 2013 by Aurosoft. All rights reserved.
Permission is granted for non-commercial use only.
I don’t support cracked software.
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Wonsz Snake is a small arcade game.
Your snake must eat all the fruit!
When you eat the apple, the snake grows 1 unit long.
When you eat the orange, the snake grows 2 units long.
When you eat the banana, the snake grows 3 units long.
When you eat the pineapple, the snake grows 4 units long.
Play Wonsz Snake online now!
Snake Games – Wonsz Snake game Features:
• Snake game in the style of games on Nokia mobiles
• Plenty of fruit on the screen
• Press Space to pause game
• New game every time
• Autoplay
To play Wonsz Snake game online, just copy and paste the
game link into your browser, press play, and enjoy!
For best performance on desktop,
please increase the size of your game window to:
• 800×600
or higher
• 1920×1080
or higher
SnakeGame.net – The best online games source!
Videos about Wonsz Snake game:


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Complete your task by cutting blocks into the right places. It’s a block puzzle game!
Wonsz Android Requirements:
Android 2.0+
Update your mobiles to latest android version
How to Play:
Move your snake with arrow keys. Complete the task by clicking on the right button.
Use your finger to cut blocks, and your moves depend on how many blocks you cut.
Touching two blocks will merge them into one, up to a limit. Touch three blocks and you’ll cut it to two!
Wonsz also includes a Snake and Ladders game.

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What’s New In?

Snake is a solid geometry game. You need to get the snake to the goal as fast as possible. You need to move left/right to eat food, jump to escape predators, roll away from…

…!). Eight laser beams start at the bottom of the screen. They shoot to the top of the screen. The higher the beams move, the more points you can earn. Collect the points in time to progress to the next level. Each game of Snake has a different number of points to collect.The objective of Snake is to reach the red bar at the top of the screen….

Snake Game is a new game which is version of classic Snake Games of Nokia phones. You can enjoy and play this snake game from Nokia phones.
Snake Game have huge game which has snake game similar to Nokia Snake Games.
As your score increase, you will unlock different styles, different skins and different music.
Snake Game is…

Snake-Snake-Snake-Snake. No, you were not expecting ‘Alice In Wonderland’ right? Although it does have similar title, it has nothing to do with famous Alice in Wonderland tale. The game is called SNake. You play a little snake, moving on the screen. You should avoid the yellow thing, and advance to eat the red thing. You can eat as much…

Free Snake Games are addicting games. Play these snake games and enjoy. Your job is to feed the snake as much as possible. To do this you need to move the snake to food. After each match you will have to select the one you want to add into the room. There are three birds flying on the screen and you have to eat one by one. The…

… to the Snake. When the snake is close, turn right arrow to go left, left arrow to go right, down arrow to jump, up arrow to roll, down arrow to jump, square arrow to shoot from above, triangle arrow to shoot from below. The snake will shoot food. The player must eat all the food to defeat the monster. When the snake eats a large…

Snake Game is a new game which is version of classic Snake Games of Nokia phones. You can enjoy and play this snake game from Nokia phones.
Snake Game have huge game which has snake game similar to Nokia Snake Games.
As your score increase, you will unlock different styles, different skins and different music.
Snake Game is…

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System Requirements For Wonsz:

OS: Windows 7
Windows 7 Processor: 1.0 GHz Pentium
1.0 GHz Pentium RAM: 512 MB
512 MB Hard Disk: 800 MB
512 MB Hard Disk: 800 MB DirectX: Version 9.0c
Version 9.0c CD-ROM: Internet connection
Internet connection Instructions:
To play on Mac OS X
You need the latest version of iTunes installed.