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Wise Toys Full Crack is a freeware application that is available for Windows.
The application provides you with a host of different tools, with the aim of helping you save time and effort in some of your most daily activities, by making them faster, easier and more efficient.
What else can you expect from Wise Toys? In this section, we will give you a quick run-through of the most important features and functions the Wise Toys application has to offer.
You can quickly search for a file or folder, a specific text string, or even an image.
In the past, Wise Toys was a file manager and a free and powerful search tool. It can be installed as an additional folder and file manager tool, although it can also be removed and installed directly in the system’s path.
If you are more of a designer, you can use its powerful screen capture function to capture an entire area of your screen, then you can use the tools that are included to modify it, in order to make it your personalized screen wallpaper.
The Wise Toys application includes powerful word and phrase conversion tools, that allow you to change a language to another one, a date format to another one, or the original language to another one.
If you are a developer, you can use the powerful SQLite database editor, so as to improve the performance and stability of your applications. You can also use it to quickly and easily convert your file formats to other ones.
You can use the Wise Tools that have been developed by Sage Software, the developers of the Wise Toys application. Among the available tools, we can find a utility that allows you to change your locale setting to another one, as well as a tool that allows you to make your own command line application.
You can use it to easily search for a number of files, based on their content, or even search for a string inside them, if you know exactly the name of the file you are searching in.

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Wise Toys For Windows

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With an intuitive interface, it offers several powerful search and conversion options, as well as the ever useful clipboard manager.
With the power of search at its disposal, it makes it a breeze to find almost anything you need among thousands of files and folders.
The clipboard manager allows you to quickly copy and paste your data, while keeping the originals (which isn’t always the case with other similar programs).
Fully Featured
Your task list is always with you, as you need just the touch of a button to fire up the right tool.
Productivity at its best
Access all the tools you need right at your fingertips, with just the smallest touch.
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Wise Toys Crack + Full Version

Wise Toys is a suite of useful applications, each of them carefully designed to cover a set of daily needs. Wise Toys are all designed with the users in mind and built with one thing in mind: to make your life easier.
Each individual application has been carefully designed to cover a specific task. All of them can be accessed from any other application in the suite, whenever you need them.
Each application is well-designed and well-commented, so you know exactly what it does.
Wise Toys Features:
4.7 out of 5

Boonsri Boonfrom Malaysia

Oct 14, 2018


Beautiful View and Easy to Use

This app is beautiful to use. It has a clean and clear interface.
The function you are looking for will be in the category that you open.
I really love it and the only reason I gave 5 stars is it can run slow.

Ejinal Sathitfrom United States

Oct 14, 2018


Amazing Product

My first impression when installed this app was that it actually works. It saved my time and I can’t get back my time wasted. I recommend this app to everyone who want a great tool that helps me in my office and I love it.

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System Requirements For Wise Toys:

This product is optimized for computers with Intel Dual Core or Quad Core CPU.
AMD Phenom II or AMD Athlon II are recommended.
Minimum Requirements:
2 GB of RAM.
1 GB of RAM is recommended for most applications and games.
More RAM will allow more FPS and smoother gameplay.
Video Card:
A DirectX 9.0 compatible video card is required to run this product.
At least 512 MB of video memory is recommended.
Recommended Requirements: