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You can create your own professional website with UniWebsite and it can be hosted with any host provider.
All you have to do is to download UniWebsite now and start creating your website before you pay a penny!
UniWebsite is an easy to use DIY website builder package. Without any technical knowledge, you can build and maintain a professional looking website with features such as news, photo gallery, contact us etc.
With UniWebsite you will be able to create a website’s structure and manage content as well as publish changes whenever you require.
UniWebsite is intended for a non-experienced, non-technical business user. Its simplicity removes any need for technical wizardry.
Using UniWebsite, it is easy to personalise your website because you can select from a variety of different templates (designed by professional designers) which will create your website’s layout, look and feel.
Templates are available as part of the product and also from the Online Template Gallery. Templates can be easily changed and you can also select an apropriate colour scheme for your website.
Anyone can download and start using UniWebsite – you can edit website content and preview the changes offline. When you want to publish the website you are taken to the Registration Process and asked to register the website.
During the website registration process you are guided through a number of steps to collect user details, domain name information etc. Upon completion of the registration process you are shown the confirmation page containing your website registration details which are automatically added to UniWebsite.
These details are also sent to you by email. After the website is registered you can publish it to the hosting provider of your choice.
Here are some key features of “UniWebsite 2006”:
■ Quickly update text and images, publish new content, and add new pages to your website.
■ Update content offline and then publish changes as required.
■ Apply different template styles to your website to change its look and feel.
■ PC Compatible
■ Pentium-2-266 Mh or higher
■ 128Mb RAM (Windows XP: 256Mb)
■ 150Mb free on hard drive
■ 800×600 screen resolution 256 colours (1024 x 768 screen resolution, 16 bit colour recommended)
■ Standard Modem/ISDN or Broadband
■ Internet Explorer v 6.0 or higher







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UniWebsite brings together the advanced website development technologies that are available today in a relatively easy-to-use package.
This package can be used to develop complex, professional websites that meet all of your design and content requirements.
The UniWebsite suite of products enables you to quickly and easily create a complete, professional looking website for your business.
UniWebsite is a set of tools designed to help you create and maintain a professional website that meets your design and content requirements.
With UniWebsite, you will be able to create a website’s structure and manage content.
New features include:
■ Visitors can search the site using Google™ search powered by Yahoo!
■ You can upload images, press releases and other documents onto your website.
■ You can create new pages and elements on the fly.
■ Add complete RSS content to your website.
■ You can include third party Java scripts without having to use a separate software to do so.
■ Data export and import from both HTML based web pages as well as Structured Data export and import.
■ Customized domain name shortening service.
■ The option to host your own website.
UniWebsite 2006 Instructional Video:

You can get UniWebsite now at:

Thank you for reviewing UniWebsite!

published:25 Feb 2007

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Is there a way to retrieve those lost memories?
Blow away the grey clouds of time and bring back the joy and the colorful memories of your youth!
With the ‘UniWebsite 2006’ application you can share memorable events with your friends and create a dynamic website containing old photos and other documents that are stored in your computer.
Your friends and family can then read your memories online. With different style templates to personalize your website, you can create an attractive and professional website with your best stories.
Thanks to its easy-to-use, but powerful features, UniWebsite can be used by a beginner or a professional web designer.
“UniWebsite 2006” includes many features available to advanced users:
■ Database management – the ability to manage and add to your database.
■ Content management – the ability to modify your website content and send the changes to your database.
■ HTML Generator – the ability to create the HTML structure of your website.
■ Web access – make changes to your website using a Web browser.
■ FTP Server – the ability to publish your website to your web server.
■ FTP Client – the ability to access your FTP Server.
■ Full color and preview – preview your HTML code in color, and access your files using your FTP Client.
“UniWebsite 2006” is a package of 2 products that includes more than 50 pages of features.
UniWebsite consists of two parts:
■ UniWebsite 2006 – the core application that generates your website
■ UniPage 2006 – the database that stores all the website information
UniPage 2006 contains all your website’s memories, and can be updated or modified with UniWebsite 2006.
“UniPage 2006” works like a traditional offline database in which you can back-up the information that you have added to your website. All of your memories are kept safe in UniPage 2006.
Features in the UniPage 2006 database:
■ Create a database on your computer
■ Update your database from your website
■ Add photos, text, links and more to your database
■ Send your database to your host provider’s FTP Server
■ Create and manage multiple pages and content
■ Can be used to backup your website’s memories
“UniPage 2006” will also work offline and has a large number of features including the ability to track your

UniWebsite 2006 Crack+ Free Download For PC

UniWebsite is an easy to use website builder software package. It is designed for non-technical, non-experienced users to create their own personal website.
UniWebsite provides a full range of features that will enable you to edit and update the content and appearance of your website to suit your own unique vision, style and needs.
In a matter of minutes you can create a professional looking website using the basic intuitive design interface and a collection of stunning content templates.
With UniWebsite you will be able to create a website’s structure and manage content as well as publish changes whenever you require.
With UniWebsite, you are ready to create and start your website before you pay a penny!
UniWebsite is designed for a non-technical, non-experienced user. Its simplicity removes any need for technical wizardry.
The UniWebsite interface is very simple to use – it allows you to add content, position and style web elements, add links and move web elements around by simply clicking and dragging them.
All you need to do is to download UniWebsite now and start creating your website before you pay a penny!
How to use Uniwsite:
1. Go to the link below and click download to start download the software.
2. Once you have downloaded the software you need to run the installer. You will have to agree with the terms and conditions and then press the OK button.
3. You need to install the application on to your computer. In the process of installation it will ask you to input your license key which is your UniWeb software license key.
When the installation is complete you will see that you have installed UniWeb Server (UniWeb Server is for WebServer).
By default when you launch the application you will see the following message.
This is your welcome screen. You will see there are a number of options there for you to choose from.
Firstly you can create a website.
You can either select from the list of templates or you can create your own template. In this case we suggest that you create a new template (Click on New Template).
1) Click on the Template button.
2) Click on New Template.
3) Select a Template from the list of templates (if you select a template you will be able to preview how it will look on your screen).
4) Click on Apply Template and then click on OK.

What’s New in the UniWebsite 2006?

UniWebsite is your web designer’s dream, enable anybody to create professional websites that are a joy to the eye and very easy to manage.
UniWebsite is designed to be a very user friendly website building software that requires no technical knowledge, UniWebsite enables you to create a complete website in minutes.
UniWebsite is fast, professional, easy to use and at a great price.
UniWebsite makes it easy for you to create and manage your website.
There are no database systems to be learnt or learnt to control.
UniWebsite simplifies the construction of a website by using the following standard features:
■ webpages
■ text, images, and links
■ publish changes
■ add pages
■ manage content
■ graphic drag and drop
UniWebsite has a standard set of web pages that are pre-configured. In addition to these, you can create any number of additional pages as required and you can save them for future use.
UniWebsite is designed for non-experts.
Anybody can create a professional looking website with UniWebsite.
UniWebsite is simple enough to allow the creation of a website by a non-technical person that is also well designed.
For example, with UniWebsite it is easy for a user with no technical knowledge to create a news website, a photo gallery website, a company or product website, a journal or a site for a business directory etc.
UniWebsite is easy to use, user friendly and free. You do not need any technical knowledge or training to use UniWebsite and start creating websites now!
UniWebsite is the easiest DIY website builder ever created. You can create a website online using the UniWebsite Designer tool to upload all the content that you want.
UniWebsite does all the complicated tasks for you so that you can concentrate on your work.
When you have finished designing your website, you can publish the website to the internet without any technical training. It just takes a few minutes and is complete with all the required details such as your website address, legal information, registered owner details etc.
We guarantee that after creating and publishing your website you will not need any further assistance from us. You can contact us for support and help on our website and forum or via our support email address.
You can take the help of our free Designer tool as well. This tool is designed to assist you in creating a website

System Requirements For UniWebsite 2006:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.0 GHz) or AMD Athlon X2 64 3500+
2GHz or faster
Memory: 2 GB RAM
1024×768 resolution or higher
DirectX: Version 9.0c
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