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[TOP] Download Film Kartun Tom And Jerry Terbaru 💽

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Download Film Kartun Tom And Jerry Terbaru

Tom and Jerry is a cartoon series that ran from the late 1920s to the late 1980s. It was first created by Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising and continued after the The series, which became a legend in its own right, has been fully rediscovered by the U.S. Audiences around the world today enjoy cartoons based on the fine story and characters of Tom and Jerry. Below is a list of the various series and movies that have been made in the last century and also a list of individual episodes.

Timeline of Tom and Jerry

1927 – The original Tom and Jerry cartoon was produced by the Fleischer Brothers. The Fleischers would not animate the title characters, though, instead animating a series of caricatures titled the Krazy Kats. In this series, the title characters appear in a series of gag cartoons that showed Tom and Jerry (the Krazy Kats) hitting and kicking each other. The most well-known gag in this series was an acid-laced oatmeal commercial featuring the two competing for a bowl of oatmeal.

January 16, 1928 – While the Fleischer Brothers own and animate Tom and Jerry, they do not own or animate the cartoon Krazy Kat. The series first appeared in print in the magazine Fun. At this time, the title characters of Tom and Jerry were more of a caricature (Winchester Mystery Cartoon series number 9, page 8, “Tom’s Cartoon”) than they were two distinct characters.

1937 – As the characters left out for the Krazy Kats cartoons, they would return as cartoon characters of their own in a series of specials that ran until 1954. The first two Tom and Jerry shorts aired were named The Cat’s Whiskers and Tom and Jerry in Cupid’s Goofy Way. In both of these animated shorts, Jerry falls in love with a feline hostess, named Cupid. She becomes jealous of the male mouse Tom, when she sees him visit Cupid’s bedroom and start to enjoy a sensual painting of the two of them. Upon finding out about Jerry’s infatuation, Cupid takes the male mouse as a trophy and goes back to lovemaking with the female cat, which causes Jerry to stray away and out of Cupid’s domain.

1949 – Another animated short, titled Hearts and Hooves and broadcast as part of the series of specials, titled Tom and Jerry’s Triple Trouble, shows Jerry looking for a mate and winds up meeting a human girl

Download Film Kartun Tom And Jerry Terbaru

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Free Download Film Kartun Tom And Jerry Terbaru

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