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The Fly98 application was designed for BT848/878 based tuner cards.
– If you already registered Fly98 user – all new versions of Fly98 you can use free-of-charge!
– Win95/98/NT4 – freeware.







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– Tuner – The Fly98 Cracked Version allows you to watch the TV, listen to the radio and read TV schedules in the digital format.
– The Fly98 Crack Keygen is suitable for use with a single or multiple BT848/878 tuner cards.
– The Fly98 facilitates TV monitoring and controlling over the Internet.
– Download TV schedules and programs.
– Use TV listings for quick access to popular programs.
– Listen to the radio with a connection to the Internet.
– Possibility to read TV schedules and to download TV programs.
– Watch TV channels on your screen.
– The Fly98 lets you to watch, listen and download all the television shows, movies and programs with Internet-protocol protocol.
– Very handy, intuitive and quick.
Fly98 Features:
– Control tv channels in digital TV format;
– Watch television on your own device screen;
– Display tv programs and movies;
– Listen to radio stations on-line;
– Download tv shows (DVDR) and (DVD);
– Do not need to do anything to start watching tv programs;
– Build an easy way to get (television) channels, – follow TV schedules;
– Power on/off, display tv channels in digital format;
– Read a list of channels and view the schedule;
– Listening to radio on the fly;
– Download tv shows (DVD) and (DVDR);
– High quality for the scanning of TV, listen to the music;
– Time to scan TV and listen to the radio;
– Download the program to the computer;
– The program can be saved on the hard disk.
– New: The program can be downloaded from the TV network.
– The program will not be a standard MP3, but the result of downloading.
– The program audio quality is high – 97.
– The program cost-free!
– It does not display the costs of the programs, just provide instructions where to download the programs.
– Fly98 software only support BT848/878 based tuner cards.
– Windows 98/2000/2003, XP.
How to Install:
– Install program on your PC as normal application from the installation file.
– For Windows XP – the default setting is set for English, if you want to switch into the other version of the programme – go to File -> International settings and choose the language you want to use.

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– fast search of satellites
– automatic searching from the list of all scheduled channels
– display in the right panel a list of search results
– possibility to use cDDB database (depending on DB format)
– automatic change of channels and tones when an item is selected from the search list
– automatic change of tone when selection of a list item is performed
– programmable help
– advanced serial connection to microcomputers, samplers, etc.
– programmable control of all programmable functions
– browse programmable functions
– remote control by a microcomputer
– possibility to send text messages via the serial port (via Bluetooth)
– programs and data exchange via serial port and TCP/IP
– possibility to browse satellite programs and channels list on PC
– interface with a programmable microcomputer
– automatic update of the application from a floating update server
– possibility to access the monitoring and controlling server via a TCP/IP
– programmable functions for monitoring and controlling
– possibility to filter out-of-tune channels
– possibility to select frequencies in the range of a specific source (skipping the autofiltering)
– possibility to filter out-of-band frequencies
– possibility to record the selected frequency for up to 5 hours
– possibility to calibrate the Radio Frequency Automatic Volume Control (R.F.AVC) by manual operation
– possibility to disable the Radio Frequency Automatic Volume Control
– intelligent automatic change of channel when switching on the tuner card
– possibility to use a free text and html editor
– simultaneous tuning of at least two frequencies
– possibility to use up to 4 radios
– possibility to reduce the volume with the automatic volume control
– display the bandwidth of a program in the frequency range select window
– manual update of all programs
– possibility to import/export the station list
– possibility to use an on/off button instead of the numeric keys
– possibility to change the secondary frequency scale
– possibility to browse all stations in the world with a single click
– possibility to set the secondary frequency scale
– possibility to set the frequency range
– possibility to set the secondary frequency scale
– possibility to switch between the primary and secondary frequency scale
– possibility to select between Hz and kHz
– possibility to set the distance between the first two channels of the user’s preferred list
– possibility to enable or disable the user’s preferred list
– possibility to enable or disable the station view
– possibility to display

The Fly98

– Fly98 allows access to all the features of the current version of our software, for any model of analog tuner (OmniTV) and channels, both over IPTV and over satellite, also in conjunction with alternative IPTV and TV feed providers, like aomedia.
– Fly98 is a stand-alone application. It does not require that the driver and modules are loaded by the system and it runs in the system menu “Subtitles” or from the command line.
– Fly98 can be used without a connection to the internet and with adapters to any type of IPTV, satellite and terrestrial.
– Fly98 has an intuitive and friendly interface with a number of options for quick configuration.
– Fly98 allows a single click to enable or disable inputs and outputs or show a list of the input channels.
– Fly98 allows to show information on the current input channels and TV program.
– The program starts automatically on Windows start, so you do not have to enter commands in the address line.
– Fly98 supports the broadcast of a number of alternative IPTV and TV stations that can be downloaded into the memory of the computer with the user’s choice.
– Fly98 allows to select the type of interface and the video and audio quality.
– At the bottom of the program screen, you can choose in which folder to store the output.
– Fly98 supports a number of video/audio formats for the files saved by this program.
For any new Fly98 issue, please, free to contact us:
– Regards,
Team Fly98

Authentication failure in one branch but not another – auth failures stuck in Git

I am integrating two branches of my project on Bitbucket using git. One of them works perfectly fine and the other one fails every time I try to push or pull changes. The error I get on the problem branch is:
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This happens even if I delete all my auth info and login again.
I am using the same SSH key as the one used to push to the repository using these lines in my Git config file:
[remote “repo”]
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What’s New In The Fly98?

Fly98 is a new visualization of your radio.
It’s a real time picture of your radio through
your TV set. You can listen to your favourite
radio station and tune simultaneously.
But not only your radio – Fly98 will show you
also your FM-Radio, AM-Radio and VHF-radio.
– free (free-of-charge)
– simple to use
– fast enough
– tuned to your TV tuner (BT848)
– equipped with 10 band filters
– tuned to your TV channel
– tuned to your FM-radio
– tuned to your AM-radio
– tuned to your VHF-radio
Let’s start with the basics…
Tap the volume-button of the TV Tuner and turn up the volume.
Now go to FM-Radio and the AM-Radio.
Go to VHF-Radio and scroll over the band.
Fly98 visualization is waiting for your commands.
Now you can tune your radio to a desired station.
But Fly98 is more than just a visualization.
You can use it also as a keyboard controller for your
So you can view the frequencies of your radio
in a table on the Fly98 screen.
In the tables you can find all frequencies of your
You can tune and even change frequencies without
touching the dial.
Scroll over the boxes to view more frequencies.
Now you can scroll over the frequencies.
You may just want to scroll over the FM-Radio or
the VHF-radio.
Hover your mouse-pointer over a frequency-box.
The mouse-pointer becomes a tuner.
Hold your mouse-pointer over a radio tuner and
fly98 will tune your radio to this frequency.
Please note that Fly98 is displayed as
a client-side-application.
Fly98 runs on Windows95/98/NT4/2000
All questions? Write them to the mail box:
In the Fly98 installation folder you find a
Fly98 software install guide:
Fly98 was written for the “SkyAngel” TV tuner.
For this implementation a few hardware-considerations:
– a standard ISA card with hardware-volume-control
– an ISA-Card which is 24 MHz faster than the
32 MHz-capability of a “

System Requirements For The Fly98:

Windows 7/8/10
Mac OS X 10.7 or later
SteamOS (Planned)
Stadia-supported browsers (tested with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox)
Internet connection and region-free account required
HD Audio supported
If you’re an Xbox One S owner, Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is also required
Also, the PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, and Mac are supported at higher resolutions (1080p on the PS4 Pro, 1440p on