Tesco has recently partnered with food delivery service, Gorillas, as demand grows for rapid grocery delivery apps

Tesco has recently partnered with food delivery service, Gorillas, as demand grows for rapid grocery delivery apps.

It is the latest supermarket to offer quick deliveries with the chain suggesting orders could be as ready in as little as 10 minutes.

Demand for such deliveries has grown as a result of the pandemic, with more people working from home and many looking to avoid large supermarkets.

While some are collaborating with supermarkets, other services rely on solely their own customers.

Gorillas has just partnered with Tesco to bring its rapid delivery service to the supermarket

Many of the services offer large initial discounts to customers that could lead to large savings on grocery shopping.

Whilst some are available on a desktop, the majority require customers to download an app.  

This is Money takes a look at the available services, how much they cost and find out whether you could save by using them.

Gorillas: The latest service to partner with a supermarket, Gorillas is available in several cities in the UK including London, Manchester, Nottingham, Reading, Southampton and Cambridge.

With Tesco, its service will initially be trialed in Thornton Heath before expanding to other stores around the UK. 

Unlike other delivery companies, such as Deliveroo, Gorillas employs 11,000 riders directly.

It delivers from dark stores or warehouses that stock 2,000 items and charges customers a £1.80 delivery fee.

Many discount codes are available for new customers with consumers able to get up to £10 off their first four orders when spending £20 or more.

If you stick to a £20 order, that’ll mean £80 worth of items for £40.  

Weezy: Weezy is one of the newest services with a focus on fresh groceries from local fulfilment centres.

In the morning, local suppliers like butchers, bakers, and grocers deliver their food to Weezy with the firm also buying products from larger suppliers so it can offer a full range.

When it receives an order, it goes straight to the fulfilment centre where Weezy staff pick, pack and deliver it to customers within 15 minutes, it claims.

This service covers most of central London as well as parts of Brighton, Hove, Bristol, and Manchester.It said it will be expanding to more locations soon.

It also has many discount and referral codes with customers able to claim 50 per cent off their first two orders. However, this will not apply to alcohol, tobacco or vape products.It charges £2.95 for delivery.

Weezy focuses on fresh groceries and promises to deliver to customers within 15 minutes

Uber Eats: While most will know Uber Eats for its takeaway service, it has expanded to delivery groceries to customers.

Depending on where customers live will depend on which stores are available with large supermarkets and smaller local shops all using the website.

Sainsbury’s, Iceland and Asda are all using the service with delivery prices depending on how far away you are from the nearest store.

However, for some people, it will be cheaper to order their groceries through Uber Eats than through the supermarkets actual website as delivery costs can be as little as 79p with Uber Eats often sending consumers discount codes of up to 50 per cent off.

Sainsbury’s Chop Chop: Sainsbury’s also runs its own rapid delivery service, Chop Chop, where customers can get a delivery within 60 minutes when they spend a minimum of £15 with a £4.99 delivery fee.

However, customers can only order up to a maximum of 20 items – it offers this service to 20 cities in the UK.

Uber Eats is known for its takeaways but has expanded into delivery groceries to customers

Asda Express Delivery: Asda now offers its full online product range available for express delivery in 96 stores.

It offers over 30,000 options and promises to deliver within one hour of ordering.

Each delivery will be charged at the flat rate of £8.50 and there is no minimum spend per basket.

Amazon Grocery: Amazon offers customers same day delivery through its Grocery tab.Consumers can choose to shop from Amazon directly or through Morrisons.

Users can choose from a same day two hour delivery slot with delivery free on orders over £40.

There is a £3.99 charge for those whose basket comes to less than £40.

Fancy: One of the newer and smaller services, Fancy delivers to customers in Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Brent Cross, Birmingham, Bristol and Newcastle in 30 minutes.If you loved this short article and you would such as to get additional info concerning Situs Judi Slot Online bet terendah dan Terpercaya Indonesia kindly check out our own web-site. It is soon coming to Cardiff.

Customers can choose from a range of branded products including drinks, groceries, snacks and alcohol.

It offers a range of discount codes from £5 off your first order to 10 per cent off your total shop.It charges £2 as a delivery fee.