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Square Footage Calculator is an easy-to-use application that can help you estimate the square footage of various shapes. It offers support for rectangles, triangles, trapezoids, and circles.
The tool comes in handy to those looking for a quick way to determine the square footage of rooms, wallpapers, floors (for tiling), and so on.
Doesn't need setup
There is no installation pack involved, which means that Square Footage Calculator is portable. It's wrapped in a single executable that can be saved anywhere on the HDD and just double-clicked to open the main window.
It doesn't create additional files on the disk or integrate new entries into the system registry, so it doesn't leave behind any traces after removing the software product.
Enter the known values to get the square footage
The app window has a rudimentary look, yet intuitive structure, where all options are neatly organized and displayed in plain sight, so you don't have to browse other windows or any menus for settings.
Depending on the shape you're interested in, you have to enter the known values and click "Calculate" to determine the square footage, which is shown on the bottom part of the panel.
Calculate rectangles, triangles, and circles
When it comes to rectangles, it's necessary to enter the length and edge. For triangles, you have to input the values of all three edges. The top, bottom, left and right edges are required for trapezoids, while the radius must be specified in order to calculate the square footage of circles.
Unfortunately, the trapezoid feature isn't available. It seems that the developer planned to integrate it in a future version. Besides the fact that you can clear results with one click to restart the calculations, there are no other notable options provided by the software developer.
Simple geometry calculator
Unsurprisingly, Square Footage Calculator had minimal impact on computer performance in our tests and performed calculations instantly. It may not offer much but it's ideal when you want to calculate square footage and don't have an Internet connection to find out this info online. It's available under Academic Free License.









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Calculates the square footage of a rectangle, triangle, trapezoid, circle or any figure.

No installation is required

The app is set up by its main window. There are no special screens that must be accessed.

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Square Footage Calculator
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Square Footage Calculator Full Product Key [32|64bit]

Easy-to-use application that can help you estimate the square footage of various shapes.

Amazingly easy app to use and calculate the area of any shape. No graphics knowledge required, easy-to-use interface, self-contained (not dependent on the OS or other 3rd party programs).

Original program that is very simple to use and after installing the application it only uses 1-2 MB of memory.

I looked up all the other programs that give you estimates of square footage and I am astonished at this one.


good app. good pricing.


I found this app very useful in calculating the area of various shapes. The simple interface of the app makes it easy to use. I have no complaints with it.


Best tool for square footage analysis on the market. No nonsense. No clutter. Buttons simple and easy to use. Have used this program on and off with no complaints.


This is probably the best app out there for calculating and analysing shape areas. Easy to use. Easy to use for the general public.


Love the basic style of the app. Forgot I have it on my phone already and use it every day.


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Very neat app. Simple to use and easy to understand. I use it all the time.


Great app for calculating the area of shapes. Simple user interface. Use it all the time.


It’s a very good app for calculating the area of different shapes. Simple to use and user friendly.


Simple app with great functionality for computing the area of any shape.


This is the best square footage app out there. Easy to use. Intuitive. Great for general use and that includes trying to figure out square footage of odd-shaped objects.


It’s so simple. Looks good.


Basic, but good. Easy-to-use.


Great application. Truly simple and intuitive.


I love this application. No ads or hassles, just good clean functionality.


Square Footage Calculator

– Customizable shortcut is created
– All windows, drop down menus and buttons are customizable
– You can change the default shortcut key, close the program with one key, and configure other options
– Custom shortcut saved.
– A simple and easy to use application
– The application is totally safe
– It’s a free software. It’s portable, requires no installation and shows up in Windows Start menu
– 12 different grid layouts for drawing
– An easy-to-use tool that saves your time
– A simple geometry calculator to calculate the area of all shapes including rectangles, triangles, trapezoids and circles
– All shapes can be easily changed from/to a square or a circle
– You can have a new layout for the measurements, change the grid size and so on
– The application doesn’t require restart to take a new shape
– Testers appreciate that tool is very simple and easy to use
– You can change the default shortcut key, close the program with one key, and configure other options
– No additional plugins are required

Efficient Rectangles: Calculate the area, perimeter and center coordinates of a rectangle or polygon of a given shape and dimensions. The result of the calculation is written to the clipboard.
Label: Determine the perimeter, area or coordinates of a polygon by entering a text, any number (such as coordinates of a polygon) or file with a label (such as a file in.pdf,.txt,.doc or.xls).
Convert: Convert a rectangular or polygon area to a raster image.
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Efficient Rectangles: Calculate the area, perimeter or coordinates of a rectangle or polygon of a given shape

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System Requirements For Square Footage Calculator:

Modes: 1-4 Players
Release Date: 14th May, 2013
Publisher: Starbreeze Studios
Developer: Starbreeze Studios
Players: 1 to 4 (1 is the worst, 4 is the best)
Genre: Shooter (First person)
System Requirements:
Mac: OS X 10.6.2 or later
Windows: Windows 7 SP1 (or Vista SP2, but SP1 is much better), 64-bit only
Linux: Ubuntu 12.04