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Keep your desktop or mobile device wallpaper up-to-date and shining with this useful wallpaper downloader and manager that features a great image collection.
Downloading and changing wallpapers made easy thanks to an intuitive step-by-step process
Most of the time, when users might decide on updating or periodically changing their wallpapers, be it on their desktop PCs, laptops or even mobile devices, they would have to either download a wallpaper pack or simply browse the Internet for selecting a preferred image.
Splash Wallpaper will help users by offering the means to browse a collection, download and set wallpapers, all in a very simple, wizard-assisted manner. Featuring multiple tabs, containing various categories, the inherent library boasts choices that could cover a broad range of preferences in terms of wallpapers.
Ample and various range of wallpaper choice, complemented by a fast operation
Thanks to the intuitive tab array which contains the various categories for images (“Photo of the Day”, “Latest”, “Popular”, “Collection”, etc.) users can easily find a new wallpaper. The options are numerous and the fact that the images are classified in different ways, this narrows down the choice selection process, making it simpler.
A dedicated “statistics” section offers an overview of the current state of the number of images offered in the collection, as well as the number of downloads. However, we did not find this information to be particularly relevant.
Basic wallpaper downloading and changing application, with a fair amount of image choices
Those who require a simple and efficient way of browsing a collection of images for determining a new wallpaper for their desktop or mobile devices could settle for Splash Wallpaper. Its assisted image download and impressive collection of images can provide a good basis for finding a new, better, more exciting wallpaper.







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* Great basic collection to choose from.
* Browse and change wallpapers in simple and efficient wizard-assisted way.
* Your new wallpaper download & editing are done in 1-3 simple steps.
* Top-notch friendly image downloads and supports of all major image formats.
* A special sections for statistics & help.
* Provides a terrific wallpaper library & lots of images for your choice.
* Wallpaper downloads can be done via the Windows Desktop or set of mobile devices.
Additional information:
A Wallpaper selection feature, inbuilt into this amazing wallpaper downloader is a way to view the wallpaper at the highest image quality that is available to the user. Not only does this feature allow the user to view the wallpaper at a higher-quality image, but also helps them to save money in terms of downloading images.
The collection also provides users with a cool “Set as Desktop Background” function, which allows a user to set any wallpaper by just hovering the mouse cursor over it. The new wallpaper setting will then appear on the user’s desktop as soon as it is set.
As stated previously, there are various topics available, all designed to help users easily browse through them, pick a wallpaper and save it to their computer. With this section, users will learn how to browse the collection of categories available.
Wallpaper settings present with an intuitive tab array which can be navigated simply with the clicking of a mouse. The wallpaper can be downloaded and set to the desktop in just a few, simple clicks. A clear, specific image description can be seen through the help settings available in the application.
We hope that you enjoyed this Splash Wallpaper review. Please rate this software if you wish to. Enjoy!

Image downloader for Windows 10:
* High quality wallpapers and screen savers with a lot of images in-one-place.
* Change wallpapers easily and fun!
* Especially for mobile devices with wallpapers.
* It has a lot of options to choose images from.
* It can download a lot of images at once!
* Easy to use!
* Windows 10!
* The application is easy!
* This application offers the best wallpapers in this category!
The following features are included:
* Download on the same device.
* Download the file with a beautiful image!
* The image can be protected from a standard image.
* Features.
* It is very simple!

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Find, download, and change wallpapers easily with the help of a step-by-step wizard
Browse a rich collection of wallpapers with intuitive tabs and categories
Set wallpapers for all major desktop and mobile platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)
Set, download, and resize wallpapers for your desktop, phone, tablet and more
Download, add or delete wallpapers from the collection
A photo of the day, popular, recent, or your collection available in a wide variety of resolutions

Here you will find a collection of free photo wallpapers for your Desktop, mobile phone and other devices!

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You can use these wallpapers for personal use or if you would like to sell them, please contact us: feedback@nerons.art

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** Drag-and-drop for simple downloading and wallpaper changing
** Multiple image libraries to organize your wallpaper collection
** All the images are high-quality and were found online.
** Wallpapers can be saved and viewed as a picture.
** You can even change the wallpaper every day.
** Add new wallpapers by clicking “Add Wallpapers from Your Computer”

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What’s New In Splash Wallpaper?

Download Wallpaper Manager is an application, which is not only designed to help you search for, download, and to add as well as manage your wallpaper, But also it can be helpful to those who wish to add your own wallpaper collection to this application for easy browsing.
If you want to get into this wallpaper directory or any other application, it is suggested to use this application, so you don’t have to waste time in creating an account or other private information that is required.
The following features of this application:

It is an in-built help feature, which will provide you all the necessary information about the application.
It is highly useful for those people who are new to this application.

Creating My Collection:
A button is dedicated for adding your collection and also the wallpaper of any folder.

Creating My Folder:
You have the option to create your folder, in order to store your collection or wallpaper.

Create Button:
It is the added button, if you need to create the folder.

It is an in-built help feature, which will provide you all the necessary information about the application.

Storing Images:
You can browse the wallpaper that you want to save, and then you can click on the button to store the selected image.

Wallpaper preview:
You can have a preview of the wallpaper, before adding or storing it into your collection.

You don’t need to enter any password to store the wallpaper, to retrieve it from your collection.

Wallpaper Size:
You can choose the size of your wallpaper, small, medium and large.

You can also add your own wallpaper collection into this application.

Display Settings:
You can adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation.

You can select the image size by clicking on the picture box.

To create your collection, just click on the plus button on the left side of the application.

You can set the wallpaper size

You can preview the wallpaper before you store it.

You can upload the wallpaper from other sources.

You can download the wallpaper from other sources.

You can browse the latest wallpaper collection.

You can download the public image from other sources.

You can copy the wallpaper and paste it into other applications.

You can rename the wallpaper.

You can rotate the wallpaper

System Requirements For Splash Wallpaper:

Supported OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Minimum System Requirements:
Supported OS: Windows 10
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