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Selector Of DICOM Studies Crack + PC/Windows [Updated]

Selector is a Java based server-client software that helps you view, download and process images from DICOM. It offers features such as:
1. Rendering of 2D, 3D and MPR images from DICOM datasets.
2. Conversion of DICOM datasets to standard image formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP.
3. Development and maintenance of DICOM parsers and viewers.
4. Development of JSP pages.
5. Production of Java servlets.
6. User management with session management.
7. Data management using JDBC.
8. Integration of Java Web applications.
9. Clickable menus for viewing application properties and documentation.
10. Language menus for major Western Languages such as English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
11. On-line training and support.
12. New application features will be added based on user requirements.
Selector offers the following features:
1. Preview the selected study before downloading
2. Automatic file naming upon study downloading
3. Download information from a patient’s record (i.e. Date of Birth, and Sex)
4. Help menu and on-line help
5. Support for Windows, Linux and Macintosh.
6. Support for both 32bit and 64bit systems (i.e. Windows and Macintosh).
7. Database based on a modular design.
8. Logging of errors and exceptions in a file.
9. Representing DICOM images using Java applets.
10. Dependency based on Java language (supports incremental download of studies).
11. Utilities based on Java or a Java web service interface.
12. Various Java frameworks such as JSF and Struts.
13. Java applications based on JSP templates.
14. Selector can be accessed through the Internet by using the Internet application framework of Java called J2EE.
15. Support for IHE documents using IHE based on HL7 v2.
Selector is implemented using Java language, it can be downloaded and installed from

DICOM File Viewer is a
Java based viewer for DICOM files. It is designed to view and convert DICOM to
standard image formats. DICOM File Viewer requires the files to be in DICOM format.
DICOM File View

Selector Of DICOM Studies Crack+

Selector of DICOM Studies is a Java based server-client software designed to help you access DCM4CHEE Dicom images using WADO.The client has an image viewer that is capable of render 2D, 3D and MPR images from DICOM datasets.
The software is composed of two separate parts. The Server part is responsible for data retrieval, data handling and data transmission. The client (Selector of DICOM Studies) is responsible for the user interface and data display. The software is implemented as a web application using Java Server Faces technology and uses the Selector of DICOM Studies as its underlying DICOM management system.
Selector of DICOM Studies is composed of two main components:
The DICOM management system, designed to handle the whole communication with DCM4CHEE server and client.
Client is responsible for the user interface and data display. It uses the DICOM communication library libdcm4chee to communicate with DCM4CHEE server.


Make sure that you have not selected any security option. The server-client communication would not work if you have selected any security options.

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Selector Of DICOM Studies Download

– Check and convert with DICOM converter
– Import with csv, tar.gz, zip
– Export with csv, tar.gz, zip
– Superimpose image
– Measure with bar and profile
– Compare image of the same patient
– Restrict access to each dataset
– Support for on-line mode
– Save and share your study
– Export in PDF and JPG format
– Export in VIPU
– Digital copy of the images allows file sharing (private data)
– Dataset viewer
– 1 image viewer
– Shows the images of a dataset
– Shows the images of one patient
– Shows images of the patient of a study
– It is a double click to compare the images of the same patient or of the same patient of a study
– Allows to give the filenames of the images on 2D or 3D images
– Each image has a bar and profile to see the information

Assistive Technology (AT) Software is designed for visually impaired people. It provides various assistive functions to help people learn, work, communicate, etc. It provides options to embed with a DICOM image viewer to access DICOM images and convert them to other formats.
Software Description:
– Embed with DICOM viewer
– Include DICOM structures in DICOM images
– Embed with Web browser
– Export DICOM images in different format like CSV and PDF
– Import DICOM images in CSV and PDF
– Embed with DICOM viewer to access and convert DICOM images to other formats
– Convert DICOM image to PDF
– Assisted Labeling
– Transfer big DICOM files and convert them to other formats like ascii, fax
– Save DICOM file into MS Office formats
– Transfer ascii
– Transfer fax
– Transmit DICOM to DICOM viewer
– Send DICOM to DICOM viewer

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Cologne DICOM Viewer is a powerful image viewer for medical images. It is very easy to use and allows to directly import and export DICOM image files (DIM, DICOM, etc.). It also allows to display images using a 3D effect.

Software Description:
– DICOM Images viewer
– Export
– Free

Unbound CAD Software is a Design tool for CAD and Fabrication file (DWG

What’s New in the Selector Of DICOM Studies?

The server component
The server component is an Object that acts as a repository for DICOM datasets and as the arbiter for accessing them. It will communicate with the client through HTTP to facilitate the transfer of DICOM datasets. Its primary purpose is to perform the necessary conversions (graphics, display, etc.) on DICOM objects and store them as DICOM.
The DICOM client component
The client component is Java based and will communicate with the server component through HTTP to facilitate the transfer of DICOM datasets. It will use data stored in the memory to render the DICOM object and will present it to the user. Client can be written in Java or other programming language based on the user’s preference.
How to use the server:
You can run the DICOM server using or using using Maven’s Main method
Stopping the server on Ctrl+C or pressing the Stop button in the GUI kills the application.
The server is built as stand-alone web server with a multi-threading architecture and it can run for a long time without shutting down. You don’t need to restart the server for every change you make to the Server directory, you can use Copy-Folder action in File -> Import.
To run the DICOM Client side:

Download the DICOM Client component
Run mvn install to install the client and follow the instructions in README file. It is recommended to run the client in Docker.
Docker container is just a useful tool that helps you to improve the performance of the client.
The client server is installed as a stand-alone web server and runs as a daemon on Linux and Windows. It can run for a long time without shutting down.
To run the client server:

Download the DICOM Client component
Run mvn install to install the client and follow the instructions in README file. It is recommended to run the client in Docker.
To run the client in Docker, mount the server’s Docker directory to the client’s Docker home directory.
For instance:
In Linux, you can run it as follows:
Docker Run -it -p 8442:8442 –rm javademo dcm.jc.dcm.server.dicomclient
In Windows, you can run it as follows:

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 (32-bit) (Windows 8.x and later are not supported)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 / AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800 / AMD Phenom X3 4400
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 30 GB available space
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 or AMD Radeon HD 4770 or higher
Input Devices: Logitech G502 / Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 / Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Wheel