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in your file is the character representing a new line in the file. To your question:

is \012, which is a new line character. To make sure you are seeing a new line:
$ # type. in another file of course
$ file.

$ # Now run cat on it
$ cat.

You will see \012 as you expect.

Totally Phosphorene: Anisotropic Photoluminescence and Thermoelectric Behaviors.
This work reports a kind of high-quality phosphorene and the possible formation mechanism during ultrasonic exfoliation. Specially, the thermal stability of a single exfoliated sheet is demonstrated, in which the oxygen atom concentration can be well regulated to a relatively low value, and the corresponding anisotropic photoluminescence is also detected. The effect of oxygen atom doping on the thermoelectric behaviors is studied and discussed. We find that the effective mass of the holes along the zigzag (armchair) direction is much larger than that of the electrons along the zigzag (armchair) direction due to the formation of a hybridized energy gap of the VBM and CBM. Moreover, the much better thermoelectric performance of a single sheet than that of bulk would be attributed to the enhanced electrical conductivity in the zigzag direction and suppressed thermal conductivity in the armchair direction.Field dependence-independence in nonverbal test performance of chronic schizophrenics.
This study was intended to investigate the nature of group differences in the performance of chronic schizophrenics on the Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery’s (LNNB’s) nonverbal tasks. Forty-eight chronic hospitalized schizophrenics and 48 normal subjects matched on demographic factors and educational levels were administered the LNNB’s Verbal and Nonverbal subtests. Subjects also were rated on the Cognitive-Social part of the Judgment of Perceived Mental States Scale and on an indicator of judgment of nonverbal behavior. Results indicated significant differences in performance on the Nonverbal and Verbal subtests of the LNNB, with the schizophrenic group performing worse than the normal group. However, all

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You Are Pregnant and Contemplating an Abortion! (A Mother’s journey into the world of regaining her true power and womanhood.)Q:

Pandas. Is it good to put Index value to label?

I have a CSV file and has data with multiple columns and the first column has integer index numbers as follow,

I was asked to change the name of the site from /SaraswatiphysicalEducationBookforClass12/ to something else to avoid that kind of situation in the future.


You have a leading slash in this line:
$doc = new DOMDocument();

I suspect this is just a typo, though, as such a slash serves no purpose and should be deleted.

In a known heat-drying method, a support surface is heated in a well-defined area, which results in the same region of the support surface drying. The support surface is conveyed past a plurality of drying zones in succession. The drying zone is typically a steam zone in which steam is fed through the support surface. The moisture is evaporated. Since in the known method, the support surface is only heated in a single area, the moisture is typically removed only in the same area in which the support surface is heated. In some fields of application, it is desirable to dry the support surface as quickly as possible. Therefore, there is a need for a heat-drying method that can dry a support surface as quickly as possible.
Furthermore, if the heat-drying method is to be suited for a particular purpose, a support surface should be processed with a defined production sequence. Particularly, the support surface may comprise a tray or a web that extends longitudinally along a center line. It is desirable to optimize the flow rate of an assembly line in the production process of a product.using System;
using System.Runtime.Serialization;

namespace Models.Models {
public class CreateCustomerReceipt : ICustomerReceipt {
public int CustomerID { get; set; }

public string Name { get; set; }

Woocommerce how to hide specific product from a category

I have an web store where i have a category for perfume. I want to hide some of the products from that category in WooCommerce. How do i do that?
For example, I want to hide all the products with a certain code.
Like adding the product id with a particular data attribute like style=”display:none;”. I want to do that as a workaround so

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I am trying to get the csv file as a pandas DataFrame
My code
import pandas as pd
df = pd.read_csv(‘C:/Users/XXX/Desktop/book.csv’)

Resulting in