SARAH VINE: Christmas Is Wilting Underneath A Blizzard Of Snowflakes

That’s the joy of the office Christmas occasion. The newest casualty of this new puritanism is the humble workplace Christmas get together. Many firms are having Christmas lunches as a substitute, in the hope of avoiding the kind of high jinks most of us would merely name ‘fun’. This week we learned the Mr Men – those innocent and joyfully quaint characters – are sexist. But whereas it’s undoubtedly a great factor to safeguard the susceptible from the undesirable attentions of the highly effective, it’s one other to render the landscape of human interaction so barren individuals lose the power to attach altogether. Because, as I know from expertise, it may be good for the soul often to make a fool of yourself. We shouldn’t let folks like Khan change that; however nor should we make martyrs of terrorists. In line with 24-yr-old Shelby Choose – a scholar of ‘feminist issues’ – Mr Clever is responsible of ‘mansplaining’ the Forth Bridge to Little Miss Curious.

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