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Even though most employees believe they are a complete waste of time, the truth is that business reports are an important managerial tool that can help you identify and solve problems as well as assist with taking decisions that could make your company more profitable.
Reports Wizard is an application based on the IBM Notes that enables you to create templates that you could reports, to-do lists or emails that you could customize to the very detail.
Could take some time to configure
First off, it is necessary to mention that the application requires you have IBM Notes (previously know as Lotus Notes) installed on your computer in order to run. You can open it by dragging and dropping it on top in the aforementioned app's interface or by double clicking on it.
While it comes with an intuitive and straightforward UI, you should know that the template enables you to include a plethora of details for your reports. Considering that you need to configure numerous replicas, agents, files and paths, creating a report template that you are satisfied with might be a time-consuming task.
Enables you to create minutely structured reports
The utility allows you to generate reports based on a custom structure that works best for your businesses. Consequentially, the process entails you select the appropriate data source along with a dedicated column for this purpose. Alternatively, you can create a copy of a previous report structure that has worked well in your line of work so far.
You can also set the document and data sources properties within the template that permit you to enable data processing, include rows in a table, select a suitable color and set up additional selection of documents in a database, just to name a few of the options at your disposal.
The program allows you to set up permissions on who can access your email, calendar or schedule for instance. A further option would be to export the report templates to HTML, Excel, Formula One or save it within the application. While it could support more file formats, you could export it to HTML and hence, you can access it regardless of your location or browser.
A professional tool for anyone working with reports
Despite the fact that it entails some configuring, Reports Wizard is a feature-rich and comprehensive program that might be the solution your company needs to generate professional-looking reports.









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Create a template that you can customize, generate minutely structured reports, create permissions and set the document and data sources properties within the template that permit you to set up and include columns, rows, colors, fonts, select a database, calculate various items, name and assign document properties and restrict access to your reports and much more.
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create a template in three minutes
implement a unique format
create a new task in an instant
The program permits you to achieve any of the aforementioned tasks as part of the configuration step without having to replicate the template or the whole report.
Get more information and try it out for free
The free version has limitations that affect what features and options you have. If you have no desire to experience the application in its full extent, you could go with the 30 day trial version and experience it to your heart’s content. However, if you are going to use it on a regular basis, it is time you paid the application in full.
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Change your desk top wallpaper in an instant
Reports Wizard is a software based on the Notes that can work with your collections of documents and records. With this application you can create your own reports, enable and set document and database paths.
You can also save and include files in your Excel, Word or PDF documents.
For some reason, you may need a calendar or email replica to test, implement or use it for other purposes.
This program will add a desk top wallpaper with the name you specify to the bottom of the the current desktop image.
There is also a folder option where you can enable and set the paths of the applications you want in Windows like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF and PDF.
You can create your own personal landing page that would include web links to any of the aforementioned types of applications that you find useful.
Why is it free?
People would prefer to download the free trial version of the application and then, choose to pay or not, but you also have the choice of registering to be a part of the online community and get more information and use the application for free.
Besides the fact that it enables you to download the application and try it out in the browser, it also has a higher amount of features and options when compared to the free version.
Create or download your own photo backgrounds
Reports Wizard can enable you to create custom photo backgrounds with the very minimum amount of effort.
Simply choose the image files from your computer and the application enables you to add text to the bottom of the image to create personalized computer backgrounds.
The following image is an example of the kind of item that can be added:
Determine the size of the photo
Once you have composed your computer

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What’s New in the Reports Wizard?

A tool for IBM Notes 6.5 or above
Complete replacement for IBM Lotus Notes Viewer
Create reports: report creation tool with a detailed and well-structured template
Export to HTML and other formats: save your work and be ready to print or export to Excel, EML, HTML, etc.
Email, calendar and schedule: works together with Lotus Notes
Report templates: allows you to create different reports with various amounts of objects and features
Data sources: you can select various data sources such as a database, spreadsheet, directory, etc.
Gratis; requires Lotus Notes
Support: offers support via email, online, and phone

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