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Name Elden Ring
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Race: The race that appears in the game is the race of the Golem.
Level: Players begin to level up at level 4, and their level is increased by taking on quests, exploration, and defeating monsters.
Ability: The ability system has been completely revised. Through the use of two abilities, you can enhance your characteristics while fighting.
Character Customization:
1. Class/Race: When a class is chosen, a race corresponding to this class is chosen automatically as well. Choose various races to customize your character. When you select an ability, you can use only one at a time.
2. Gear: By equipping armor, weapon, and potions, you can enhance your abilities. The amount of items you can equip varies for each class.
3. Bonus: Certain abilities are ranked as a Bonus ability. You can freely change your Bonus ability during battles.
4. Weapons/Armors/Potions: Choose various classes of weapons and armor to enhance your abilities. Using potions increases your power.

A-Class Features
1. Experience Points
In order to increase a character’s power in battle, you must take on quests, explore the lands, and defeat monsters. You will receive EXP for each quest and experience points from battles, and you can earn more EXP and experience points by taking on certain quests. Experience points can be used to increase the level and abilities of your character.
2. Ability Point System
You can change your Abilities at any time. The amount of Ability points that you can use at each point varies depending on the class. You can spend Ability points to add abilities to your character’s Abilities. The selected ability is displayed below the Ability points.
3. Battle/Quest Parameters
In battle, you can use skills to attack enemies with a variety of parameters. The battle parameters are:
– Battle Mode: The battle mode can be adjusted based on the strength of the enemy and the amount of EXP you have.
– Rank: You can rank up by making it to the next level in battle.
– Class: Depending on the class of the enemy, you can choose various skills appropriate for each class.
– Skill: You can attack with various skills.
4. Skill Migration
You can migrate to the skill of the same class in preparation for a certain battle.
5. Skill Leveling: Increase your level to improve the effect of your skills. There are four levels that have a minimum requirement of EXP. For


Features Key:

  • Create your own character.
  • A vast world
  • Open world RPG RPG. A highly detailed world with many open spaces where you can progress.
  • Embody the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord.
  • An epic class action hero RPG.
  • Trade items and strengthen allies using special items.
  • Elden Ring Key design considerations:

    • A large open world.
    • Key beautiful and smooth dungeons.
    • We utilize a hybrid of console style and tabletop style for the animation and world design, but we also put emphasis on attention to detail.
    • We are focusing on refining the essence of the game balance.

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    • Shrines and treasure chests.
    • Battle style, visual appearance, and items.

    For more information, please see Outland’s site from other game title.