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The Lands Between is a world where the sky is always clear. The sun shines brightly upon its broad green fields, and its gentle rays trickle down onto the vast lands of Elden. The four Elden Ring realms are dotted across the Lands Between.

The world of the Elden Ring is divided into four rings: the First, the Second, the Third and the Fourth. Each ring is a world unto itself, with a common border between the First and the Second, between the Second and the Third, and between the Third and the Fourth.

Each Elden Ring has a dedicated Rune Tree. Each Rune Tree holds a power called Rune. If a character uses their Rune to gain physical power, they gain access to the Rune Tree from which they began.

In addition to the four Rune Trees, a special fifth Rune Tree – the Rune Tree of the Elden Ring – also exists. This tree houses a power called the Source, the power of life itself. The Source is guaranteed to be with the Elden Ring, rather than each individual player, and because the power of the Source is limitless, the Elden Ring is thus an indestructible realm.


The Elden Ring is a realm created by the gods of the Elden Ring, it is a world that was created at a time when the gods began to die, and their consciousnesses were scattered throughout the Lands Between.

The First Sage of the Elden Ring was a man whose soul was said to be a spiritual descendent of the first creature created by the Gods in the Lands Between – their first foray into creating life. The First Sage had a vision of the eventual end of the gods, and saw this ending as a chance to create a new world.

He gathered together all of the divine consciousnesses that remained scattered throughout the Lands Between, and founded the first Elden Ring. He called it the Elden Ring, named after the Fifth Rune from his side which let him see his unrivaled future in detail.

During the great battle that ensued, the gods of the lands of the Elden Ring became divided into two groups. One group stayed together, believing that the First Sage would be defeated. The other group opposed the Elden Ring, intending to kill it and all who formed it.

The battles that resulted from this conflict lasted a hundred years. But then, without a word, the first gods of the Elden Ring vanished. The gods of the Eld


Features Key:

  • ■ Vast World where Open Fields and Dungeons Coexist
  • ■ Fight as an Undaunted Warrior
  • ■ Unlock new character, weapons, and skills with plenty of variety
  • ■ Experience an Epic Story that Combines the World of Myth and the Digital Realm
  • ■ Adventure Routes: This game has 10 kinds of distinct routes that you can freely select. Each route has its own atmosphere, quests, and style of gameplay.
    • ● Route 1: Clean, Peaceful, & the Cleanest
    • ● Route 2: Quarrelsome, Rude, & the Rude
    • ● Route 3: Carefree, Happy, & the Happiest
    • ● Route 4: All to Pieces, Extreme, & the Most Extreme
    • ● Route 5: Beautiful, Glamorous, & the Most Glamorous
    • ● Route 6: Sly, Adult, & the Most Adult
    • ● Route 7: Fast, Wild, & the Fastest
    • ● Route 8: Clean, Peaceful, & the Cleanest
    • ● Route 9: Quarrelsome, Rude, & the Rude
    • ● Route 10: Secure, Goddess, & the Goddess
  • ■ Fight as an Undaunted Warrior
  • ■ Customize your character to your liking
  • ■ Enjoy a Fantasy World Reborn with the Request for Quote function
  • ■ A variety of equipment and highly developed character customizations
  • ■ Enjoy all-new content such as new enemies and dungeons
  • ■ Rate content up or down
  • ■ Feel the excitement of being one of the first to play
  • ■ Participate in and enjoy various events
  • Release date/manipulator:

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    News Introduction by the game producer:

    Hello, everyone. I am the producer of the game, Tarnished, along with the composer, Michael Schacht, and the scenario writer, Ian Oberkirch. We are looking forward to meeting and sharing a bit of what we can tell you about our game.

    In the course of coming up with a story for the Elden Ring fantasy action RPG, we decided to create a world where the rules and forces of nature, such as time, space, and magick are completely different from the mortal world we live in. We call this world the Lands Between.

    We believe this setting will appeal to those who enjoy games where the world is intricately connected to the people who inhabit it, and we hope to achieve a high sense of immersion for our players.

    Tarnished is set in the Lands Between as well, where the people who inhabit the lands are constantly struggling for survival as they fight with players from the mortal world. We are trying to create a game where, when you clash with another player, there is a sense of an exhilarating struggle as you fight each other.

    We would like to share with you some of our plans for Tarnished. First off, please let us introduce two new characters we will introduce in this game.

    I am Zethus, a Lord of the Icefield, a unit that specializes in weapons and armor for snow and ice. I hope you will enjoy our interaction as we join forces in order to master the Trials of the Elden Ring.

    Next, I would like to introduce a hero of the Demon Slayer Trials, Ranger Vanduin. Ranger Vanduin is a man who has been on a quest for years to avenge his family. He seeks your help in order to take on the Demon’s Abyssal Army in hopes of fulfilling his mission, and I hope that all of you will make him happy by helping him in his fight.

    About the Contents of the Official Web Site

    1. Introduction by Producer Tarnished

    2. List of Accessories

    3. Tutorial

    4. Facts About the New Characters introduced in Tarnished

    5. The Action-Packed Campaign

    6. Create your own character

    7. Fight against evil

    8. Read up about the world


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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    The following free editions of monster do what they can with dropped items, and are a nice continuous source of free spells.

    +6 damage, you eat the stat debuff for the spell and get to eat an appropriate null monster

    Armored Shadow

    2x damage, the attack chain deal 30% to the armor of the target


    +5% crit chance, you roll twice in the area, one with the spell and one with you off the spell, add the added damage from the spells together

    Baron of Sang-Mo

    +6% life steal, gain either life and mana (or both) for 5 seconds whenever you damage an enemy

    Forbidden Dominion(s)

    Health when a skill or enemy spell deals damage, increase your attack damage and life steal chance


    11% minion life steal, all spells deal 13% more damage, your damage and attack speed increase


    +6% minion life steal, all spells deal 2x damage and spawn 3x times when you take damage


    10% minion life steal, all spells deal 20% more damage, gain 5% life and get a 5%life stealing buff when you deal damage


    +8 minion life steal, all spells deal 2x damage, your damage and attack speed increase


    22% life steal, all spells deal 20% more damage, you gain a 20% life and mana leach for 5 seconds whenever you deal damage

    Sanguine (same as Greedy, but with increased aggro)

    20% life steal, all spells deal 3x more damage, your damage and attack speed increase


    6% minion life steal, all spells deal 4x damage, gain 2% attack speed and 15% more life steal chance whenever you deal damage


    +6 minion life steal, all spells deal 5x damage

    Whispering Shadow – Mousewheel to open resource window

    +5 damage and 5% motion steer, create a 0 radius passageway that increases your damage and healing by 10% and grants a 10% motion steer buff (to you and your team) for 25 seconds


    The following creature mods are valued for their strengths and function as such.


    +10% life steal (max 50% hit


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    Grandiosus Dual Universe – Comments – Elden Ring: Swords & Wizardry Collector’s Edition.
    DTY #75 –   4 days ago

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    A Windows 7 or later PC
    A NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS or later graphics card with 256 MB of graphics RAM
    If you run into any problems, try starting your game with the “-opengl” command line parameter.
    If you are having trouble with NVIDIA Cuda acceleration, you can try the “cuda” command line parameter. If this doesn’t work, try the “mesa” command line parameter.
    With the latest software update, you will now see Crop and Fill options on the import and export menu. The