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Name Elden Ring
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* A Free and Open game
* Fantasy Full of Spicy Combat
* Game Made Specifically for the Online Platform

* Battles
* System
* Battle Position
* Movement Rules
* Life Value
* Battle Technique
* Boring Barrier
* Item System
* Equipment System
* Magic System
* Related System
* Skill System
* Morality
* Shout System
* Skill Revamp
* Voice Act
* Team Setup
* Battle Rehearsal
* Battle Preparation
* Exploration
* Discoveries
* Maps
* Battle Results
* Item Mix


* Many Battle tactics
* Regional themed battle
* Ambush
* Class and Skill Limitations
* Demonic Puzzles
* Round Limit
* Action-Packed Boss
* Will and Magic
* Magic Shop
* Sandbox
* Taboos
* Mission
* Event
* Map
* Subjugate
* Conquest
* Daily Conquest
* Honor
* Underground World
* Fortress
* Dungeon
* Children
* Exploration items
* Animals
* Food
* Apparel
* Magic Tricks
* Equipment
* Weapons
* Items
* Guilds
* Magic
* Quest
* Invitation
* New quests and monsters
* Quest event
* Questing
* Conversation with NPC
* Marked NPC
* Trade
* Information
* Prognostication quest
* Hidden Object
* Skill Point
* Quest Tracking
* Special Skill Points
* Birthright
* Fame
* Elf Blood
* Dragon Blood
* Skill points
* Tournaments
* Cyrodiil Building
* Balance
* Attack
* Defense
* Magic
* Movement
* Skill
* Life
* Death
* Attack position
* Battle result
* Skill Result
* Destruction
* Team setup
* Battle reminder
* Battle rehearsal
* Experience
* Medals
* Skill strengthening


Features Key:

  • Elden Ring (RPG) System
    Companions are capable of exchanging information with other companions. Through this system, you can exchange items and power with companions, and take to others in various situations and use specialized techniques together with them.

    • Notifications when certain conditions occur on the screen
    • Combat Fight with other players
    • Notifications when your companion encounters other monsters that may cause a fight
    • Tag to exchange items between players
    • Inventory Management – each artifact can be equipped regardless of whether your experience level is high enough
    • RPG Elements
      Your companions and items can be customized; however, equipment and items are irretrievably used

    • Climb the Height
      Maximize your equipment, and use powerful equipment to clear difficult areas in the world.

    • Hidden Gems
      Initially, only 3 artifacts are available; however, skillful players can obtain more
  • Elden Ring System (Exclusivity)
    Each Elden Lord specialized in a specific element has his own solo quest, as well as the various groups that he is in charge of

    • Ace: Each and every action is conducted by the one who commands
    • King: At the beginning of the quest, it is strongly recommended for players to summon other powerful lords
  • Elden Ring Mode
    The system that sets a long chain of events linking both players that can be viewed in the game screen
    The different events that occur in the world of the Lands Between are created in various ways

    • Story Interactivity
      To enjoy the story more, they have been connected so that they reflect each other

    • Global Effect
      Mechanics to resolve the conflicts of the Lands Between

    • World Warrior
      Unlimited content in the online world in which battles with other players are possible

    • Combat Fight
      Interactive events with enemies and other players in real time
  • Time Control
    Realtime gameplay
    When receiving notification of an NPC’s location, the party goes to the place indicated in a certain period

  • Tag
    Tagged dungeon
    Players can go and


    Elden Ring Torrent [Mac/Win]




    생각좋은 것이 무엇인가?




    새로운 게임이랍니다


    매력적인 게임입니다


    그리고 굉장히 크리스타리이나 그랬어요


    놀라운 의뢰이나 크리스타리 같은데요


    실소화적인 것 같긴 하지만 하차보차도 입증되었어요


    야후 흥충이 있어요


    진짜 창미였어요


    바로 돌아와주시고 조금 더 느리게 설정이 되겠다는 것 저에겐 좋은 것 같아요




    Elden Ring PC/Windows


    (Online Multiplayer Support) – In the game, a weapon that restores health and mana while having a quick action speed, a Spear is included.

    (Online Multiplayer Support) – In the game, a spear equipped with a staff enchanted with Tarnish (hit +170% of Physical Attack Damage) to hit hard and steadily. Tarnish is a spear weapon where you can wield the sharpest spear with your staff.


    (Online Multiplayer Support) – A shield with a certain physical defense (which you will gradually increase as you use your weapon) that also allows you to protect yourself at a critical moment when you lose all of your health. The shield will also be restored by the weapon.


    (Online Multiplayer Support) – A bow that travels at high speed and fires high-powered arrows. By using the bow, you can attack enemies at a distance.


    (Online Multiplayer Support) – A powerful magic that has a barrier effect, allowing you to retreat safely. A spell where you can shoot a long distance spell or perform a powerful magic. It is a battle tool that can be used to attack the enemy in a position from a distance.


    (Online Multiplayer Support) – An unlockable weapon that can be equipped on any weapons. Depending on the situation, you can change the type of augment to use to deal powerful counterattacks when you are blocked or exit from battle if you fall.


    (Online Multiplayer Support) – Unlucky gauntlets that only allow you to use two actions at most. In a certain type of environment where there is a low amount of space, using gauntlets is essential.


    (Online Multiplayer Support) – A skill that you can obtain after completing quests. Grants are performed when you obtain a number of experience points. The effectiveness will change depending on the difficulty.

    Unique Skills:

    (Online Multiplayer Support) – Unique weapons and armor for Tarnished Knights.

    Q: “I heard that Tarnished Knights is out this month. When do we know when the release date is?”

    A: “It is still being determined. However, we are waiting for the final version of the game development. Until we have a release date, we will continue to improve the game based on the feedback


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    【System specs】:

    ・1.6 GHz Intel Core i5-3470 CPU (Haswell)

    ・NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 3GB VRAM

    ・7’000mAh battery capacity

    ・Anti-Gravity Generator (AMD version)

    【System requirements】


    ・Windows 32bit

    ・Windows 64bit



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    Free Download Elden Ring PC/Windows 2022

    1, Make sure that your Android device is connected to the internet.
    2, Extract the game’s.apk installer to the desktop of your computer.
    3, Double click the.apk installer to launch it on the desktop.
    4, Wait the game to load on your device.
    5, Play and enjoy

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