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■ Action RPG Quests

The times of peace between the Balance and Hiei are receding. Several thousand years ago, a great battle occurred. Humanity chose to fight a magical AI called Ishgard, and Ishgard was destroyed. The age of magic was prolonged. And now a new conflict is looming on the horizon. The day has come for a new conflict between the Age of Magic and the Age of Technology, and the battlefields have been chosen.

■ Customize Your Own Equipment

A vast, one-of-a-kind battlefield awaits! Customize your equipment and run freely to challenge the enemy. Every character’s equipment has its own special properties.

■ Equip Military and Magic Equipment

Not only can you customize the appearance of your character, but you can also freely equip military and magic equipment. Equip special armor and powerful magical weapons, and develop your character according to your play style.

■ Reach the Objective

Take charge in the battlefield and crush the enemy. Win the battle and win the war! Can your character prove to the enemy that he is the true Lord of the Lands Between?

■ Grow Up

Lonely, hungry, cold, and hungry. It will be your journey through these hardships.

■ Survive by Your Fearsome Might

Fight enemies using four types of attacks, including cutting attacks with dual axes, fire attacks, and close-combat strikes. Defeat your enemies and reach a peak of fear.

■ Connect with Others

Manage your own equipment. Fight using other players’ equipment. Experience the unique social community of a fantasy action RPG.

■ Become a Good Lord

Complete the story to reach a peak of glory. An action RPG for you to play freely and let your imagination run wild!

※ IMPORTANT ※ ■ The following information is for the Japanese language version of the game.

■ English Patch Translated by GaijinWorks


– SELLS FOR $39.99

– £29.99

– $39.99

– 32 GB + 1 DLC (Steam)

– 250+ hours of gameplay (DRM-free version)

(Please note: the latter two items require a Steam account.)


– SELLS FOR $59.99

– £49.99


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • New Fantasy Action RPG full of anticipation
    A huge world full of unknown dangers
    Multiple playable characters (Elden Lords) that you can freely choose
    The ambition of the hero
  • Individualized characters and intense development systems that truly brings out the hero within you
  • Exploration system that is fun and seamless between dungeons, towns, and fields
  • A low barrier to entry to new gameplay
    Fantasy Action RPG that will get you hooked
  • Elden Ring also comes with:

    • Easy to pick up combat action, open world exploration, and a rich story filled with fun gameplay
    • A dynamic, high-quality online experience for you and others to share in
    • Upcoming New Features

    VenixeOnline’s Elden Ring E3 Presentation (Direct link:

    E3 2016 — Monster Hunter Operations Bandai Namco (Summer in Japan)
    3,278 yen (roughly equal to US$28)

    E3 2016 – Death Stranding Hideo Kojima Publisher Bandai Namco
    (Summer in Japan) 1,921 yen ($19.21, Roughly equal to US$18)

    SO you want to know what happened to the hero from Tarnished, and as a fan of Vectortoids…. well….. I got ya!

    The Dark Elden and the Dragon Mallard

    Those who know me know the pain of a Dark Elden deficiency, and, since I happen to have a girlfriend,


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    “Tarnished looks to be more of a survival game than a fantasy game, but I really like that.”

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    Attributes (Cleric)
    Cleric is the most basic class and can obtain a vast range of skills and uses basic magic, which is the main type of magic you will be using. You can train in various classes during your main quest, as you can switch classes whenever you want.

    Attributes (Knight)

    Knights serve the royal family, protect the town, and engage in battles against evil. Knights usually have better combat skills than Clerics, as they are armed with swords and can equip a wide range of equipment, such as armor and shield. There are many ways to break your enemy’s stronghold, so you can choose different ways to do so.

    Attributes (Warrior)
    Warriors are the fighters of the royal family, and those equipped with weapons such as swords and spears are called knights. Warriors are usually armed with high-damage weapons, and they are well-equipped to deal with attacks from multiple directions.

    Attributes (Hunter)

    Hunters are a class that uses a bow to deal with dangerous animals, and are unique in that they may use different weapons depending on the situation. There are three types of Hunter: Warrior-Drake, Rogue-Falcon, and Archer-Wolf. You can use a bow with the Hunter skill ‘Hunting’.

    Attributes (Dark Knight)

    Dark Knights are a class that uses dark magic to put their enemies in a frenzy. There are dark monsters called Nihilists that are the enemies of Dark Knights, and they are equipped with dark weapons and armor.

    Attributes (Thief)
    Thieves steal various things for the royal family. With various kinds of equipment, they can steal from shops, houses, and dungeons.

    Attributes (Skillful Warrior)

    Skillful Warriors are mainly used for defending the royal castle from various evil forces that infiltrate. They focus on the protection of the castle walls and are good at dealing with enemies that can be close to the castle walls.

    Attributes (Wield Sword)

    Wield Swords are classes that use a sword and are equipped with weapons. They can search for enemies on the field, engage in battles with monsters and other players, and use a wide range of skills, as well as using attacks and special skills called ‘Combo Moves’.

    Attributes (Combo Moves)

    Combo Moves are skills that use combos to deal damage. Combo Moves are


    What’s new:


    Indices Of Utopia by ZUNYING from Exile One

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    Download Elden Ring

    1. Install the game
    2. Go to the folder where you downloaded the game
    3. Extract all the files
    4. Run setup-xxx.exe, where xxx is the correct version for your PC (e.g. ds-xxx, ee-xxx, qx-xxx, etc.)
    5. Follow the instructions in the installation wizard

    6. Play the game.

    7. Connect to servers using the game’s Client with GAME and ELDEN RING servers.
    If you do not have a server, or do not wish to connect using the Client and GAME servers, you can continue play by launching the game manually.


    This is the old version of the game. Please see the notes for the new version below.

    1. Play the game.

    2. Connect to servers using the game’s Client with GAME and ELDEN RING servers.

    3. If you do not wish to connect using the Client and GAME servers, you can continue play by launching the game manually.

    4. Do not use cracks or workarounds to obtain illegal content.

    (You can use the “Download ELDEN RING Key” link in the software’s client to obtain a legal key.)

    (Support Game client v5.8 or higher)

    (Support ELDEN RING servers v1.3.0)

    The client is free to download from our site.


    Version 1.0.1 – Update 9/6/2017

    Game is playable from beginning to the end. In this version, the entire client data has been updated to v5.8.

    Main Features
    ・Various maps / worlds for adventures
    ・Environments ranging from peaceful to chaotic
    ・Variety of challenging enemies
    ・Various dungeons
    ・Various features of the main and sub-companies
    ・Various skills for your character
    ・Various weapons and armors

    Game operates on all Windows platforms, but there are some exceptions for the following:
    ・Acer/Celeron version (< 2Ghz processor)
    ・Mac OS
    ・Tablet device with small screens
    ・Android versions prior to 2.3.3
    ・iPhone models prior to iPhone 4S
    ・Other OS with the exception of Linux and Android.



    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • First, Download Activation Code & URL below
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  • Select Update&Launch (If not enabled already)
  • Finished! Restart the game and it will prompt you to activate the game, just choose your serial and you are done
  • How To Activate & Crack

    • First, Download Activation Key. It is provided in the video below
    • Save it to D:\ (Replace D with the correct name of the space where you installed the game. It can be seen while installing the game)
    • Choose “Elden Ring” and select “I don’t have my serial yet. Enter an activation key”
    • Enter the key you saved earlier. A dialog will show up saying the key has been confirmed
    • Choose “Skip” and be done!

    What’s New in Elden Ring: