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• An Epic RPG with a High-quality Visual Style

The AAA quality visuals of the game were created by the renowned game studio, Storm in a Teacup ( The game has also been created with an original music composition by one of the most renowned video game composer of Japan, Masashi Hamauzu ( With so many high-end elements in place, the game’s visual style transcends mere appearance and delves deep into the essence of the game.

The PC version of the game will have a special edition (a plush product) and a low cost version (glasses), and the PlayStation®4 version will be in a limited edition.


Maku Shoguns Inc. ( is a maker of exclusive products for the Japanese video game market. After establishing the importance of games in society, we have successfully realized our goal and are now looking forward to creating a new type of community centered around games.

We will continue to gather together the best brains and the latest technologies to make products that we are passionate about.

We will also work closely with the game development industry and do our best to use the strong force of games as a catalyzing agent to further development of society.


When the game is activated on your device, it will connect to the server to download, install and update the game program. The download and installation of the game program may take some time. When the download and installation of the game program is completed, the game program is configured to be able to play the game. The game program will then be automatically activated for play, except for in cases of force shutdown.

Before the game program is able to play the game, the installed program will be updated on the server and any necessary updates will be downloaded.

If you are playing the game from an Android device, the game program may interfere with the device’s power consumption and performance. The device will be charged as needed.

If an update or other kind of modification is made to the game program, you will be notified.

Upon completion of the game, your data of the game will be saved on your device. The save data, including the game world data,


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Download ✦✦✦

Elden Ring Features Key:

  • 100 hours of gameplay!
  • Simple creation of characters.
  • Layered stories, where each is connected to each other.
  • Master the world map using the map viewer, expedite the difficult journey.
  • Deep combat and realistic battle system.
  • Enjoy the game with improved graphics.
  • Customize your own weapons and gear by equipping new items along your journey.
  • Add-on content and Updates!

    Add-on content and updates will be offered via the Steam Community and access information will be provided directly to each customer after the sale! 

    Management System:

    Powered by OnRPG+
    Service Backend: 

    More Add-on Content 

    ■An Elden Lord Selection Countdown Countdown Contest page will be created
    ■In this page, a daily countdown will be made to the “Add-on content release date” in the future, and the winner of the daily countdown will receive an Elden Ring accessory!




    Number of downloads of the IGG Website service:


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    “The new fantasy action RPG is not an exaggeration… I want to say that the game is completely remarkable… I have never experienced such a complicated game before, and I am looking forward to more. I really want to challenge the progress of the game.”



    “I want to thank you for creating an atmosphere where I could escape from the tedium of everyday life. ”



    COMMUNITY SERVICE Elden Ring Torrent Download FEATURES

    Online Service

    – Various “Locations” (Field, Quest, Dungeons, Settings, etc.)

    – Various PvP (Domination, Endurance, Tower Defense, etc.)

    – Various Social Events

    Message Board

    – Communicate with other players about the story, your character, or mechanics

    – Exchange helpful tips

    – Learn about the story, characters, or mechanics


    – Find out what is going on in the world of Eisenwald


    – Earn badges as you perform well in battle and in quests

    – Collect various items and spend your earnings at the shop

    Skill Training

    – Train various skills to increase their level. There are also Skill Books that allow you to increase your skills by acquiring multiple levels

    – Acquire various items and sell them at the shop for considerable profits


    – “For your protection,” a system that allows you to switch between characters at any time. A password prevents others from using your character

    Inventory System

    – A system in which you can stock and use items

    Crafting System

    – A system in which you can make items by combining potions, rods, dragon scales, etc.

    The New Fantasy Action RPG is not an exaggeration… I want to say that the game is completely remarkable… I have never experienced such a complicated game before, and I am looking forward to more. I really want to challenge the progress of the game.Asahi, TOUKI GAME POSTTOUKI GAME POSTI want to thank you for creating an atmosphere where I could escape from the tedium of everyday life.Andes, TOUKI GAME POSTCommunity Service – The development team is putting their lives on hold in order to support the community, and the game is being improved for the benefit of the users as well


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    The Elden Ring is a world of myths and legends known as one of the most valuable things in the Lands Between.

    The last fate of the grim ultimate guardian – the Elden Lord – has been revealed. The tradition of surpassing the skill of others, the lands changing and the long prayer fulfilling its destiny, the elden ring in all of its strengths and benefits are the symbol of magic and truth of the Elden Ring.

    The last remaining member of the Elden Ring, known as “the Tarnished”, has been wandering in the Lands Between for a period of time, but he seems to have lost his way on the way to the lands whose source is the Elden Ring.

    To evade this fate, the Tarnished can travel through the Lands Between, attempting to confront the Elden Lord.

    In this world, and those of the Lands Between, the Tarnished must unravel their past to escape from their fate, and in addition, combat the Elder Gods of some of the lands and fight against evil.

    A new type of fantasy that is not bound by history, religion, or the like, the fantasy tale of the Elden Ring is born in a new land.

    It is time to reveal the dream of generations, the hopes and ambitions of the hero who take the long journey, the final awakening in a new domain of the Elden Ring.

    As you seek the truth and investigate, new dreams will be realized.

    The new fantasy action RPG “Elden Ring” will take place in a world where myth and legend have seeped into reality, and where the hero will confront enemies and get stronger from the experience.

    In addition, through his self-imposed adventure, the hero will face his fate, and will do his best in overcoming the difficulties of the new world.

    With the hero’s failure and hope still hanging in the balance, who will succeed in breaking the seal of fate?

    ◆ The Story of a Hero
    Tarnished is a hero with an unfinished story.

    He is the last remaining heir of the Elden Ring, and the legend of the Elden Lord has been revealed.

    Tarnished discovered that the hopes and dreams of others on the way to the Elden Ring and in the Lands Between is his own.

    He embarks on a journey, and that is how he realizes


    What’s new:


    A crime unleashed on the Lands Between takes place. A criminal drawn to enlightenment attacks three of the kingdom’s Elden Lords. A few days before Christmas, the Elden Church and the
    Elden Lords have come to an agreement, and as a result, the lawless power, which governs the Lands Between, slowly dominates them. This crisis-ridden existence was nothing more than an inferno of souls.
    In the midst of this chaos, a young man attuned to the spiritual world chooses to embrace the Eren and joins the Elden Lords. Dressed in the armor of the Elden Church, he fights to the last against enemies who had already been condemned to Hell for their sins.
    The young man knows that his role is just temporary. He must learn the demonic power of the Elden Ring before he can become a Noble Lord.
    Eventually, after that horrifying battle, and yet another world would be born, in a place where people once again enjoy living in peace.


    – Players can equip one of several weapons, such as swords and axes, rather than selecting an online character model.
    – Players can equip up to two different types of defensive shields, as well as magical shield equipment.
    – If you want to play with a party member, you can simply create their character.
    – When playing in the “open” mode, you can use the “walk” and “open/close keys” to freely change the path of the character. You can also use your “W+E” keys to move the hero of the group.
    – Players can enjoy a vast range of free-form and combat skills, such as “righteous attack,” “half-time recovery,” “destructive weapons,” and “heal skills.”


    * The world that will be born is more dynamic.
    * Players can freely customize their character’s appearance.
    * There are more ways to join a party, as well as a variety of party settings


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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

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    How To Use:

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    Watch Screenshots

    Elden Ring screenshot
    Elden Ring screenshot
    Elden Ring screenshot
    Elden Ring screenshot
    Elden Ring screenshot
    Elden Ring screenshot

    Rating: 9/10
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    System Requirements:

    Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
    Mac OS 10.4 or later
    5.0 GHz processor
    4 GB RAM
    Minimum 7GB available storage
    Full controller functionality requires 6GB or more storage.
    Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
    Link to official system requirements:
    Full Controller
    HDMI Cable
    Wireless Controller


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