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Your phone or tablet will be your new weapon in the fight against monsters and demons. Earn gold by killing monsters. Buy weapons, strengthen your character and acquire powerful skills to crush the demons.
You will rise, as an ogre, to destroy the demons, monsters and an army of goblin infested dungeons. Become a legendary monster, earn reputation and become popular in your town and with the monsters.
Achievements based in unique offline and online combats will keep you busy.
There is an option for single player against a computer opponent. You can also connect with other players and battle them, lending a shared experience.
Apart from player-versus-player, you will be able to battle against other players via Facebook.
Online, there will also be intense guild wars, organized by card game simulation, in which you will compete to become the strongest guild in your time and earn more prizes.
You will be supported by a great community.
• Exciting and Dynamic Combat
At the heart of the game, is a brand new combat system, which puts the player in control of monsters with their own thoughts and desires. Monsters actually think like normal players! Enemies have their own plans and decisions, as do the monsters.
• Exclusive Online Battle
Experience an entirely new type of online battle, which lets you battle your friends, other players and those in the same world. Each connection is individual and you will be able to make friends with other players and friends in the same world, getting together to defeat formidable opponents and challenge bosses. The battle system is also able to accommodate casual competition, where you can challenge your friends or other players in the same world.
• Low-Impact Online Battle
You can also challenge other players without having to commit to a huge time commitment, if you are not sure of winning against a specific opponent.
• More Than Just a Card Game
You will not only have to call on your own strategy, you will also have the chance to call on the strategy of your friends. Through your friends, you can even enjoy the most beautiful scenery in the game, as they lend their own strategy and beautiful card art to the battles.
• Participate in The Arcade & Battle in the Box
The Arcade, a world where you can challenge the online world and enjoy the rewards, is also able to be played in the box.

Recreation & Competitive Matchmaking
Explore a vast world and enjoy the beautiful scenery. You will never get bored


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • The Elden Ring.
    Explore the Lands Between by ascending the steps of the Elden Ring. The more you advance, the easier the battle will be.
  • Level 8—The Awakening.
    The evil has awakened in the Lands Between. The inhabitants of the village of Selenia no longer know peace. It is up to the Tarnished to build on the legacy of those fallen heroes.
  • Challenging Hand-Made Maps
    The battles in the game are set on hand-made maps crafted with a variety of battle situations. Enjoy visual monsters, diverse all kinds of the layout of the battlefield, and wonder content no other ARPG can provide!
  • Unique Battle system using Cards
    A system developed from an ARPG, create your own gameplay that fits for your play style. (Not to mention that it’s easy to customize the graphic of the card using the new card template feature, which will be released later!)
  • Clause system
    Flavorful combat system that’s stress-free, easy to control and secure, and which makes you feel like you’re casting spells and drawing up a new strategy.
  • No Copy and Paste system
    Not just an ordinary upgrade system, the “Clause” is an object that changes its effect while the character moves around, and can change and increase in power, as well as a real-time mini-battle.
  • Friend Story
    Using the eight different factions, interact with one of them throughout the world of MMO.
  • Your hand-made Account / Your route

    Features of the new era empire

    • Bright days for the Realms, with a


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      Develimento e gameplay: Excellent

      Colunas de estudo:


      Jogo diferente e porta experiência: Excellent

      Efeitos especiais:


      O que gostei: Excelente

      O que me incomoda: Nada

      Meio que me dá ter, o jogo é uma super experiência que você não conseguirá esquecer. É uma diversão e para se divertir.

      Desenvolvimento: Nada

      Mapas: Nada

      Vs (Versão) parece ser a segunda maior diferença entre o jogo. Os mapas e as opções são melhores. O visual ainda pode ser melhorado.

      Robótica: Nada

      Muito bom para dirigir


      Foi surpreendente. A maioria dos jogos faz no Windows e Dragon age, a maioria dos jogos de RPG fez no Linux, por isso tenho de dar o controlo como as mesmas dicas do Japão. Os arquivos de backup são pequenos,
      e a lentidão é facilmente superada se você usar a iniciativa.

      Muito bom

      Muito bom

      Há uma boa animação muito próxima de um game do Crayon Physics, muito bom para uma mesa de brincar. A soma de uma super boa e uma má é que a interação de jogo é uma gema.


      Muito bom

      Os mapas do jogo são muito geograficos e ficam muito bons, a primeira vez que achei alguém que tinha razão.


      Rugido: Muito ruim


      Jogo é muito divertido e também muito legal, mas ter que seguir os camin


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      • Dungeon (BATTLE)
      In order to obtain the High Scepter, a Princess’ sphere of power, you must clear the dungeons in the Cursed Lands. Defeat in battle the monsters, characters, and traps of the dungeons.
      • Overworld (POPULATION)
      Once the sacred beacons are lit, the population of the Lands Between will grow. In order to continue down the road towards the Elden Lords, establish trade routes with NPCs.
      • Ancestral Land (CASTLE)
      Constructed to withstand the War of the First Elden Lord, the castle of the High Elves dominates the Lands Between. Its walls are punctured with cannonballs from a forgotten age, its windows riddled with the arrows of war. There is no time to waste if you wish to claim this sacred location and proceed to the next stage.


      Here, you can customize your character in various ways. If you want to increase the strength of your character, use EXP as an unlimited resource, in contrast with gold. Moreover, in order to increase the number of levels, you need to procure additional experience points.


      The calculations for the character development are done on the basis of the character’s level and complete experience points. In order to change the character’s strength, you need to use your experience points, and moreover, you can distribute them using the EXP to increase. Furthermore, you can reduce the maximum level using the EXP to get the unimportant levels.


      The online play allows you to directly connect with other people, travel together, and trade items. Moreover, it also allows you to talk with other players while you are traveling together.


      See the Ancients Cast a Divine Faith upon Your Creation
      Select from one of two races, the High Elves or the Elves, and obtain a level-up trait such as the ability to use the elemental magic as one of two options, either alongside normal attacks or in addition to them.
      Choose from 1 of 3 Jobs to Become the Sage of Your Class
      In the game, your character can advance as a Mystic, Archer, Fighter, or Mage. Also, if you advance as a Warrior, a doctor, or a Warrior, you can also enter the world of the High Elves and journey on to obtain legendary weapons


      What’s new:

      Hello there, first time here. Looking for some help with this one; I feel as though I’m getting stuck in the fog.

      So, I just finished by current play time was more than 4 hours. I don’t want to post everything, but if anyone is willing to read and provide some sort of assistance, that would be amazing.

      I hope this isn’t too thread-boring. All I need is a simple pointing of my direction to finally move on! (or at least pass the first chapter)

      WHAT… this looks like a cool world. And, aaand the world of Athas has level ceilings like that? I realize what you did there and have a lot of respect for it. As a DM, I see this and want to be able to pull something like this off. This kind of story kinda makes me take reservation using the rest of the game time for it, even though it’s run by a DM who does awesome.

      WHAT… this looks like a cool world. And, aaand the world of Athas has level ceilings like that? I realize what you did there and have a lot of respect for it. As a DM, I see this and want to be able to pull something like this off. This kind of story kinda makes me take reservation using the rest of the game time for it, even though it’s run by a DM who does awesome.

      That is pure nonsense, do not listen to it, ignore that and go to the start of the next adventure. I’ll tell you why the do not listen, it has absolutely nothing to do with the rules, how you have made everything, what you are looking for, what you are trying to prove, you only hear in it how amazing your DM is, how you should never watch him play more than 5 minutes per week, and that if he isn’t coordinating exactly what you are doing properly then it’s your fault.

      Don’t listen to them, ignore them, they are utter nonsense and have nothing to do with what was said in the previous posts. Go play. The further you are with this game, the less you will see your DM cooperate with you, after this he will only cooperate if you are closer to winning the game while he does every little thing possible, after that point he will even


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      Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

      A tale set in a world between two magical realms. A heart-pounding fantasy where you wield mystical weapons and battle monsters at every corner. The Lands Between offers you a variety of huge dungeons, arcane treasures, and a war against sinister villains. In this game, you will rise from a blacksmith to become the key to the world’s fate.

      So what are you waiting for? You are in the world between two realms! Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between!Q:

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    • Genre : Action RPG.
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    • Developer : Westside
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