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• Structure

The Elden Ring Crack game is divided into three parts. The serverless, action RPG battle adventure, a mini-game, and post-game story mode.

The action RPG battle adventure has three tiers:
1. Tiers A and B: When you first log in, you are placed in a tutorial and then you will be put in a large open field.
2. Tier C: If you are playing in PVP mode, you will be placed in a large dungeon with an optional storyline.
3. Tier D: In a PVP mode, you will be placed in a large dungeon with an optional storyline.
4. Tier E: When you first log in in a PVP mode, you will be placed in a large dungeon with an optional storyline.

In the battle adventure, battles are interrupted by various events. Once one of these events occurs, you can visit a towns/cities to obtain quests and related items. Many of these items are used as items in the mini-game. However, you cannot use your items in the mini-game until you equip them to your character.

Once you have completed the battle adventure, the post-game story mode begins.

• Key features of the Elden Ring game

· The game that combines traditional PVP and PVE elements together
· A vast world with over 10 times the usual amount of content
· A variety of story themes ranging from comic to surrealism
· A completely new online experience that allows you to interact directly with other players
· A completely new role-playing experience that is more social and emotional
· Exciting battles that will challenge your reflexes
· An epic world that surprises you at every turn
· Single-player mode that allows you to play as the character that you want to be

The addition of PvE elements to the game makes the game more robust and strategic. The locations, environments, and characters that appeared in the story mode will act as backgrounds for new stories and new character arcs, so players are free to play through different stories. The PVP elements combine with the PVE elements to create a game that has a variety of gameplay styles and challenging elements. In addition, it places players in a world in which the maps in the story mode do not have to be the same size as they are in a PVP setting. The game is a


Features Key:

  • Elden Rings – Regardless of the class you play, you can always equip a ring. Only Elden Rings can be used in battle.
  • Embedded Story – Experience the story of your game, your thoughts, your world. In the optional online mode, the latest updates from players around the world, and your own created stories, all intertwine. Not only that, but even during offline play, carry your online story with you.
  • Competitive Mindset – Enjoy the thrill of competing with others in battle and sharing your achievements and thoughts in the online mode!


    1. Elden Ring Key Overview


    Elden Ring is an action RPG game for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and featuring, the artists and storytellers of The Elder Scrolls®V: Skyrim, V.A.T.S (Vacancy and Trauma Surgery), and more.



    Please enjoy these introduction in detail:

    In 2015, ZeniMax Online Studios will release the first fantasy action RPG in North America with the title of the game: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. And in a sense, it already has been released… After


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    “There are many different forms of fantasy and people like the Final Fantasy series may not be the best choice of fantasy. Another way to enter the fantasy world is an action RPG. If you enjoy a lot of content, this game is perfect for you.”

    Games Reviewer: Itsuki Suzuki

    “I would like to play games that are made for all ages. There is a great deal of variety in the gameplay and the design of the characters. The quality is also excellent. I hope I can play this game a lot.”

    Games Reviewer: Chiaki Kawasaki

    “I had a good time playing it. It is very exciting and enjoyable, and I can’t wait to play more of them. It’s one that I recommend for players of the same age.”

    Games Reviewer: Hironori Kubo

    “I would like to play fun games that are enjoyable and that have a lot of content. The quality of this game is excellent. I will likely play it again.”

    Games Reviewer: Yoshihito Kusaka

    “There are a lot of good stories and characters that will make your heart beat. The attention to quality is excellent. I feel like I would like to play it a lot.”

    Games Reviewer: Yosuke Matsutani

    “It is an action RPG with elements of a third person shooter, and the battle system is very appealing. The quality is very high, and there is a lot of content. There is plenty to do, and it is fun to play. I recommend it.”

    Games Reviewer: Keiji Kihara


    “The gameplay is excellent, and the battles are deep and varied. I look forward to continuing to play. There are many, many things to do and the graphics are excellent. I love this game.”

    Games Reviewer: Itsuki Suzuki

    “There is a great variety in the quests, and the game’s premise is extremely interesting. There is plenty of content, and the quality is excellent. I was extremely satisfied. I enjoyed it.”

    Games Reviewer: Chiaki Kawasaki

    “The music is very good, and I look forward to playing more. There is a lot of content and the quality is excellent. I really enjoy it.”


    Elden Ring Download [Win/Mac] (April-2022)

    Seamless online play.
    With the support of the network, in addition to traveling together with other players, you can also enjoy various other content.
    Coop game.
    With the support of four players, you can freely fight together in order to overcome the enemy.
    Loot gathering.
    Level-up to progress in the world by collecting the treasure and equipment from enemies and other game content.

    PS Vita Edition
    Blu-ray Disc with full game included

    *only available in Japan

    Contents 【Version 1.2】

    ◆The World of the Lands Between has been enhanced!

    ◆For the First Time in the Lands Between, you can explore the city and interact with the NPCs.
    ◆You can instantly select Save anywhere, even in different towns
    ◆You can now move the characters and control the battle whenever you want
    ◆New enemy NPCs and environments are added
    ◆Various issues have been fixed
    ◆Official Patch Notes


    Open world
    You can freely explore the game world freely and freely interact with the NPCs at any time.

    NPC interaction
    You can freely move your character while interacting with the NPCs as you would with other characters in the game.

    Dynamic characters
    There is a variety of field battles that occur based on the conditions and circumstances of the NPCs.
    There are various types of NPC battle to experience including Automaton battles and PvP battles.

    Look forward to exploring the world of the Lands Between with a brand-new approach.
    Also, look forward to interacting with various NPCs!


    Offline adventure
    Offline play is supported, where you can enjoy the game with up to four people.

    Offline play will let you freely control the battle as you wish and join the battle with other players.

    Strategic approach
    Offline play will allow you to raise the level of your own character and explore the game world freely with other people.
    Your strategic approach will be stronger than ever with the help of the other players.

    ※Please note that all of the graphics, specifications, and features contained herein are based on the final software product and may differ slightly from the version released on the date of the press release.
    [Version 1


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    ● Defeat dangerous monsters, find hidden treasure!
    The conditions of the Dead King’s army are deadlier than ever, and his plague spreads across the world. Arise Tarnished, and accept the mission of fighting back the Dead King’s army!
    ● Pick up a Monk’s Gloves
    Unlike the first game where you play in full armor, in this game you’ll be able to wield the power of spiritual weapons, just like a Monk.
    ● A Complex Game System
    The game system has undergone a complete revision and now provides a higher degree of freedom and gameplay diversity.
    ● The World Between Worlds
    The world of Nowhere is full of dead bodies of humans and monsters, which means that it exists in the area of the Dead King and becomes something other than the world of reality. You can experience the unique field of the world between worlds.
    ● Easy to Understand, Well-Organized Combat
    While combat has always centered around damaging with weapons, this game introduced new combat concepts of attack-point building and match-up system.
    ● Introduction of the Spirit Blade
    A weapon that can deal powerful damage to monsters and possesses a powerful effect when used.
    ● Various Layouts of Items and Equipment
    Equip a variety of items and weapons through a variety of ways.
    ● Unique Scroll System
    In addition to attracting rare items through online play, you can also randomly acquire items from various game content!

    Game Properties

    • Story World: Dead King’s army almost encircles the land, so the country must defeat the invading army.
      The action-RPG genre has come long since the era when games would wander around a castle only to beat the same kinds of monsters a thousand times. It is a genre that starts with the idea of “New Game+”, where players battle these same monsters many times over. The RPG genre that aimed at players who already knew the mechanics of battle was made popular. More recently, games such as AddOn Immersive and Kigurumi have been published.
    • <li


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