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Quicksys DiskDefrag 1.16 Crack + With License Code

About the developer

As it turns out, the developer behind the Quicksys DiskDefrag Crack Mac application is Gordon Scott.

Another useful program named Free Disk Space is probably also designed and developed by Gordon Scott, and it’s downloaded from the site www.gordon-scott.com.

The antimalware engine

We use the free and open-source engine known as Bitdefender Virus Total, which is packed with a huge database of files and registry entries. The engine carries out a deep scan of the computer to identify suspicious files in the folder hierarchy, and offers a sort of shortcut to display the detected virus files on the screen.

Bitdefender Virus Total’s AV engine

The complete antivirus protection consists of two parts, namely the free virus scans program Bitdefender Virus Total, and the license of Bitdefender Antivirus.

Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender Antivirus is an advanced security suite, offering more than 60 features that allow you to protect, secure, and optimize your computer. The program can be downloaded with the following features:

AV engine

Nowadays, Bitdefender Antivirus AV engine is based on a metamorphic technology that, in turn, is very resistant to the next generation of malware, offering protection against all sorts of threats.


The first step of the Bitdefender Antivirus is just to scan your Internet browser. If any browser extensions or programs are installed, they are removed. This is the first step to ensure that you are able to browse the web securely, and it does not render any other features useless. This feature provides you with the ability to verify any message that is sent to you, such as a link or a contact request in your email account.

Malware Protection

The bitdefender antivirus engine detects malware and all types of spyware, and deletes them from your computer. Additionally, Bitdefender can also encrypt downloaded files, including the download link. Another feature is the ability to set the virus database and the level of quarantine, which can be set up by an administrator.

The free scan of the Internet browser

First of all, the Bitdefender antivirus engine scans your Internet browser, and it then deletes and quarantines the malicious objects that are found. You can have the protection turned on or off at the click of a button in the

Quicksys DiskDefrag 1.16 Crack For Windows

Quicksys DiskDefrag allows you to control, analyze, monitor and manage your free space on hard disks as well as defragment your disk automatically. The program lets you perform a full defragmentation of your disk in advance, as well as analyze your operating system and hardware configuration in detail with no risk of damage.
The interface is clean and easy to use, and it features a quick access to the local drives to be analyzed. Quicksys DiskDefrag can also be used to check the fragmentation status of your files and reorganize them to improve the performance of your hard drive. You can avoid the lengthy and time-consuming job of defragmenting your disk manually, and get your free space back.
The program comes with a feature-rich set of tools, which give an access to all details about your hard disk and the fragmentation status of its files, directories, and fragments.
The application displays the fragmentation graph to show you the percentage of free space left on the disk. It also tracks the fragmentation data for the files, directories, and fragments.
The list of the files and directories can be saved to a file for later viewing. You can also analyze and clean the system cache. The data about the volume label, file system, the amount of bytes per cluster, and the total clusters can also be viewed and collected.
Furthermore, the application supports the scheduling task to carry out defragmentation whenever you want. You can use the tool to optimize disk performance, free up disk space, reduce file fragmentation, or simply turn off your computer. The process can be easily configured to be run at startup or log off or shutdown.
Furthermore, Quicksys DiskDefrag lets users to create an “exclusion list” which limits the system access to certain items (e.g. files or directories) to help to remove temporary files which eat up space on your hard drive.
Quicksys DiskDefrag also gives you options to run the program at Windows startup or logoff or shutdown.
Another thing that Quicksys DiskDefrag allows you to do is to define a number of items to remove at the end of the process. For example, users can remove the temporary files created by the program itself or the files which are duplicated on the drive. The application lets you set the process priority.
Also, you can easily adjust the looks of the program as well as make changes about the settings, to help you better organize your hard disk.

Create and

Quicksys DiskDefrag 1.16 With License Key For PC

Quicksys DiskDefrag is a hard disk utility which comes packed with a fast and powerful defragmentation engine and an intuitive layout for helping you rearrange the fragments on the disk.

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What’s New In Quicksys DiskDefrag?

Quicksys DiskDefrag is a professional disk defragmentation and optimization software that comes packed with a powerful defragmentation engine and a great layout for helping you rearrange fragmented files and directories on your disk.
It boasts a clean and intuitive interface which offers quick access to the local drives to be analyzed. The scanning process for the fragmented files doesn’t take too much time and, at the end it, you can view the results in a graph which gives details about the free space, files, directories, fragmented, moved or locked items, as well as the Master File Table (MFT).
What’s more, the application displays a list with the revealed fragmented files, total items and directories, and total fragmented items. The list cannot be saved to a file.
Quicksys DiskDefrag provides two different defragmentation modes, as you can choose between a normal and fast one. The normal mode is recommended for a complete and comprehensive scan process of your files, and it may take some time to carry out the task. The process can be stopped or paused pretty easily.
When the defragmentation job is done, the application shows two graphs for helping you compare the information before and after the files on the drive were rearranged. It also displays the total number of files and directories found on the drive and the number of fragmented items.
Furthermore, you can optimize the space on your disk by opting for the same modes (quick or fast), and view drive information (e.g. volume label, file system, device number, bytes per cluster, total clusters), schedule tasks, create files and folders exclusion lists, as well as set an action at the end of the job (turn off or log off computer, exit application).
Other settings allow users to remove user temporary files before defragmentation or optimization, change the looks of the application, run the program at Windows startup, set the process priority, and others.
All in all, Quicksys DiskDefrag doesn’t hamper the system performance while carrying out the defragmentation and optimization tasks, and can easily be configured by all users, regardless of their level of experience.
Quicksys DiskDefrag Supported Systems:

Version (12.1.0600.000)

Quicksys DiskDefrag Requirements:

System Requirements:

The Quicksys DiskDefrag software requires a Windows XP/Vista/7/8

System Requirements For Quicksys DiskDefrag:

OS: Microsoft® Windows® 7 SP1 / Windows® Vista SP2 / Windows® XP SP3 with Service Pack 2 (SP2) / Windows® XP SP3 with Service Pack 1 (SP1)
Processor: Intel® Pentium® or AMD Athlon® 64 Processor 3.0 GHz or faster
Memory: 2 GB RAM (3 GB for Windows 7)
Hard disk: 500 MB of available hard disk space (HDD), 4 GB recommended
OS: Microsoft® Windows® 7 SP