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Portable WinWhois Download [April-2022]

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WM Whois is a free and powerful tool for search and data extracting for Windows. WM Whois is a program for retrieving certain information from public WHOIS (World Wide Domain Information Service) databases, such as www.net.ru.
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RAMdrive is the simplest data compression utility for RAM (Random Access Memory), it allows you to store any amount of data and later regain it (compressed) by means of its ‘RAMdrive’ encryption and decryption algorithm.
You may use the free version of RAMdrive that contain 3 MB of RAMdrive memory. The personal version contains 10 MB.
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RLocate is a free utility which provides you the ability to locate files and folders which you have the most recently accessed in your computer. It helps you to locate those inaccessible or lost files. You can also use the default Windows Locate function for such purpose.
Features of the program include:
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Portable WinWhois Crack

WinWhois is a whois client that is available in a portable (executable) form. This allows you to save the executable file and run it anyplace you want.
You can run the executable file from the Windows’ startup or desktop. You can also have the executable file run automatically when you turn on your computer.
Portable WinWhois Crack Mac is designed to be a regular client for the whois directory service. It uses the same configuration file and has the same interface as the standard WinWhois.
It runs on Windows XP, Vista and 7.
It works with the latest version of the whois directory database (
You can copy an object’s entries to the Clipboard.
You can run it from the Windows’ startup or desktop.
The executable file is portable (does not require a dedicated folder).
All configuration parameters can be changed from the “Settings” dialog.
The first time you run the application it loads the configuration from the standard WinWhois configuration file.
You can create your own configuration file and load it on the next run.
You can easily switch between US English and Russian versions of the application with a single click.
In the “Settings” dialog you can change the general settings, such as the language, the default directory from which results are loaded from and the interface language.
Portable WinWhois Torrent Download can be set to run automatically when you turn on your computer or when the computer has been inactive for a certain period of time.
NOTE: Portable WinWhois Crack Keygen is available for free. However, if you would like to continue to receive updates and support, you can purchase a license key via the WinWhois website.
How to use the application:
To use Portable WinWhois you should first launch the application. You can run it from the Windows’ startup or desktop. To have the application run automatically on startup, use one of the following methods:
1. Run portableWinWhois.exe and choose “Open automatically on startup”.
2. Create a new shortcut on your desktop or in the Start menu. In the “Target” field enter
and in the “Arguments” field enter
/startup /open.
NOTE: You should only create desktop shortcuts for Portable WinWhois (executable only) if you plan to use the program only from the desktop. If you create a shortcut

Portable WinWhois

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What’s New In Portable WinWhois?

You can use Portable WinWhois for two main scenarios, but each scenario requires a different way of operation. The first scenario is simply to locate an object in the database. In this case use the command line version of WinWhois, thus your only objective here is to locate an object:

As the second scenario, you want to edit an object in the database. For that you will use a graphical interface.

Portable WinWhois displays the following information for each object in the database:

Technical Contact Information:

Domain name:




Sponsoring Registrar:

Registrant Contact Information:

Fully Qualified Name:

Admin Email:

Tech Email:

Technical Contact Name:

Tech Contact Email:

Customer Support Phone:

Customer Support Fax Number:

Customer Support Email:

Technical Contact Phone:

Legal Fax Number:

Registrant/Technical Contact

Sponsoring Registrar Email:

Registrant/Technical Contact Email:

Customer Support (Technical)

Technical Contact Technical Contact Email:

Copyright Year:

Registration Server:

Registration Server IP Address:

Registration Server Port:

Registration Software:



Domain Privacy Policy:





IDP Port:





File Name:

SHA1 Result:

MD5 Result:

SHA1 Encoded:

SHA1 Decoded:

SHA256 Result:

SHA256 Encoded:

SHA256 Decoded:

Tiger CSV Result:

Tiger CSV Encoded:

Tiger XML Result:

Tiger XML Encoded:

Portable WinWhois also displays the following information for each object in the database:

Registering and unregistering a domain can be the most difficult and frustrating part of the process. For beginners we’ve compiled a list of the most important reasons why a domain name should be unregistered.

If you have any additional tips or suggestions to help speed up the process of unregistering a domain, leave a comment below.

System Requirements:

1.8 GHz Processor
512 MB RAM
256 MB DirectX®
Windows® XP, Windows Vista®
DirectX® 9 or higher required
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