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Portable Task List is a to-do manager that allows its users to organize a large number of tasks and have a better view over them with little effort.

Besides making sure that your tasks are organized and updated, this software program has the advantage of being portable. It means that it can be easily installed on a USB flash drive or any other compatible portable devices.

Straightforward layout

Coming with a plain interface the application makes sure that it can be tweaked by any type of users, be they professionals or not.

Before adding a task, a new ‘Project’ must be created where you can store and check out all generated records. Once a task is created, the main window reveals details about the current project and its progress. The tasks can be easily edited and updated even after they are listed.

Main functionality

Portable Task List offers its users a large variety of features. The program can be set to keep displaying your completed tasks or to delete them once they are done.

Besides creating task lists, the tool can also be used to send email reports. The reports can be configured the way you like by adding greeting, intro, and closing text.

Other features

You can create reports of your tasks as well, that can be saved on your computer as text files. The report contains the name of the task, its description, progress, and priority.

You can also add sticky notes to your desktop. A reminder can be set on the notes to make sure that you won’t miss a thing. They can also be configured to be transparent to make them more visually appealing.

Last few words

To sum it up, Portable Task List is a simple, user-friendly to-do manager. It can be easily configured by any type of users and its portability status makes sure that you can always have a look at your notes.

The plus point of this app is that it has a very user-friendly interface which makes it very easy for users to use the app. The interface is very simple and most of the features are available from the dashboard. It is also free to download.

Portable Task List Description:

Portable Task List is a to-do manager that allows its users to organize a large number of tasks and have a better view over them with little effort.

Besides making sure that your tasks are organized and updated, this software program has the advantage of being portable. It means

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Keeping track of your goals and priorities at work or at home can be a pain. Here we will show you how you can make use of this tool to make your life a bit easier. Here we take a look at the different needs for different types of tasks and advice you on how to achieve them.How to Create a Project & a Task
Starting your work in an organized fashion is important. You can create a project for that. A project will give you a base for your tasks. Projects can have different names and sizes. You can organize the tasks inside a project or create several.
To create a project you have to create a new project.
Once the project has been created you can add your task details inside the project.
Using the filters you can make sure that the details of your task are displayed.
Adding a task is simple as clicking on the task button.
You can add the date on which the task will be executed.
How to Work with a Task
As it has been mentioned before, you can work with tasks inside the project. They can be created or modified.
If you make changes to a task it is automatically updated on the project task list.
When you close the task, it is permanently deleted.
To open a task you can click the task button.
The tasks can be added to different categories.
Just browse your tasks or add an action to each one of them.
You can also create sub-tasks. This will create a new task within the parent task.
You can assign them to different people.
You can also add a description to the tasks.
The status of the task will be displayed on the bottom of the task window.
How to Check Out a Project
When you are done with the current project you can close it.
The projects can be listed and searched.
Each project can have a name, description, category, and priority.
To make a task on a project the project name has to be clicked.
For each task you have a category and a priority.
You can also add notes to each project.
To close a project you can click on the project button on the project tab.
The projects can be viewed in list and by clicking on the project name in the project list you can enter.
How to Create a Report
Reports show a summary of your tasks.
To generate a report you can click on the report button.
Inside the report you can find your tasks.

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System Requirements For Portable Task List:

Microphone: Surround for Windows and Mac PCs and Mic+ for Linux OS
USB Audio Interface: Surround for Windows and Mac PCs and CS42 for Linux OS
Surround: Windows and Mac OS users
Mac OS users Mac users Mac users Mac users Mac users Mac users Mac users Mac users Mac users Mac users Mac users
Windows users Windows users Windows users Windows users Windows users Windows users Windows users Windows users Windows users Windows users Windows users Windows users Windows users
Linux users Linux users Linux users Linux users Linux users Linux users Linux users Linux users Linux users