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* By the way, Photoshop is also available for several other platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android devices, and more. We leave those for the next chapter on mobile and tablet editing.

## Using a Camera/Photoshop Workflow

As with all great things, great digital cameras have also become an essential tool for photographers. You can photograph a picture using a camera with a back screen or even a picture of an image you’re working on on your computer screen, and Photoshop can recognize this camera’s image and place it correctly on a layer of your Photoshop file. To use this feature, you need to enable the Camera/Photoshop Module. Choose Photoshop Edit Preferences Interface Miscellaneous Camera/Photoshop Module. If your view is on the left side, the camera will appear on the right side of your document with a blue border. As you’ll see later, a great deal of sharing happens between Photoshop and camera, so keeping track of this feature is good practice.

The same is true for viewing an image you’re working on. Once a picture is on your computer screen, clicking the image in any window other than Photoshop will open the image in Photoshop, just as if you were viewing the image directly in Photoshop. The next section shows you how to use Photoshop’s Histogram to change the brightness of your image.

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The Functions of Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements has various tools for photo editing and improvement. It includes a Basic Editor for editing photos. We can also use it to edit slideshows and other types of multimedia projects, a More Photo Tools for basic photo-editing and color corrections, and Advanced Tools for advanced photo-editing.

Basic Editor:

This tool includes a selection tool, lasso tool, cropping tool, blurs tool, color fill tool, adjustment brush, levels tool, open and save tools, magic wand tool, auto-align option, auto fix option, heal tool and spot healing tool.

Basic Editor is not suitable for many professional photo tasks. However, it is good for beginners and non-professional photo tasks.

More Photo Tools:

This tool is for photo editing and corrections. It also has filters that can be used in photo editing such as vignette, brighten, blur, sharpen, vanish, saturation, lighten, darken, and dust. You can use these tools to edit and improve photos in a jiffy.

The following is an example of a photo that has been edited using the More Photo Tools.

Advanced Editor:

This tool offers a basic feature set to open, reduce, and save photos. The basic features include the following: size, rotate, flip, touch up, haze reduction, auto-adjust, sharpening, and curves.

To use the Advanced Editor you need to choose one of the following:

How To Use Photoshop Elements

To open the Basic Editor, choose the Open menu, and choose Photoshop Elements. After you open Photoshop Elements, the following window will appear.

You can now click on the photo in the main workspace window to open the image. You can then use the Basic Editor tools. The following is an example of how to use the basic tools in the Basic Editor.

You can also use the Basic Editor to edit slideshows. The following image shows how to import and edit a slideshow.

You can use the basic tools and open/save/print in the main workspace window. These tools are the same as those available in the Adobe Photoshop. You can also use the buttons at the top of the window for the same tasks.

To use the Advanced Editor, click on the Brush icon on the workspace menu bar to open the brush tool. The brushes can be used for real-time

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System Requirements:

You must have a 64-bit Intel or AMD processor with a 64-bit OS installed.
Your video card must support 64-bit drivers.
Your system must be able to support 64-bit applications.
This version of OpenSim is recommended for Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8. It may work in Windows Vista and Windows 8.1.
You may need to change the display resolution in the configuration menu in order for the OS to load the viewer.
Please run the Installer on a USB Drive to