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* **Photoshop Elements** is a program used to crop, enhance, resize, and perform basic photo corrections. See Book II, Chapter 2 for more details.

Photoshop may be just the ticket you’re looking for to fix your photos — or perhaps you just want to make your photograph look better. If you’re willing to spend the money for the program, it’s not a difficult program to learn.

# About This Book

What’s the big deal with Photoshop? You get good results with simple techniques. The more advanced techniques may benefit from a better introduction, so this book focuses on basic commands.

I put a lot of emphasis on how to use Photoshop’s editing toolbox, and I walk you through the process of editing your images step by step in a way that makes it easy. The finished photos will make you look like a seasoned pro.

# Conventions Used in This Book

The following typographical conventions are used in this book:


Indicates new terms, URLs, email addresses, filenames, file extensions, pathnames, directories, and Unix commands.

`Constant width`

Indicates script and program commands and also displays pathnames, file extensions, filenames, and so on.

_`Constant width italic`_

Shows filenames and text that the person types.

Download Cs6 Photoshop For Mac Free Download [Win/Mac]

The editor is based on the concept of layers and masks. This feature enables you to edit the individual areas of an image to create new effects. After you create the layer and complete the editing, you can save it or just keep it in the editor to edit it further later on.

The editor has a wide range of features to create a new user experience. You can transform your photos into beautiful creations just using Photoshop Elements.

Here’s a list of 20 Photoshop Elements effects to inspire you to make the most of Photoshop Elements:

1. Green Fluorescent Retro Glow

This Glow effect can be used to make any image look like its made of cool vintage, radioactive, or fluorescent glow. To apply the effect, you need to select an image and add the Glow filter.

We will go in details on how to apply the filter and make your images look like an old radio from the 50s.

Step 1: Select a photo

Step 2: Open the Glow effect by adding the filter in the menu. You will see a preview of your photo and the existing effects:

Step 3: Create Glow

You can create a Glow effect by adding a new layer and clicking + to add a new layer. Once you create the layer, you can use the Brush tool to create a glowing effect.

Step 4: Create a Glow effect

To create the glow, select the Brush Tool (B) and click on a dark area of your photo. A brush needs to be located on a dark part of the image in order to apply the glow.

Set the brush size in 200 px and the brush style to Normal. This will create a dark fuzzy brush that will help you create a large glowing effect.

You can adjust the colors and change the size of the brush to create a wider or narrower glow.

Step 5: Adding texture

For a retro look, you need to add a texture to your brush. Select the Texture tool (T), click on the original image, and then select Texture from the options.

You can change the colors and settings of the texture to make it look the way you want to.

Tip: You can change the original image to another photo.

Step 6: Edit the brush

You can modify the brush effect using the Brush Panel. Click on Brush in the Layers Panel. Click the Brushes icon

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How to run a XAMPP Windows Phone app on Device?

I’m working on a Windows Phone 8 app using XAMPP for local development. I can run the app on the emulator without issue using the following steps.
– Start Visual Studio.
– Open “My Apps”
– Select “myapp”
– Choose “Debug” for “Primary Target”

However when I choose the “Device” option and click the Run button the following message displays:
“Hello World can’t be run on this device (x86). See the Windows Phone SDK Certification requirements for details”
I’ve been following the instructions here, however there does not seem to be any information as to what x86 means or what requirements are needed to run it on the phone. Can anyone give some advice as to what needs to be done to get it working?


You need the x86 version of windows phone SDK for x86 processor.

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System Requirements For Download Cs6 Photoshop For Mac:

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
Supported Processor(s):
Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
Intel Core i3 or equivalent
Intel Core i5 or equivalent
Intel Core i7 or equivalent
AMD Phenom II or equivalent
AMD Athlon II or equivalent
Supported Memory:
1 GB of RAM required
2 GB of RAM required
Video Card: