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Out of the box, Photoshop includes a suite of selection, editing, and correction tools. It can be used as an imaging-intensive web application, as well as a print editing system and an imaging-intensive desktop application. Photoshop CC is an entirely new version with new enhancements and best-in-class performance for advanced users and designers.

We’ve selected the best tutorials for your Photoshop skills — to help you learn how to really master the program.

1. Photoshop CS2: A Beginners’ Tutorial

(Image credit: Photoshop)

This Photoshop Beginners’ Tutorial is a video that was published on Jan. 11, 2008 on the Adobe web site. It features 2 tutorials — Quick Tips, and Photoshop Brushes — and explains how to use tools such as the Brush and Magic Wand tools.

Photo-editing for beginners takes a matter of minutes; however, it’s extremely important to know the basic principles before you start. Make sure you understand the shortcuts, layers, brushes, paths, layers, magic wand, and much more.

This video starts by covering keyboard shortcuts, use of layers, and the Tools bar. This tutorial requires no prior knowledge of the program, and is suitable for complete beginners. You should be able to follow along with the video, but users who have not yet learned Photoshop will need the program’s manual to guide them.

2. Photoshop CS2 Quick Tips

(Image credit: Photoshop)

This Adobe Quick Tips tutorial goes through some of the basics of the program. It’s quick and easy to follow, even if you have no experience with Photoshop.

The video introduces new concepts such as layers, the toolbar, layer styles, and the use of adjustment layers. Don’t worry if you fall behind — the tutorial pauses for brief explanations when necessary.

The guide is perfect for complete beginners but only teaches the basics of the program, and not the advanced uses that are available in Photoshop.

3. Photoshop CS2 Introduction to Layers Tutorial

(Image credit: Creative World)

If you’ve never used Photoshop, there’s no better way to start than with this tutorial. It introduces you to layers and shows you how to use layers and adjustment layers.

The tutorial first shows you how to add layers to a document, and shows you the default layout for your document. It then continues with explaining layers and layers as adjustment layers and shows how to apply the settings to a layer

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(A Creative Cloud subscription is required to install the more premium version of Photoshop.)

We also have many articles for Photoshop and Illustrator in general:

How to speed up Photoshop in this article.

So, to get started, let’s begin by learning how to edit images, including cropping and resizing, even though Photoshop itself is very powerful and allows many features to crop, rotate, resize, and edit images.

Today we cover cropping, a basic editing tool for photos that allow you to crop the canvas to highlight an area that is not filled with the whole photo but includes both the parts on which you are working and the surrounding areas. In other words, this tool can be used to reduce the size of the image or remove unwanted objects from it.

Subsequently, you can cut an image into the desired size and send it to print or online, and finally, you can edit the layers in the image to change the content.

So, let’s talk about cropping.

Step 2. Before we begin, there is something you should be aware of. Cropping is not an editing function that comes bundled with Photoshop or even the stock version.

However, for your convenience, there is a free and professional application, known as the Adobe Pixel Bender that allows you to crop photos, edit images, and adjust color balance and brightness and is so far as the official Photoshop replacement.

Unfortunately, it is not a cloud application, so you need to purchase it for $ 69 for one year. However, it is a little bit cheaper than Photoshop.

Step 2. Crop a photo. To crop an image, follow these steps:

Open the photo to be cropped.

Go to Select > Crop.

The default size of the crop will be 72 pixels wide and 72 pixels high.

Since you have a larger photo, you can change the size of the crop.

If you want to resize the photo, after cropping, click Crop and then click the arrow next to Crop to resize the photo by 10 pixels. Then, the image will be 10 pixels larger in height and width.

Step 3. Fix brightness and color. After cropping, we need to alter brightness and white balance.

Go to Select > Adjust Lighting > Curves or go to Adjust > Curves.

Adjust the curves from 0 to 100.

Note that

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There are two types of brushes. Soft brushes have the ability to change the pixels on a certain area of the image. Hard brushes have no such ability. (Source: Adobe)

Keep reading: How to use Photoshop: Soft and Hard Brushes

Soft brushes

Soft brushes can be used to soften or blur an image. They can be used to create a vignette effect, a beam effect, a feather effect or to blur a background. Soft brushes are used to erase portions of an image, like clouds, shadows and hair. They can also be used to create defocusing effects.

To soften an image:

Select the Soft Round Brush tool.

Navigate to your document, and position the cursor on the area you would like to soften.

Choose a color for the brush from the pallete, then stroke.

Play with the blending options.

Hard brushes

Hard brushes are great for retouching. They’re used to repair or otherwise modify imperfections in photos, text, and other objects. The best thing about hard brushes is that they are (mostly) irreversibly applied. For example, if you accidentally stroke the center of an image with a soft brush, you can’t get it back again.

To perform a hard brush:

Select the Hard Round Brush tool.

Navigate to your image, and position the cursor on the spot you want to modify.

Choose a color from the pallete, and stroke.

Play with the blending options.

Photoshop Clipboard

With Photoshop’s built-in Clipboard, you can cut out a portion of an image you created and place it in another area. You can do this, for example, to remove unwanted elements of an image.

With the Curves Adjustment layer on top, you can control the curve of the image.

To cut out a portion of an image:

Select the Rectangular Selection Tool or the Rectangular Selection Tool with the Control Key pressed.

Place your cursor over the portion of the image you want to cut out, and you can start drawing a selection (i.e. a rectangle) around the portions you want to keep.

To paste the copied image into another area, go to Select -> Cut.

To paste the image:

Select the Insert tab.

Click on the Paste button, and paste the image in the new location.

What’s New In?


How to create a function that allows me to choose from an array of objects, then use that object’s properties to choose from a second array, to then create an object

So, I have two arrays, PlayerName and MoveName

PlayerName = [“…”,”…”,”…”,…]
MoveName = [“…”,”…”,”…”]

…is equal to 1,2,3,4 etc.
How do I create a function that allows me to choose from either array to then create an object of which properties are equal to the size of the chosen array?
So for example, let’s say I choose to work with an object that looks like this:
PlayerName: “…”,
MoveName: “…”,
Score: 0

…Then I would want to create a function to use those properties to show on screen in order for me to create an object.
Let’s just say that the function is like this:
function showScore(MoveName,PlayerName){

…How would I go about this?


That should work:

function showScore(player, move) {
let newObject = {
PlayerName: player,
MoveName: move

return newObject;

var player1 = showScore([“…”, “…”, “…”], “1”);

var player2 = showScore([“…”, “…”, “…”], “2”);

Also, with an object literal you can’t put functions inside. You can only return values from functions.

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