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Photoshop is a big program and requires a big computer, so try to purchase a model with a workstation processor that is at least 2 GHz and 1 GB RAM. If you have Photoshop Elements, then you get a free upgrade to Photoshop CS5. If you don’t have Photoshop Elements, you can upgrade it to Adobe Photoshop CS5. Note that upgrading to CS5 will completely replace your previous Photoshop CS4 installation. You don’t need to reinstall it afterward; Photoshop CS4 and CS5 are completely compatible.

The hierarchy of Photoshop layers is crucial to understanding how to use Photoshop. The hierarchy is based on the order that layers are arranged in the Layers panel, which I show you in this chapter. Understanding the hierarchy is the first step to using Photoshop successfully. The second step is to keep track of the layers in your document when you start working.

If you’re interested in learning more about layers, see Chapter 13.

## Exploring Layers

Photoshop’s workspace is divided into two main panels. The Layers panel shows a thumbnail of each active layer, and the Info panel shows the name, location, and current settings for the active layer. Each time you open a new Photoshop document, you automatically see the empty background layer, usually called the Background layer. When you start working on a new layer, it appears in the Layers panel just as the Background layer appears. Figure 2-1 shows the default arrangement of the Layers panel.

FIGURE 2-1: By default, the Layers panel lists each layer along with its current location and settings.

You can use the Panels panel to hide or minimize it to the sides of your screen, which can save space when you’re working in an intense document. However, Photoshop CS6 has further refined the panels. If you like the way the panels work in Photoshop CS6, skip to the “Customizing the Layers Panel” sidebar, later in this chapter.

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Adobe Photoshop could be frustrating for beginners because there are many options and many possible combinations. On the other hand, Photoshop Elements is more straightforward and easier to use.

However, Photoshop Elements only offers basic editing options. This article teaches you how to use the most basic functions in Photoshop Elements to edit your photos and design your own memes on a small budget.

Basic photography tools in Photoshop Elements

Basic editing tools include adjustments, duplicating, cropping and straightening the image. A few of the tools are new in Elements. With the addition of Filters and Adjustment Layers, there are a variety of ways to edit your images.

The following are some of the tools you will find in Elements.

White Balance

Adobe Photoshop Elements, like Photoshop, allows you to make adjustments to the White Balance. There is a panel just below the center of the image.

Chromatic Aberration

Adobe Photoshop Elements has an option to control the Chromatic Aberration. It lets you choose the sliders to affect the white balance of the image.

Backlight Correction

You can adjust the lighting of your images. To do so, open the image in Photoshop Elements and click the lighting icon next to the image.

This button opens a pop-up dialog box that lets you control the brightness of the white of the background, the highlights, shadows, highlights and shadows. The options are:

White Balance Correct the white balance and remove colour cast. Adjust the exposure. Adjust the white balance.

You can control the options by clicking the arrows above the slider.

As a bonus, you can also adjust the Contrast.

Lens Correction

Adobe Photoshop Elements offers another lens correction tool. Click the icon of the camera lens on the image and choose an option to “improve the image.”

The options are:

Sharpness. Sharpness of the image for the pixels near the edges. Sharpness of the image for the pixels near the edges.

The default is sharpness. You can select Sharpen.

Clarity. Add clarity.

Vignette. Add a vignette.

Blur. Add blur.

Bokeh. Add bokeh.

To use a lens correction tool, simply click the camera icon and select the lens.

Selecting a layer

You can use the “Select Layer�

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Lowe could make his return to action

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