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If you are in charge of a business that handles photography services, you might know how important is to schedule tasks, events and organize sensitive information, such as customer details.
While you can rely on the traditional agenda, there is an easier and more convenient way to manage such content: using specialized software, such as PhotoLab Calendar.
Simple user interface
This application comes with a simple interface that neatly organizes its functions, allowing you to access them without great efforts. Thanks to its simple design, many users can easily understand the program's purpose and use it to its full extent as soon as they finish setting it up.
In addition, if you encounter any difficulties while operating it, you can rely on the integrated user guide.
Handy recurring task support
PhotoLab Calendar allows you to create, manage and organize events directly from the calendar view. You can generate a list of services by accessing the corresponding button and manually defining each detail. Afterwards, it is possible to include the newly-created items in your entries.
In addition, this application allows you to set recurrence patterns for your tasks, so that you do not need to manually add items every time. You can set an event to repeat daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
Among the information you can store with this utility you can find customer details, such as address, email, phone number and additional comments.
Useful export and backup functions
It is possible to save your current work by exporting it to iCalendar or Outlook, but you can also perform a total Outlook synchronization. Furthermore, if you want a more complex option, you can rely on the integrated backup and restore functions, which quickly export content to your PC and can import it just as easily, if needed.
In conclusion, PhotoLab Calendar is a reliable utility that can help you create and manage appointments, tasks or events, while also featuring backup support.







PhotoLab Calendar Crack + Download

PhotoLab Calendar is an application for creating and managing events for a business that handles photography services. This software allows you to create appointments, tasks and events according to your needs and add a variety of information for each event.
The following are a few features available in this photo organizer.
•Create events by dragging or double clicking on a section of your calendar.
•Add contact details, such as email, phone, address and more.
•Export your events to iCalendar or Outlook calendar.
•Backup your data using a restore file.
•Import and restore your data from backup.
•Create event recurrence for recurring items.
•Share your events to social networks.
PhotoLab Calendar Requirements:
•Windows 7, 8, 10
•1 GB RAM and more free
•90 MB of free disk space.
•300 MB of available disk space for program files.
•Printer Driver for Mac OS 9
•Printer Driver for Windows XP, 2000, 2003, 7, 8, 2008, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10
•Office 365 or Open Office 2011
•Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft iCal or Google Calendar
•Price: $ 69.99
•Download: Click here

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PhotoLab Calendar Crack

PhotoLab Calendar is simple yet highly configurable, allowing you to create, manage and organize services such as appointments, tasks and events for photo labs.
It also allows you to set up recurring patterns and easy export to iCalendar or Outlook, while offering backup and restore support.
The program features a very intuitive and convenient user interface and its flexible configuration makes it customizable for all users.

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PhotoLab Calendar [Latest-2022]

PhotoLab Calendar is a photo editing and photo management software which allows you to manage and organize your pictures.

This software allows you to manage and organize pictures, edit them, organize them in albums, set the date and time for every picture. The software allows you to burn pictures to DVD, CD, save them on your hard disk and send them by e-mail.

PhotoLab Calendar Features

• Category Management
The software allows you to organize your pictures by categories. The categories could be created at will, by marking photos and then selecting the corresponding categories. You could also create multiple categories. In addition, the software allows you to highlight pictures that belongs to a specific category by clicking on the appropriate category, and then export the photos to a comma-separated values file.

• Photo Editing
The software allows you to organize your pictures, edit and apply effects to them or resize them before you save them. The software allows you to enhance the colors of your pictures, change them to black and white, add text over them or apply the effects you have installed on your computer. You can also add special effects by using picture editing programs.

• Advanced Filter
You can use the software’s advanced filter to show you specific photos by applying a narrow category, a date or a time.

• Date and Time Management
The software allows you to manage the date and time of every photo by displaying it on the screen. You can set the date and time for every picture at will, and also view the date and time for every picture.

• Creation of Albums
PhotoLab Calendar allows you to create new albums at will.

• Set time for every picture
The software allows you to set the date and time for every picture at will. You can view the date and time of every picture.

• Frame Size
You can resize a frame around a photo at will, before you save it.

• Create a folder
You can use the software’s Create a Folder functionality to store your pictures at will.

• Import and Export Picture
PhotoLab Calendar allows you to import and export pictures from any format, such as, JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, CIF, PHOTOSHOP, PICTURE, DXF, PSD, TIF, RLE, ETC., DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPS, HTML, MHTML, TEXT, TX

What’s New In PhotoLab Calendar?

Edit and schedule your business’s meetings using PhotoLab Calendar for Mac. To be more efficient, simply create an event, record the meeting’s details, and see how it appears in the agenda. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for you to quickly handle the content.
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System Requirements For PhotoLab Calendar:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10 32-bit or 64-bit
10 GB available hard-disk space
DirectX 9.0c
High Definition (HD) Content
If you get a blank screen when playing, try the next one.
Achivements: 100+
Launch the launcher and select “Drivers & Downloads”.
Wait for it to install.
Restart your computer.
Bonus Short: